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Every household in England 'to be within 15 minutes of green space or water'
2 February 2023 - Every household will be within a 15-minute walk of a green space or water, under a major environmental improvement plan for England set out by the government on Tuesday [31 January]. The long-awaited measures will include commitments to restore at least 500,000 hectares (1.2m acres) of wildlife habitat, and 400 miles of river. This will include 25 new or expanded national nature reserves and 3,000 hectares (7,400 acres) of new woodland along England's rivers. (more)

India's finance minister announces new clean energy funds
1 February 2023 - Indian finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced several new clean energy initiatives in the government's annual federal budget speech on Wednesday [1 February], saying 'green growth' is a top priority for the country. (more)

Germany pledges $222 million for Brazil environment, Amazon
31 January 2023 - German development minister Svenja Schulze announced Monday [30 January] that her government will make 204 million euros ($222 million) available for environmental policies in Brazil. Of this total, $38 million is a donation to the Amazon Fund, Schulze told reporters in capital Brasilia. It is the most important international cooperation effort to preserve the Amazon rainforest, and is mostly funded by Norway. (more)

Monarch butterflies wintering in California rebound
31 January 2023 - The population of western monarch butterflies wintering along the California coast has rebounded for a second year in a row after a precipitous drop in 2020. Western monarch butterflies head south from the Pacific Northwest to California each winter, returning to the same places and even the same trees, where they cluster to keep warm. (more)

Post-Brexit farm subsidies in England revealed
30 January 2023 - Farmers in England will be able to receive government funding for up to 280 different actions that protect the environment, from conserving hedgerows to maintaining peatlands, under a comprehensive overhaul of farming subsidies. (more)

Jon Bon Jovi's Secret Masterpiece: Inside the JBJ Soul Kitchen
29 January 2023 - Without fanfare (or government money), the rock icon and his wife Dorothea have created restaurants for patrons who are hungry for a meal, or to make a difference. (more)

Birdsong boosts mental wellbeing for 90 percent of people, UK poll finds
27 January 2023 - Watching birds and hearing birdsong have a positive impact on wellbeing for more than nine in 10 people, according to a survey to mark the largest garden wildlife count in the world. People are being urged to boost their mental health and help scientists by spending an hour this weekend counting the birds in their garden or local park for the RSPB's [Royal Society for the Protection of Birds] Big Garden Birdwatch. (more)

ELMS: England greener farming payments detail unveiled
26 January 2023 - Long-awaited details of England's post-Brexit farm payments scheme have been published by the government. The environmental land management schemes (ELMS) will pay farmers public money for actions like managing crop pests without chemicals and working towards net zero. The measures have been broadly welcomed by farming and environmental groups. (more)

EU to promote 'buzz lines' to help reverse decline of bees by 2030
25 January 2023 - 'Buzz Lines' for bees and other pollinators where they could move across Europe and find food and shelter were among measures laid out by the EU's executive body on Tuesday [24 January] to reverse the decline of the insects vital for crop production. The seven-year plan presented by the EU will also increase monitoring of the insects across the 27 member states, aiming to halt population decline in pollinators that are crucial to the majority of crops and wild flowers. (more)

UK: Charity buys Somerset land in bid to open 48 nature reserves
25 January 2023 - A rewilding charity has bought 460 acres of land in Somerset to help create the first of a series of nature reserves in every English county. Ideas for the site include food growing areas and a community meeting space. The landscape at the site, which will be called 'Heal Somerset', is pastureland, with three small tributaries of the River Frome, miles of hedgerows, mature oaks and other trees. (more)

Where do abandoned bicycles go? In some cases, Madagascar
25 January 2023 - In a largely unseen system, abandoned bikes are repaired and shipped to people across the US -- and around the world -- who can use them to travel to school or work. At first glance, the turn-of-the-century brownstone on Western Avenue in Chicago resembles any other bicycle repair shop. Several thousand bikes in all sizes and colors are crammed into the Working Bikes warehouse, awaiting their new future. (more)

Gen Z and young millennials' surprising obsession
24 January 2023 - If asked to guess what under 25-year-olds are listening to, it's unlikely that many of us would land upon orchestral music. And yet a survey published in December 2022 by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (RPO) found that 74 percent of UK residents aged under 25 were likely to be tuning into just that at Christmas-time, compared with a mere 46 percent of people aged 55 or more. (more)

Dolphins seen in Bronx River for first time in five year
23 January 2023 - Dolphins are back in the Bronx River in New York for the first time in more than five years. The Bronx River flows through Bronx borough, just north of Manhattan, and is the only freshwater river in the city. The sightings were also confirmed by the Bronx River Alliance, a non-profit that works to protect and restore the waterway. (more)

Lunar New Year: Happy Year of the Rabbit - what you need to know
22 January 2023 - Millions of people will be celebrating Lunar New Year, also known as Chinese New Year, in January. It is one of the biggest events of the year for many East and South East Asian people and it will be marked by communities all over the world. Families and friends will get together to eat lots of yummy food, enjoy fireworks, wear special clothes and hang red lanterns to mark the occasion. Find out more about Lunar New Year. (more)

Delight as dolphins spotted in New York's Bronx River
22 January 2023 - Dolphins have been spotted frolicking in New York City's Bronx River, an encouraging sign of the improving health of a waterway that was for many years befouled as a sewer for industrial waste. 'It's true -- dolphins were spotted in the Bronx River this week!,' the New York City parks department gleefully tweeted. (more)

Lunar New Year: Celebrations return to Belfast, Northern Ireland
22 January 2023 - A crowd gathered at Belfast's Ulster Hall to mark Chinese New Year and welcome the Year of the Rabbit. Also known as Lunar New Year, the event has not been publicly celebrated in the city since before the COVID pandemic. More than a billion people across the world have been marking it, with fireworks, music, and lanterns. (more)

UK: Chinese community celebrates Lunar New Year
22 January 2023 - An event has been held in Colchester [a town in Essex, in the East of England] to 'share the happiness' of Lunar New Year. The Chinese New Year Gala ... featured traditional lion dancing, singing, music, and performances to mark the new year of the rabbit. Simone Xue from the Colchester Chinese Cultural Society, said: 'It is very important for us, not only for us to show the general public our community spirit [but] also to share our culture with everybody else. We want to share our happiness.' (more)

US: Indigenous artist featured at Super Bowl for first time
21 January 2023 - For the first time, an Indigenous artist's works will be featured at the Super Bowl, gracing game tickets, displays, and a massive Super Bowl mural in downtown Phoenix with images that reflect her multicultural roots. (more)

Say cheese! Galactic photo shoot captures 3 billion stars
20 January 2023 - A galactic photo shoot has captured more than 3 billion stars and galaxies in one of the biggest sky surveys ever. ... Shown in remarkable detail, most of these Milky Way objects are stars. The count also includes small, distant galaxies that may have been mistaken as individual stars. (more)

Ancient Maya cities, 'super highways' revealed in latest survey
19 January 2023 - A new high-tech study has revealed nearly 1,000 ancient Maya settlements, including 417 previously unknown cites linked by what may be the world's first highway network and hidden for millennia by the dense jungles of northern Guatemala and southern Mexico. (more)

How Asian Americans are keeping Lunar New Year traditions alive
19 January 2023 - Come January 22, millions of Americans with roots in China, Vietnam, South Korea, and other Asian countries will ring in the Lunar New Year. ... In cities with large East and Southeast Asian populations, family celebrations at home are accompanied by Lunar New Year flower markets, parades, banquet dinners, and firework displays. Some public schools have added the holiday to their calendars. (more)

Lunar New Year Fast Facts
19 January 2023 - Here's a look at Lunar New Year, which is celebrated in many countries in Asia. It is the longest and most important celebration in the Chinese lunisolar calendar. The Lunar New Year is celebrated during the second new moon after the winter solstice, usually between January 21 and February 20 on the Gregorian calendar. (more)

Malta to invest 700 million euros in green spaces until 2030
18 January 2023 - The Newly established Project Green agency has the mandate to plant 7,500 trees and shrubs in the next 12 months. Yesterday [16 January], Maltese authorities announced the creation of the Project Green agency ... to handle one of the biggest green investments in the country. The goal of the organization will be to increase and revitalize green spaces on the island of Malta and Gozo, giving all citizens access to nature and green recreational spaces a short walk away from their homes, wherever they live. (more)

Regular visits to green spaces linked to lower use of certain prescriptions - study
18 January 2023 - Frequent visits to green spaces in cities such as parks and community gardens -- rather than the amount or views of them from home -- may be linked to lower use of certain prescription meds, suggests research conducted in Finland. The observed connections between such visits and lower use of drugs for depression, anxiety, insomnia, high blood pressure, and asthma were not dependent on people's educational and income level. (more)

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