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Optimization of brain functioning: Correlates of EEG coherence
17 November 2017 - Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's insight that EEG synchrony and coherence are of fundamental importance to brain physiology and the evolution of consciousness is verified by the array of benefits associated with EEG coherence, discovered by scientists working at Maharishi European Research University in the 1970s. Researchers had shown that Transcendental Meditation increases EEG coherence. Dr David Orme-Johnson, one of the principal researchers on the Transcendental Meditation technique worldwide, discusses what increased EEG coherence through TM means in practical terms of leading a more creative, intelligent, moral life. (more)

Physicist Amanda Weltman: Using knowledge for good
14 November 2017 - Award-winning physicist Amanda Wellman first learned Transcendental Meditation as a child, then returned to the practice in 2008: 'It was a time in my life when TM was really most welcomed and I found that it helped me to settle my mind at times when it can feel overfull or harried. A settled calm mind is of extraordinary value to anyone but especially for me as a mother and a scientist.' In a recent interview Dr Weltman explored the many ways physics benefits society, especially through technology - plus her love of mathematics, problem-solving, and 'understanding the world around me. Physics is the most precise way to do this.' The Next Einstein Forum Fellow promotes science education and is actively engaged in organizations in several countries to implement programmes for girls. She says, 'we should all be finding ways to improve ourselves. That is the only place we can start, and, in that way, we can slowly change the world.' (more)

Katy Perry: 'Transcendental Meditation changed my life'
10 November 2017 - 'I start the day with Transcendental Meditation. It puts me in the best mood . . . It's the only time my mind gets absolute rest.' A recent interview revealed why Katy Perry has made TM her 'go-to tool for rest and relaxation.' Excerpts from 'a conversation with Katy Perry' include how she has raised awareness of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in veterans and how TM can help returning soldiers heal. In the past, Katy asked fans not to bring any presents to her birthday celebration, but instead to make a donation to the David Lynch Foundation that teaches TM to those most in need, such as veterans, inner-city kids, survivors of domestic violence or the homeless. (more)

Finding connection within: Cell phone use and Transcendental Meditation
8 November 2017 - Author Linda Egenes, writing for Transcendental Meditation for Women, addresses how today's young people are constantly seen 'bent in worship fashion over his or her cell phone.' Answering the question of whether 'they might be having just as much fun as we did', she cites research showing that depression and loneliness are skyrocketing in teen populations. Ms Egenes says, 'I think we have to go beyond good cell phone etiquette to address our society's deeper issues of isolation and loneliness'. Pointing out that practising TM is the most effective way to stay 'connected', she concludes, 'when we are feeling more connected to our inner source of calm and inner happiness, we naturally radiate that to others, contributing to their feelings of well-being and connectedness as well.'  (more)

Josie Overmyer on Transcendental Meditation: 'Meditating has helped me get back to myself.'
8 November 2017 - Josie Overmyer discusses the role anxiety plays in her life while pursuing a new career, and how she maximizes her productivity with the help of Transcendental Meditation. She says, 'I see things moving very slowly in the direction that I want, which is definitely exciting, but it also gives me a lot of anxiety. Meditating is really, really important for me to balance that . . . TM helps me make good decisions for myself.' Although highly treatable, anxiety disorders are extremely common in the US, affecting over 18% of the adult population. Connecting with a deeper part of herself through TM has given Josie the clarity to move into a new area of her life by opening a tea shop. In this active time of working, starting a new business, and continuing to perform her music, she says, 'Staying grounded is really important for me right now . . . Meditating has helped me get back to myself.' (more)

Transcendental Meditation included in a new advance in the fight against Alzheimer's
4 November 2017 - Dr Dale Bredesen and his team at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging have been working for years to 'unravel this complex chronic illness,' of Alzheimers, the third leading cause of death in the US. They discovered that Alzheimer's 'is not a mysterious disease,' but has 36 identifiable contributors. The key was determining each person's 10 to 20 'drivers', then designing a personalized treatment plan. In a new collaboration, Dr Bredesen is recommending Transcendental Meditation as an integral part of his protocol. 'There are a number of ways in which TM is actually a part of the overall approach to preventing and reversing cognitive decline,' he said, citing 'repeated, published support' for the TM technique showing improvements in neuroplasticity and global brain wave (EEG) coherence associated with improved cognitive performance, intelligence, and memory, as well as significant reductions in hypertension, stress, and anxiety. . .' Dr Bredesen concluded: 'Let's all work together to make this a rare disease . . . The fact that you have all these wonderful people who are practicing TM, and are thinking about critical health issues - and thinking in much more of a systems approach - this is going to be what conquers this illness.' (more)

Why hospitals should pay for nurses to learn Transcendental Meditation
1 November 2017 - The Transcendental Meditation program is a low-cost intervention that could save nurses the jobs they love, and save hospitals hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. With 30 to 49 per cent of nurses reporting some level of stress and exhaustion, this qualifies as 'high burnout', a potential health crisis among nurses, and results in an increase in absenteeism and turnover. The cost of training nurse replacements is between US $60-100,000 or, for a critical care nurse, as high as $300,000. A 2015 study published in International Archives of Nursing and Health Care showed that TM improves the mental health and physical well-being of caregivers, with decreases in perceived stress, mood disturbance - including anxiety, depression, anger, confusion, and fatigue - and an increase in spiritual well-being. (more)

Researching the convergence of architecture and neurobiology
30 October 2017 - Maharishi University of Management alumnus David Navarrete has been involved in research collaborations with health institutions around the world to study the effect that an interior architectural design has on the occupant's physiology. He is director of research initiatives and content development at a business in Fairfield, Iowa called Sky Factory. The company creates beautiful architectural illusions of sky and nature, installed in ceilings and windows, that help people feel more connected to nature. A 2017 multidisciplinary study conducted at Texas Tech University earned him and his colleagues a Certification of Research Excellence by the Environmental Design Research Associations. David is also a teacher of Transcendental Meditation, and says, 'In architecture and healthcare everyone is looking at the powerful way the environment affects people's experience . . . If you can experience the deepest level of your own internal environment . . . You bring empathy and receptiveness into the world, tapping more of your creativity and happiness.' (more)

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