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Maharishi University of Management film alumnus hands out Oscars at Academy Awards
29 March 2017 - Johnny Coffeen received an MA in film in 2015 from Maharishi University of Management and last August won a Student Academy Award for his thesis film, The Swan Girl. Along with three other student winners, he was asked to participate in the 89th Academy Awards, bringing Oscars onstage to presenters and escorting recipients off the stage. Johnny said that being at the heart of the event was 'beyond surreal'. He was most excited to meet Meryl Streep: 'I was pleased how consistently sweet and genuinely humble she was.' For the Student Academy Awards, 17 students were selected from a record number of entries that included 1,749 films from 381 colleges and universities around the world. Johnny is the first student from MUM to win such an award. (more)

Group practice of Transcendental Meditation reduces drug-related deaths in general population
26 March 2017 - The rate of US drug-related fatalities fell 30.4 per cent nationwide from 2007 to 2010 due to the reductions in societal stress and increased alertness in the individuals in society created by a large group practising the Transcendental Meditation technique and its advanced programme, the TM-Sidhi programme, a new study shows. During 2007 to 2010, the size of the TM-Sidhi group located at Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa, was above or near 1,725 participants, the size predicted to have a positive influence on the US quality of life. 'It's a bold claim,' said lead author Dr Michael Dillbeck, 'but there are now 14 peer-reviewed published studies that suggest that one's individual consciousness is directly connected to an underlying, universal field of consciousness, and that by collectively tapping into that universal field through Transcendental Meditation, we can have a positive effect on the environment.' This analysis of stress-related public health indicators also found that during the same period the rate of infant mortality was reduced by 12.5 per cent. (more)

Transcendental Meditation: The secret weapon of leaders . . .
23 March 2017 - 'Low investment, High Return' is how Kenneth Gunsberger describes Transcendental Meditation, reports Forbes magazine's French edition. Vice President of UBS Wealth Management in New York, Gunsberger manages his clients' fortunes, market competition, and professional stress. Too much pressure in his office and family prompted him to listen to a friend's advice to learn TM. Within a few months he achieved his best business results in 25 years, and experienced more happiness at home. 'TM has allowed me to step back and see situations much more clearly and with less emotion. Today I make better choices, I distribute my energy more intelligently and ''get better results''', he said. The article includes a brief introduction to Transcendental Meditation by certified teacher Leonard Stein, director of the Switzerland office of the David Lynch Foundation in Geneva. (more)

Transcendental Meditation improves mental clarity, reduces risk factors for memory loss
21 March 2017 - With the many factors that can put women at risk for memory loss, including those that develop in the process of ageing, Janet Hoffman discusses how Transcendental Meditation helps to support memory function. The executive director of the TM programme for women professionals in the USA outlines scientifically proven benefits of regular TM practice, commenting, 'Because of this deep rest and balancing that occur in the body - including healthy changes in the brain, tissues, and hormones - deep stress washes away, in turn improving and balancing mental, physical, and emotional health.' (more)

Elizabeth Vargas on beating alcohol addiction with the help of Transcendental Meditation
19 March 2017 - When award-winning ABC News anchor Elizabeth Vargas courageously went public in 2013 about her struggles with anxiety induced alcohol addiction, it was a step towards removing the stigma from the issue of women's alcohol addiction and bringing the topic into the spotlight. Since fellow ABC anchor George Stephanopoulos introduced her to Transcendental Meditation, it has become one of the tools and routines that have helped her stay healthy, a vital cornerstone of her recovery. The practice helped her develop what Vargas calls 'the reflective pause'. She says, 'If you can slow down long enough to think clearly, you can start to not only manage that panic, but understand that what you're so terrified of isn't really that terrifying.' (more)

Military vets see benefits of Transcendental Meditation on PTSD
17 March 2017 - Among Transcendental Meditation's greatest proponents are military veterans who suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), who say TM has dramatically changed their lives for the better, reports, a leading international publication on addiction and recovery. TM has even been found to reduce the reliance on psychotropic medication for some veterans. While some were skeptical of TM, many have credited the practice with helping them recover, and improving their health and their relationships. 'All that feeling of stress and heaviness, I can feel it melt away,' said one vet. (more)

Maharishi University of Management: Dr. Robert Schneider gives keynote at India conference
15 March 2017 - India continues to show interest in Maharishi University of Management's science-based approach to traditional systems of prevention-oriented health-care. Most recently Dr Robert Schneider, dean of Maharishi College of Perfect Health, was invited to deliver the keynote address at an international conference of the World Association of Vedic Studies. He described how Maharishi AyurVeda programmes may slow or reverse ageing in Western and Indian populations. His audience included scholars, officials, and leaders who are integrating Vedic science and technologies into modern society. (more)

Women of Vision: 2017 Humanitarian and Courage Awards - David Lynch Foundation announces May benefit
13 March 2017 - The 2017 Humanitarian and Courage Awards will be presented 9 May in New York City to five 'Women of Vision'. The event is a benefit for the David Lynch Foundation's Center for Women's Health and Wellness, which teaches Transcendental Meditation to women and girls who are victims of domestic violence and assault. The Awards honour 'individuals or organizations who, through their wisdom, conviction, life experience, and resolve, help to elevate members of our world family to new levels of health, prosperity, and progress'. Honourees are Gisele Bundchen - model, entrepreneur and environmentalist, Robin Roberts - co-anchor, ABC's Good Morning America, Carolyn Rafaelian - philanthropist, founder and CEO, ALEX AND ANI, Joni Steele Kimberlin - filmmaker, activist for women and children, and Latoya Mack - veteran and artist. Rosanna Scotto, co-host of Good Day New York, will host the event. (more)

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