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Ethiopia-Eritrea border: Smiles as ex-enemies cross frontline to shop
9 January 2019 - The reopening of the border between former enemies Ethiopia and Eritrea has dramatically changed the towns near the frontier ... The reopening of some of the border crossings, including one earlier this week, is part of the peace deal signed last July by Eritrea's President Isaias Afwerki and Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. The agreement has also seen diplomatic ties renewed and phone links between the two countries restored after being cut off for nearly two decades. (more)

US: Chicago crime rate drops for second year in a row
31 December 2018 - Chicago saw a significant drop in murders and gun violence for the second year in a row, according to police. Overall crime is down 10 percent since 2016 . . . overall shootings fell 14 percent compared to 2017, and have dropped 32 percent since 2016, according to police statistics. (more)

Pope Francis urges peace in conflict zones in Christmas address
25 December 2018 - The Pope has used his annual Christmas message to appeal for peace in conflict zones including Yemen and Syria. 'My wish for a happy Christmas is a wish for fraternity. Fraternity among individuals of every nation and culture,' Pope Francis said on Tuesday (25 December). His address also alluded to worldwide tensions over migration, saying that God wanted 'love, acceptance, respect' throughout all humanity. (more)

Pope's Christmas wish: World fraternity despite differences
25 December 2018 - Pope Francis offered a Christmas wish for fraternity among people of different nations, cultures, faiths, races, or ideas, describing the world's differences as a richness, not a danger, and championing the rights of religious minorities. (more)

Queen Elizabeth extols goodwill and respect in Christmas message
23 December 2018 - Britain's Queen Elizabeth will say in her Christmas message that the festival's message of peace and goodwill needs to be heeded as much as ever, and people should respect each other even when they habour the most deeply held differences. According to excerpts released by Buckingham Palace on Monday (24 December), the 92-year-old monarch will also speak of family and friendship ... (more)

Queen tells nation to put aside differences in Christmas message
23 December 2018 - The Queen will use her Christmas Day broadcast to say the Christian message of 'peace on Earth and goodwill to all' is needed 'as much as ever'. With the British Parliament deeply divided over Theresa May's Brexit deal and military conflicts raging in parts of the world, the monarch's words are likely to resonate with many. In the broadcast, recorded in Buckingham Palace's white drawing room, the Queen, who is 92, will say: 'I believe [Jesus's] message of peace on Earth and goodwill to all is never out of date. It can be heeded by everyone.' (more)

Pakistan and India begin construction of 'corridor of peace'
28 November 2018 - India and Pakistan are set to inaugurate the construction of a corridor to facilitate hassle free cross-border travel for religious devotees -- a rare step to improve ties between the two South Asian foes even as deep-seated divisions continue to obstruct progress in long-stalled peace talks. (more)

Top 10 CNN Heroes of 2018 revealed
26 November 2018 - Meet 10 remarkable trailblazers who have truly changed the world. Each one has found a way to use their knowledge and inspiration to help countless others. This year's top 10 CNN Heroes include a doctor fighting to break the cycle of violence, a woman who helps the injured walk again, and a teacher who uses the power of writing to lift up and heal the hopeless. (more)

'Resilient' refugees find freedom with Australian food business
11 October 2018 - Fair Food, which delivers around 1,000 organic fruit and vegetable boxes a week to customers around Melbourne, has workers from the Horn of Africa, the Middle East, Sri Lanka. Fair Food is the largest of 18 social enterprises -- businesses that seek to benefit society as well as turning a profit -- run by CERES, an environment park and farm ... in Melbourne. (more)

In Pakistan, a high mountain water pipe brings a bonus: peace
17 September 2018 - When a pipeline was installed last year to bring spring water and snowmelt to the village [Siksa, Pakistan] of 500 households in northern Pakistan, it brought something else as well: peace. The pipeline, sunk three feet into the ground, uses gravity to carry water six kilometres (3.7 miles) from the heights of the Karakoram Mountains in Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan's northern-most region. A reliable supply of water also has allowed villagers for the first time in year to sell a surplus of vegetables grown in the nearby market towns of Khaplu and Skardu ... (more)

Success of Maharishi's Programmes
10 Short Summaries of Top Stories

'All time, all space values will be permeated with harmony, with evenness' - Maharishi, 2003
12 January 2019 - Today organizations teaching Transcendental Meditation in many countries held an annual conference celebrating the achievements of the worldwide programmes founded by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. On this day in 2003, Maharishi placed special emphasis on a major initiative to establish large groups of Vedic experts in India to create an influence of peace and harmony in the world. In his inaugural address Maharishi said, 'From one place on earth the whole mankind will have that effect of harmony in coherence. The result will be less and less of negative trends and performances in the world, and more and more of coherence, and more and more of evolutionary trends, tendencies, and programmes in all parts of the world.' (more)

Promoting peace-creating technologies for Invincible Defence
5 January 2019 - Dr David Leffler is a founding member and executive director of the Center for Advanced Military Science at Maharishi University of Management, USA. Based on his experience in the US Armed Forces and his study of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's Consciousness-Based technologies for military defence, Dr Leffler has published over 1,400 articles worldwide on the application of Invincible Defence Technology (IDT) and the Transcendental Meditation programme. Over the past 20 years, he has promoted TM as a means of stress reduction, conflict resolution, and relief from post-traumatic stress disorder. Recent articles in response to world events have offered IDT as a solution to terrorism. (more)

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's comments to the press - Christmas, 2002
25 December 2018 - Maharishi Mahesh Yogi replies to a question from the world press on the Vedic nature of Christ's words, 'Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven and all else will be added unto you.' - 25 December 2002, MERU, Netherlands. (more)

Live on Facebook today: ''What Is Enlightenment?'' - Dr Tony Nader, Sun. 2 December
2 December 2018 - Enlightenment may sound vast and unattainable, but in reality it is simply the fulfilment of our highest potential as human beings. The Transcendental Meditation technique provides a practical means to develop oneself from within. The profound benefits it offers, such as relief from stress and anxiety, and clearer, more creative thinking, are stepping stones on the way to full development. Tony Nader, MD, PhD, MARR has spent the last 40 years probing the deepest truths of life - both as a world-renowned medical doctor and brain researcher and as an expert in meditation, yoga, and consciousness. In this livestream broadcast, Dr. Nader will share new findings and understandings from modern medicine and quantum physics that will revolutionize our view of the human mind and the world around us. (more)

'Silence the Violence' Town Hall, Washington, DC: Impact of Transcendental Meditation to prevent, curb rise of violence in America - Watch replay
2 November 2018 - 'Silence the Violence', a compelling Town Hall meeting webcast live from Washington, D.C., last month, is now available for online replay. Leading doctors, researchers, educators and community leaders discussed the impact of the evidence-based Transcendental Meditation technique for preventing and curbing the rise of violence in America today. The event was livestreamed from the Town Hall Education Arts Recreation Campus (THEARC) Theater in Southeast Washington. The event also highlighted the work of the David Lynch Foundation's Center for Health and Wellness - including The Meditation Center (TMC) at THEARC. (more)

New reference guide summarizes 227 books by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
12 October 2018 - Maharishi University of Management PhD alumnus Lee Fergusson has recently published a book that summarizes each of 227 books by, or attributable to, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi published between 1955 and the present. 'The purpose of this guide is to provide the reader-researcher with information and background material on the published works of Maharishi and to furnish an appropriate context in which this significant body of work can systematically be accessed and comprehended for future scholarly benefit' and for the advancement of Maharishi Vedic Science and Technology, Dr Fergusson said. (more)

Live on Facebook: 'What Is Consciousness Really?' - Dr Tony Nader, Sunday 7 October
6 October 2018 - How would you answer the question, 'What is consciousness?' Join Tony Nader, MD, PhD, MARR, this Sunday, 7 October, in an interactive Facebook Live event - for an insightful discussion on the origins and structure of human consciousness. Dr. Nader is an MIT- and Harvard-trained neuroscientist, one of the world's great Vedic scholars, and head of the international Transcendental Meditation organizations. He has spent the last 40 years probing the deepest truths of life - both as a world-renowned medical doctor and brain researcher and as an expert in meditation, yoga, and consciousness. The event begins at 9:00 a.m. US Eastern Daylight Time, 3:00 pm Central Europe Time. (more)

In Science of Being and Art of Living, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi presents the key to successful relationships
5 October 2018 - In one chapter of his book Science of Being and Art of Living, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi explains how practising Transcendental Meditation forms a basis for fulfilling relationships. Featuring an extended quote from this section, 'The Art of Behaviour', Janet Hoffman, executive director of TM for Women Professionals in the USA, highlights the role of anxiety-free, stress-free relationships for well-being and happiness. Maharishi writes, 'The fundamental of good social behaviour is the strong, clear, and contented mind of the individual, which . . . easily develop through the simple system of Transcendental Meditation.' Maharishi's book gives the key to good health, right action, clear, effective thinking and speaking, and life in freedom, Hoffman says - 'all based on the experience of the transcendent field of Being located within you during the practice of the TM technique'. (more)

Sunday, 30 September: Live-streaming Transcendental Meditation Introductory talk, Q and A with TM teacher Bob Roth
29 September 2018 - This Sunday, 30 September, attend a live-streaming Transcendental Meditation introductory talk with Bob Roth, CEO of the David Lynch Foundation and author of the best-selling book Strength in Stillness. The TM 'intro' talk, usually given in person, is the first step toward learning the TM technique. This is a special opportunity to do this online, from the comfort of your own home. Over the past 45 years, Roth has taught Transcendental Meditation to thousands of people, including corporate CEOs, entertainment personalities, combat veterans, and inner-city youth. After a 15-20 minute talk including how TM reduces stress and anxiety, improves brain function, and is different from other meditations, he will remain online to answer questions. (more)

TM for Women: Fulfilling the pursuit of happiness at the deepest level of our self
10 August 2018 - 'While all Americans in principle have the liberty that allows for the pursuit of happiness, women struggle to fulfil this goal,' writes Janet Hoffman, executive director of TM for Women Professionals in the USA. Research shows that depression is twice as likely in women than in men. A 2010 study by researchers at University of California Los Angeles shows that depressive symptoms decreased by almost 50% over a 12-month period among people practising Transcendental Meditation. 'Our mission in TM for Women is the full empowerment of women as independent, self-sufficient, happy human beings,' Hoffman writes, '. . . . realizing ourselves as the immeasurable being we are - with no lack, no boundary, nothing missing or needed.' (more)

10 Short Summaries of Top Stories

AP Investigation: Food aid stolen as Yemen starves
31 December 2018 - Day after day Nabil al-Hakimi, a humanitarian official in Taiz, one of Yemen's largest cities, went to work feeling he had a 'mountain' on his shoulders. Billions of dollars in food and other foreign aid was coming into his war-ravaged homeland, but millions of Yemenis were still living a step away from famine. (more)

Land mines will be hidden killer in Yemen decades after war
24 December 2018 - They lurk under shifting desert sands, amid the debris of urban roadsides and inside abandoned schools, some set to go off at the lightest touch. Land mines scattered by Yemen's Houthi rebels are largely unmapped and will remain a threat even if the latest push for peace succeeds in halting the conflict, those involved in their eradication say. (more)

Children as young as 10 fight, kill, and die in Yemen's war
19 December 2018 - For two years Mohammed fought with Yemen's Houthi rebels against a military coalition led by Saudi Arabia and backed by the United States. ... While both sides in the four-year civil war have sent children into combat in violation of international human rights conventions, the Houthis are believed to have recruited many more than the coalition -- often forcibly. The Houthis have inducted 18,000 child soldiers into their rebel army since the beginning of the war in 2014, a senior Houthi military official acknowledged to the AP. He spoke on condition of anonymity due to the sensitivity of the information. That figure is higher than any number previously reported. (more)

Media freedom group records increase in journalists killed
18 December 2018 - Media freedom group Reporters Without Borders said Tuesday (18 December) it has recorded an increase in the number of journalists killed and imprisoned worldwide so far this year. The Paris-based group, also known by its French acronym RSF, said 63 journalists died in relation to their jobs from January 1 to December 1, 2018, compared to 55 in 2017, as well as four media workers. Another 13 people it described as 'non-professional journalists' -- people who didn't have official media cards but who were involved in the production of news and information -- also died, while 348 were held in detention around the world. (more)

Yemen's port city of Aden shows challenge of peace
13 December 2018 - Yemen's government nearly saw itself pushed into the sea by advancing rebels here three years ago. Now the port city of Aden shows the challenges that will likely still plague the nation following any potential peace agreement. ursts of heavy machine gun fire still punctuates the nights in Aden, now the seat of the internationally recognized government, a city marked with war-shattered buildings and questions over what an end to Yemen's conflict might mean for a region where secessionist flags appear to fly everywhere. (more)

US: A Chicago neighborhood battles endless flow of illegal guns
10 December 2018 - Chicago police regularly recover more illegal firearms than officials in larger New York and Los Angeles. Last year, the citywide haul was 7,932 firearms. The 2018 tally exceeds 8,300, and police say it could surpass 10,000 by year's end. Police seize an illegal weapon about once every hour, most connected to gangs on the South and West sides. Authorities cite two reasons for the heavy gun traffic: Penalties for carrying these firearms aren't considered a deterrent and, according to police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi, suspects tell officers they 'would rather be caught by police with a gun ... than caught by a rival gang without one.' (more)

Whale songs and war: The less talked-about climate impacts
1 December 2018 - Near Antarctica, whales are singing in deeper tones to cut through the noise of melting icebergs. In California, a big college football rivalry game was postponed until Saturday because of smoky air from wildfires. And Alaskan shellfish were struck by an outbreak of warm water bacteria. ... And climate change has altered global politics. Numerous studies have said it was a factor in record-setting drought in Syria -- one of several causes of the country's civil war that triggered a massive refugee crisis. ... Conflict over climate change impacts is not confined to Syria. (more)

Ukraine leader warns of threat of full-scale confrontation with Russia
28 November 2018 - Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko warned that his country's simmering conflict with Russia could quickly spiral into full-scale confrontation following a maritime clash between the two countries over the weekend. The incident between the Kiev and Moscow ended with three Ukrainian ships in Russian custody. Ukraine and Russia have offered conflicting accounts of what happened, each accusing the other of violating the laws of the sea. Poroshenko says Sunday's (25 November) events were 'extraordinary,' accusing Russia of attacking his country's ships. (more)

Tens of thousands 'left to starve' as Mali conflict escalates
21 November 2018 - The West African country has been a battleground of Islamist militants, ethnic militias, and international troops since a rebel uprising was hijacked by jihadists in 2012. Tens of thousands of people who have fled fighting in Mali since September are going hungry because funding has run out as the conflict has escalated, aid agencies said on Wednesday, 21 November. (more)

Dozens killed in Afghanistan fighting as sectarian threat grows
11 November 2018 - Fifteen Afghan civilians and 10 commandos sent to reinforce Shi'ite militia forces fighting Taliban in the central province of Ghazni were killed on Sunday (11 November), officials said, as a days-long battle with threatening ethnic overtones continued. ... The fighting took place as U.S. special envoy Zakmay Khalilzad prepared for a fresh round of meetings aimed at bringing the Taliban to the negotiating table to try to find a political settlement to the decades-long war in Afghanistan. (more)

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