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What Kind Of Life Do You Want To Live? Frantic, Stressed, And Distracted - Or Centered, Focused, Healthy, And Clear?
by Rose Hoffman

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14 July 2015

To discuss the Transcendental Meditation Technique

On Friday (9 July), Yahoo Health held a live Facebook Q&A with Bob Roth, executive director of the David Lynch Foundation. Topics included the Transcendental Meditation technique and relationships, the best times to meditate, and practicing meditation at your workplace. Check out some of the questions and answers below!

Yahoo Health — How can meditation help a relationship?

Bob Roth The world is as we are. If we are stressed, tired, small, and feeling needy, then our relationships are going to be troubled, turbulent, and unsatisfying. That is already our experience. But if we are strong and connected within ourselves, and we naturally have a lot to give, then our relationships are going to be far more satisfying—because we are not expecting the other person to give us happiness, or make us happy. The key to a good relationship is for two people to be developed and happy within themselves. And then the relationship will never stagnate and will continually grow. And that, in case you were wondering, is the value of regular Transcendental Meditation for your relationships—and your life.

Yahoo Health — What if I feel like I'm too busy to meditate? Can a few minutes really provide benefits?

Bob Roth The truth is, most everyone is too busy to meditate—and yet, many of the busiest, most successful people in business, media, the arts, and medicine practice TM and take the time to make meditation a priority. The real question is, ''What kind of life do you want to live? Frantic and stressed and distracted—or centered, focused, healthy, and clear?'' If you want the latter, you have to do things to get there, and that includes exercise, good food, and regular meditation. The better question is: Can you afford not to take the time?

Yahoo Health — What's the biggest misconception you've heard about TM?

Bob Roth That TM is somehow difficult or hard to learn, or that there is a philosophy or lifestyle associated with it. . . . None of those things are true. . . . TM is simple, easy, produces immediate benefits, and you can be 100 percent skeptical about everything regarding TM and still be able to practice it and gain all the benefits. . . . I am by nature a very skeptical person. Even cynical about a lot of stuff. I love TM because I do it without joining any group or buying into any philosophy. . . . (Great question, by the way. . . . )

Yahoo Health — We work in an office with people who aren't super familiar with meditation. How can we take a few minutes to focus and re-center without making it obvious?

Bob Roth Good question! Fortunately, more and more businesses are not only open to employees meditating, but encouraging and even paying for classes. I would suggest going to your boss (unless you ARE the boss!) and talking about the health benefits of meditation and how it improves health and performance. It is seen increasingly as a valuable health tool in the workplace. Right now many of the largest companies in America are offering TM, as well as hundreds of schools, military bases, and athletic teams. So rather than hide it, talk about it, and make it part of your workplace experience.

Angela Kim — What is the best time of day to meditate and why?

Bob Roth Morning, before the day begins so your mind is clear and wide awake, and your body is resilient to the oncoming stresses of the day. . . . and again in the late afternoon or early evening, to wash off the accumulated stress and tension of the day so that you can enjoy a lovely evening with your family and friends—and sleep so much better at night!

Amanda Chan — I love the concept of meditation and all the health benefits it brings, but I'm an incredibly impatient person who is easily bored—which has kept me from practicing it consistently. Do you have any tips for making meditation not-boring?

Bob Roth It depends upon the type of meditation you are practicing! Not all approaches are alike. Some can be difficult and frustrating and others easier and more enjoyable. Keep looking!

Priscilla De Castro — I simply can't get my mind to relax when trying to meditate. Any tips on how to focus on the now moment?

Bob Roth I like to use the analogy of an ocean. Waves on the surface and silence at the depth. The mind is like that. The surface of our mind is like the waves—racing, often turbulent, difficult to control. But the depth of the mind is peaceful, calm, and silent—yet wide awake. The source of energy, creativity, and focus. Find a meditation that gives access to that inner silence rather than trying to battle the waves on the surface.

Read the rest of the questions and answers here.

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