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New study finds Transcendental Meditation reduces trauma in female prisoners
21 January 2017 - A new randomized, controlled study published in The Permanente Journal has found that the Transcendental Meditation programme significantly reduces trauma symptoms in female prison inmates. After four months of practising TM, the women inmates in the meditation group had significant reductions in total trauma symptoms, including intrusive thoughts and hyperarousal compared with controls. 'It has been difficult to find peace and happiness in such an environment (prison). . . ,' one subject said. 'Meditating twice a day has helped lessen my stress levels, allowed me to connect to and centre myself at deeper levels, and to retreat, reflect, and problem solve. . . . Meditating helps facilitate my mental clarity, while at the same time calming me. TM has not only helped me mentally, my physical health has also improved.' (more)

New women's prison study: Transcendental Meditation is 'a natural and effortless approach to reducing trauma symptoms'
19 January 2017 - Practising Transcendental Meditation for 20 minutes twice a day can significantly reduce trauma symptoms and help female prisoners find inner peace and a greater sense of inner freedom and resilience, a new study in Oregon, USA, has found. After four months of practising the meditation technique, the women inmates had significant reductions in total trauma symptoms. The study, published this week in The Permanente Journal, is being reported by science, medical, and news organizations in many countries, including Hindustan Times in India. (more)

African PTSD Relief reviews accomplishments of 2016
18 January 2017 - African PTSD Relief made great strides in 2016 and is poised to accomplish much more in the coming year, toward the goal of teaching Transcendental Meditation to millions of victims of trauma from at-risk communities across Africa. The Transcendental Meditation technique has been shown in peer-reviewed research studies to be a cost-effective, simple yet highly effective solution that brings significant, rapid relief from symptoms of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). In 2016 Transcendental Meditation teachers continued implementing initiatives of African PTSD Relief across the continent. The organization made many presentations in the US, connecting with other relief groups and agencies. Its work was featured in the news media, along with reports on the publication of related research showing significant reductions in PTSD symptoms in US prison inmates who learned Transcendental Meditation. (more)

Maharishi University of Management launches Regenerative Organic Agriculture Program
16 January 2017 - Maharishi University of Management is launching its new certificate programme in Regenerative Organic Agriculture this month. Under the directorship of Dr Appachanda Thimmaiah, the 10-month programme is the first of its kind in the US and will give students the knowledge and hands-on experience to master a system of agriculture that embodies the best and most sustainable aspects of organic and biodynamic agriculture, as well as traditional agricultural knowledge systems from around the world. 'From home gardening, to transforming the urban landscape with neighborhood food forests, to professional organic farming and food entrepreneurship, to food activism and advocacy - this programme is a great first step in taking on each of these missions,' said Dr Thimmaiah. Students will also learn Transcendental Meditation, which is a powerful tool that they can use to get in direct touch with the deep laws of nature that govern agriculture, thereby improving their effectiveness in farming. (more)

Let your love flow - Transcendental Meditation reduces stress, improves relationships
14 January 2017 - Like many women, Janet Hoffman finds relationships a vitally important area of life. 'My heart has to flow to someone. At any given moment - a child, a sister, a parent, the family pet - someone is the object of my adoration,' writes the executive director of the Transcendental Meditation programme for women professionals in the USA. 'Nourishing someone besides myself is a joy, a fulfilment of being.' In the past she sometimes experienced that channel of expression 'just dries up', like a writer with writer's block. But after learning Transcendental Meditation she found that 'stress and fatigue just melt away. . . . my mind becomes more silent and settled, so I can listen better and appreciate others more.' (more)

A small number of people practising Transcendental Meditation can produce an orderly, harmonious influence for the whole society - Maharishi, 1975
12 January 2017 - Today organizations teaching Transcendental Meditation in many countries held an annual conference celebrating the achievements of the worldwide programmes founded by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. On this day in 1975, Maharishi inaugurated the dawn of a new era of harmony and peace in society that would come to full fruition through the adoption of his technologies of consciousness by even a small percentage of the population. 'The personal advantages of Transcendental Meditation are so enormous,' Maharishi said, noting the growing body of scientific research validating these effects including more orderly brain functioning, reduced stress, and better health. Now researchers had found that in cities where only 1% of the population practised TM, this orderly, harmonious influence was reflected in improved social trends, particularly decreased crime. 'There are enough intelligent people in the world who will start Transcendental Meditation for their own individual benefit, even not believing in the process,' Maharishi said. But when they begin the practice, brain functioning begins to become more orderly, 'and that influence will radiate in society, and the whole society will become better and better and better'. (more)

Tim Ferriss on Transcendental Meditation as a Tool for Titans
11 January 2017 - Author and entrepreneur Tim Ferriss's popular self-help books have all swiftly reached the top of The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestseller lists. The latest, Tools of Titans: The Tactics, Routines, and Habits of Billionaires, Icons, and World-Class Performers, is based on interviews with more than 200 world-class performers including celebrities, athletes, and scientists. Writing in The Observer recently, he says more than 80 per cent of those he interviewed were using meditation to get better results with less stress. Ferriss himself practises Transcendental Meditation. Initially he was 'afraid of ''losing my edge'', as if meditation would make me less aggressive or driven. That was unfounded; meditation simply helps you channel drive toward the few things that matter, rather than every moving target and imaginary opponent that pops up.' (more)

Second International Ayurveda Congress to be held in London - 1-2 April 2017: 'Time-Tested, Scientifically Verified Solutions For the Health Problems of Our Time'
10 January 2017 - All India Ayurvedic Congress, New Delhi; International Academy of Ayurved, Pune; and International Maharishi AyurVeda Foundation, Netherlands, extend a warm invitation to all health professionals, Ayurvedic scholars, and researchers from India and around the world to participate at this Second International Ayurveda Congress to be held in London in April. Internationally renowned scholars will be keynote speakers at the Congress and will present scientifically verified solutions to showcase the effectiveness of Ayurveda towards fulfilling the human pursuit of health, happiness, and long life. The International Ayurveda Congress offers a prestigious platform for research scholars to present their findings in various fields of Ayurveda. The latest innovative and pioneering work will be presented in this Congress. (more)

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