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Psychology Today: The power of inner silence
14 August 2018 - Psychologist and bestselling author Elaine Aron, PhD, writes in Psychology Today about the value of accessing quieter levels of the mind - not only for 'Highly Sensitive Persons' (HSPs), her field of expertise - but for anyone seeking to be wiser, more creative and effective in daily life. Describing various methods of 'turning inward to find that deeper quiet', Dr Aron writes, 'And there is meditation, the route I have used for 46 years. I chose Transcendental Meditation, partly because its goal is the deepest possible rest and inner silence. . . . Whatever the tradition, those committed to these deeper levels of inner silence and calm report at its deepest the same satisfying state, perhaps best called ''pure consciousness'' because it can be without thoughts, feelings, or perceptions, yet you are wide awake inside.'  (more)

TM for Women: Fulfilling the pursuit of happiness at the deepest level of our self
10 August 2018 - 'While all Americans in principle have the liberty that allows for the pursuit of happiness, women struggle to fulfil this goal,' writes Janet Hoffman, executive director of TM for Women Professionals in the USA. Research shows that depression is twice as likely in women than in men. A 2010 study by researchers at University of California Los Angeles shows that depressive symptoms decreased by almost 50% over a 12-month period among people practising Transcendental Meditation. 'Our mission in TM for Women is the full empowerment of women as independent, self-sufficient, happy human beings,' Hoffman writes, '. . . . realizing ourselves as the immeasurable being we are - with no lack, no boundary, nothing missing or needed.' (more)

Wide awake: Katy Perry on Transcendental Meditation
7 August 2018 - Ever-evolving music icon Katy Perry shares her enthusiasm for the benefits of her Transcendental Meditation practice, while delivering a message of empowerment and hope for young people. In a conversation with her TM teacher Bob Roth, CEO of the David Lynch Foundation, she says, 'I noticed when I meditate that my whole brain kind of opens up . . . and it's like I'm clearing out the cobwebs of my neural pathways and finding new neural pathways to ignite. It's some of the most incredible stillness. And I would also say it brings some of the best, most creative ideas to the surface for me, especially when I come out of it. . . . Recharging, having the mental strength, the physical strength and immune strength, to be able to take on this big, technical, technological world.' (more)

American Nurses Association's 'Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation' campaign blog features Transcendental Meditation
4 August 2018 - The American Nurses Association's (ANA) Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation blog recently published an article by Amy Ruff, RN, BSN, WOCN, US National Director of Transcendental Meditation for Nurses. In 'Meditation 101: Know Your Options', she writes, 'One common misconception is that all meditation procedures are more or less ''the same''. But this is incorrect - meditation procedures often differ in their purpose, practice and the results they give.' Ruff learned TM as a new graduate RN in 1973 - tired, stressed, and full of anxiety after months in the high-stress environment of the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). 'What appealed to me was the science behind [TM]': research showing physiological indications of decreased stress and improvements in health. 'After the first 20 minute meditation I felt rejuvenated, clearer and happier.... TM saved my nursing career.' (more)

Creating social and economic change: Maharishi University of Management MBA student
2 August 2018 - Maharishi University of Management graduate student Suhaib Mohamed wants to use his skills and knowledge of media, business, sustainability, and social justice to improve the lives of people in his country, Sudan. Looking to expand his education towards sustainability, he thought MUM's MBA in Sustainable Business was the perfect fit. 'I wanted to connect to my Self,' he said. 'The idea of consciousness is a great idea; it connects us to all the human beings around the world.' Before coming to the US, Suhaib had a weekly programme on Sudan TV discussing youth-related issues. For his efforts to impact the lives of young people, he received the 2014 most influential figures of Sudan award and the 2016 Jack Bakhit Encouraging Award. (more)

Stressed out? Anxious? Looking for peace? Why some are turning to Transcendental Meditation - Detroit TV news reports
30 July 2018 - In addition to many celebrities who practise Transcendental Meditation, Detroit area TV station WXYZ features 'regular folks here in southeast Michigan [who] are among TM's fans'. A physician recalls learning TM when he was in 10th grade: 'I couldn't read for more than five minutes at a time or study [or] just focus. . . . The minute I learned [the TM] technique, I could study for an hour straight. . . . Next thing I know, I was getting all A's.' James Cahaney, director of the Transcendental Meditation centre in metro Detroit, explains, 'When you learn TM and your stress levels - cortisol, epinephrine - are reduced, then people start to feel better.' (more)

The secret that makes Transcendental Meditation unique: How TM differs from mindfulness and other practices
27 July 2018 - In this excerpt from the revised and expanded edition of the best-selling classic, Transcendental Meditation: The Essential Teachings of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, author Jack Forem explains the uniqueness of Transcendental Meditation and what distinguishes it from contemplation, concentration, mindfulness, and other practices. A growing body of research is demonstrating significant differences both in the techniques and in the effects they have on body and mind. In contrast to other techniques, which keep the mind active at the surface level, 'TM is a vertical process, opening or expanding awareness to deeper levels. . . . like diving to the depths of the ocean', Forem writes. 'The real ''secret'' is to transcend, to open our awareness to the field where all the laws of nature silently reside in a unified, unexpressed state. With regular practice, we become capable of living and thinking from that level, projecting our thoughts from that realm of unlimited potential.' (more)

Transcendental Meditation empowers vulnerable women in Uganda - stories and research
23 July 2018 - When Nakelembe Brenda set out to help Ugandan women empower themselves by learning a skill, they often told her they were overwhelmed with stress, worry, fatigue, insomnia, depression, and ill health. After learning Transcendental Meditation, Brenda realized that she had to think of empowerment in a new way. 'Practising TM,' she said, 'helped me to stop wasting my time on worrying and to channel my energy into my work, to be more creative and recognize new opportunities.' Partnering with Judith Nassali, National Director of African Women and Girls Organization for Total Knowledge (AWAGO), Brenda arranged for a group of 60 women to start TM. Now over 600 mothers at UWOPED - and 300 of their children - have learned TM. The results have been impressive: Women who were too stressed and isolated to leave their homes are now running their own businesses, earning money to send their children to school, and 20 have become elected leaders in the women's councils of their communities. (more)

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