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Afghanistan: 'Transcendental Meditation could be the answer to ending war'
21 June 2017 - War and terrorism in Afghanistan could quickly end if a minimum of 578 of Afghanistan's troops were trained in Invincible Defense Technology (IDT), writes Dr David Leffler in The purpose of this IDT group would be to practise the non-religious Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique and its advanced programmes in groups twice a day. Extensive peer-reviewed research and military field-tests worldwide show that proper application of these programmes brings about measurable decreases in crime, terrorism and war and improvements in quality of life, resulting from the reduction of societal stress. (more)

UK: SuperMind Peak Performance Programme - Transcendental Meditation for professionals
20 June 2017 - The SuperMind Peak Performance Programme, a division of the David Lynch Foundation UK, offers Transcendental Meditation to companies and organisations to help executives and employees overcome stress, promote health, and attain high levels of performance. (more)

Global Peace Summit in Kiev - Conference report
19 June 2017 - More than 600 scientists, Nobel Laureates, foremost educators, and political leaders from 21 countries converged in Kiev on 14-15 June to explore innovative solutions to the mounting problems of war and social conflict, and new approaches to national security and global peace. The global peace summit, entitled Science and Peace: Proven Solutions to Violence and Global Conflict, was hosted by the Global Union of Scientists for Peace. Renowned scientific, educational, political, cultural, and military leaders of Ukraine listened intently to presentations by former Presidents and other leading representatives of nations, who presented compelling evidence for successful solutions that have markedly reduced crime and terrorist incidents, or in some instances have lifted their countries out of civil war and restored peace and prosperity to their nations. (more)

Transcendental Meditation: Calming the mind to help the body self-repair
18 June 2017 - The 'paradigm shifting' work of Robert H. Schneider, MD, FACC, since the 1980s has been centred on preventing disease and promoting health naturally. After he received the first grant from the (US) National Institutes of Health to study the effects of Transcendental Meditation on hypertension (high blood pressure), interest and research in this field expanded rapidly. The Institute for Natural Medicine and Prevention at Maharishi University of Management, which Dr Schneider directs, 'became a national centre of excellence in research on complementary and alternative medicine for heart health'. He reviews research showing that the stress-reducing TM technique produces measurable improvements in stress-related cardiovascular disease and risk factors: 'We conducted studies which indeed showed that you can lower your own blood pressure with your mind. Manage your mind, manage your blood pressure!' (more)

Maharishi University of Management student receives Outstanding CMA Student award
16 June 2017 - Maharishi University of Management doctoral student Han Wan received the Outstanding CMA Student award from the Des Moines Chapter of the Institute for Management Accountants. A graduate of Qiongzhou University in China, which has a collaboration with MUM, Han learned Transcendental Meditation in Beijing and decided to continue her studies at MUM. 'Coming here was a life-changing experience for me,' she said. 'I fell in love with MUM. The environment is so supportive, and the professors are so dedicated to their students.' Han completed her MA in education and began her PhD in management. She recently passed the Certified Management Accountant (CMA) exam and has designed an original research plan to examine the impact of sustainability reporting on a firm's financial performance. (more)

Learning Transcendental Meditation - One of my top decisions
15 June 2017 - 'It's been about 43 years since I learned TM, back in 1974,' says businessman and humanitarian Larry Comp. 'The first time I meditated, I could feel the stress draining out of my body. It wasn't long before my whole life began to improve. While I had been a ''C'' student, the following three quarters, I received a 3.8, 3.9, and 4.0 GPA, and several years later, I ''aced'' grad school. Now, when I tell folks that I used to be an angry young man with a horrible temper, they're shocked. Many people have told me that I'm one of the most relaxed, even-keeled people they know. Over the years, TM has totally changed me. I've become more outwardly directed, kind, generous, and loving. It's become easy for me to focus, sell our consulting services, and continually grow our business.' (more)

How to avoid and reduce gambling addiction with Transcendental Meditation
14 June 2017 - Pathological gambling is a known mental health issue, and gambling addiction among older women seems to be growing in severity and scope. A recent review explores the effectiveness of Transcendental Meditation for both 'prevention and intervention' in this area. 'Meta-analyses have found that TM practice is significantly more effective than other meditation or relaxation approaches and other conventional programs used to treat addictions,' said Stuart Rothenberg, MD, a family physician and author. The article includes research showing increased coherence of brain functioning during TM, especially in the prefrontal cortex or 'CEO of the brain' - 'the seat of crucial higher-level executive functions, including healthy decision-making ability, impulse control (willpower), moral judgment . . . . Cognition and emotional balance improve. A woman struggling with addiction diminishes her unhealthy emotions, tendencies and cravings by learning TM.' (more)

My secret for nourishing the mind, body, and soul
12 June 2017 - Before she became a successful nutritionist, health consultant, and life coach, Teri-Ann Coombes had decided it was 'time for a shift' toward personal development. Inspired by the journey of Russell Brand, and the words of Ellen DeGeneres, Howard Stern, and Jerry Seinfeld, she learned Transcendental Meditation, and 'right away it felt like a heavy cloud was being lifted from in front of my eyes; my vision became clear and I was able to start taking steps to actualize a life I had only previously dreamed of.' Now, two years later, 'I can say that I am a totally transformed person.' She adds, 'I would recommend Transcendental Meditation to anyone looking to have a practice that feeds all aspects of their life. . . . Stress is a major cause of disease in our modern world, so I'm always telling my clients to check out TM to reduce their stress levels and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.' (more)

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