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Creating a new paradigm for medicine
27 February 2017 - Sankari Wegman is currently finishing a doctoral thesis at Maharishi University of Management, creating a Maharishi AyurVeda curriculum for medical schools. 'I wanted to become a doctor,' she says, 'but there was such a fragmented approach to medicine. With integrated knowledge of Ayur-Veda, doctors can understand the subtle layers of the physiology and the connection to consciousness.' Sankari also earned an M.S. degree in Maharishi AyurVeda at the University. 'I completely enjoyed my time studying at MUM. It was incredible for me to incorporate the daily routine and Transcendental Meditation effortlessly into my every day.' (more)

Why should women learn Transcendental Meditation?
25 February 2017 - Why would the Transcendental Meditation technique, which research has found brings great benefit to men, women, and children - be of interest specifically to women? Janet Hofffman, executive director of the TM programme for women professionals in the USA, explores issues important for women's health and well-being. For example, regarding hypertension - the most common condition for which women see a doctor: 'A 2013 statement by the American Heart Association said that TM is the only meditation or relaxation technique to significantly reduce high blood pressure, and they recommend that it could be included in hypertension treatment.' For emotional well-being in women, 'research shows that TM practice increases energy and resilience, and significantly reduces stress . . . enabling us to give without depleting ourselves.' (more)

Transcendental Meditation helps get rid of stress: Seacoast Online reports
23 February 2017 - People worldwide are turning to Transcendental Meditation to alleviate stress, writes Anne M. Mozingo in, reporting on an introduction to TM given by teachers Bill and Joan Rist in New Hampshire, USA. Doctors routinely recommend the technique to patients, based on hundreds of scientific studies showing it reduces stress, anxiety, and cardiovascular disease. The American Heart Association conducted its own research on the effects of various forms of meditation and concluded that Transcendental Meditation is the only technique that works to reduce high blood pressure. While many learn for health reasons, said Bill Rist, 'some people learn TM because they want to realize more of who they are deep inside, they want to reach their full potential.' (more)

Creativity and Transcendental Meditation: 'My silent awareness started to burst with creativity'
21 February 2017 - Where does creativity come from? 'The inner world of consciousness is the source of all creativity,' writes Ann Purcell, teacher of Transcendental Meditation and author. At the deepest level of the mind is a field of pure silence, or Being, which is beyond all the to-do lists, thoughts and feelings at the surface levels of our awareness, she explains. Anything can be created from this deepest level, in 'any field of expression - artistic, athletic, business. The more your awareness is open to the unbounded, limitless blank canvas of your mind, the more you can draw upon this field of infinite creativity.' Transcendental Meditation is a direct means to do this - a technique to 'go beyond the surface level of the mind until you transcend even the finest thinking level and experience the source of thought.' Not long after learning TM, she says, 'My silent awareness started to burst with creativity, with words and rhythms that were embedded in my soul.' (more)

Maharishi University of Management professor, Dr Andrew Bargerstock, publishes book on implementing business planning
19 February 2017 - Dr Andrew Bargerstock, director of the Master of Business Administration programme at Maharishi University of Management, has coauthored a new book, Mastering Leadership Alignment: Linking Value Creation with Cash Flow', with business consultant Jahn Ballard, published by Business Expert Press. Addressing the lack of connection between business planning and implementation, the book provides step-by-step procedures on how to involve senior leadership in effectively maintaining the organization's strategic goals while improving the approach to management. The goal of the process is to create an organization-wide consensus about how to be successful and build long-term customer loyalty. (more)

Editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan, Michele Promaulayko on Transcendental Meditation: 'I'm a huge proponent of it'
17 February 2017 - Before becoming editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan magazine, Michele Promaulayko worked in health journalism, with access to the greatest minds in the field of mental and physical well-being. So it's no surprise that as a spokesperson for an integrated approach to healthy living, she is an avid fan of Transcendental Meditation. With rigorous research backing up the effectiveness of the practice, TM for her is an all-round wellness tool. 'It's just good on a physiological level. Good for your body, good for your brain.' She feels that if TM 'became a universally accepted practice, it would have this incredible domino effect on the world. . . . for me to have gone from a sceptic to a passionate endorse, says a lot about how deeply I believe in it.' (more)

'Meditation and the Brain' - Dr. William Stixrud on how to tame, protect, and nurture the adolescent brain
14 February 2017 - 'Transcendental Meditation can prevent and reduce the kinds of problems that are so absurdly prevalent in young people these days,' neuropsychologist Dr William Stixrud explained at a recent David Lynch Foundation conference, at the Rubin Museum of Art in New York. With science and humour, Dr Stixrud described the adolescent brain, especially the prefrontal cortex: 'So much of the transition between being a kid and being an adult is [the] unfolding of the prefrontal cortex' - but with today's 'epic' levels of stress in young people, it may not be developing in a healthy way. Dr Stixrud cited scientific evidence that TM reduces stress and helps improve executive functions of this area of the brain. 'When you are less stressed, you can focus better, you can resist distraction better'. And with 'this increased coherence in brain function, you can organize your thinking better because your sense of priorities is better. You can integrate information better, and see with a larger perspective.' (more)

The science behind why practitioners of Transcendental Meditation are biologically younger than their age
12 February 2017 - This excerpt from the revised and expanded edition of Jack Forem's best-selling classic, Transcendental Meditation, describes the science and experience of the anti-ageing effects of TM. These effects have been 'investigated by serious scientific research, and they are real', Mr Forem writes. He cites results from three studies published in The International Journal of Neuroscience, The American Journal of Cardiology, and Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. The first study found that 'long-term TM meditators (meditating five years or longer) had biological ages an average of 12 years younger than their chronological age'. (more)

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