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Physicist, 98, honored with doctorate 75 years after groundbreaking discovery
22 July 2024 - A trailblazing physicist who gave up her PhD 75 years ago to have a family has received an honorary doctorate from her former university. Rosemary Fowler, 98, discovered the kaon particle during her doctoral research under Cecil Powell at the University of Bristol in 1948, which contributed to his Nobel Prize for physics in 1950. Fowler's discovery helped lead to a revolution in the theory of particle physics, and it continues to be proven correct -- predicting particles such as the Higgs boson, discovered at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland. (more)

LHCb investigates the properties of one of physics' most puzzling particles
21 July 2024 - The particle, known as xc1(3872), has fascinated physicists for years. Now, the LHCb [Large Hadron Collider beauty] collaboration is closer to finding out what it is made up of. (more)

NASA marks moon landing anniversary by dedicating building to 'women of Apollo'
20 July 2024 - NASA is honoring a 'hidden figure' and all of the women who contributed to the Apollo program with the naming of a building in Houston, where at the time of the moon missions it was part of the 'Manned' Spacecraft Center. The agency's Johnson Space Center (renamed for the President in 1973) marked the 55th anniversary of the Apollo 11 lunar landing mission [20 July 1969] the Moon by dedicating one of its original buildings as the 'Dorothy Vaughan Center in Honor of the Women of Apollo' on Friday (19 July). (more)

The Apollo 11 moon landing, in photos
20 July 2024 - Fifty-five years ago, Neil Armstrong and Edwin 'Buzz' Aldrin made history when they became the first humans to set foot on the moon. ...More than half a billion people are estimated to have watched on television as Armstrong climbed down the ladder of the Eagle lunar lander and proclaimed, 'That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.' (more)

UK: Spoonbills return to Cambridgeshire for first time since 17th century
18 July 2024 - Driven out by hunting and habitat loss, the birds are now nesting and breeding in a few pockets in England. With their long, spoon-shaped beaks, it is perhaps little surprise that the RSPB [Royal Society for the Protection of Birds] has nicknamed the offspring of a spoonbill a 'teaspoon'. It has been a bumper year for the snow-white wading birds, which have been found nesting and breeding in Cambridgeshire for the first time since the 17th century. (more)

North Atlantic right whale seen off Ireland for first time in 114 years
17 July 2024 - There are fewer than 400 of critically endangered species left and sighting gives 'glimmer of hope'. A critically endangered North Atlantic right whale has been spotted off the coast of Ireland for the first time in more than a century. It is the first sighting of a North Atlantic right whale off Ireland in 114 years, said Conor Ryan, honorary research fellow at the Scottish Association for Marine Science. (more)

Solar power is largest source of new US energy capacity for ninth straight month
16 July 2024 - For the ninth month in a row, solar was the largest source of new capacity and is on track to become the nation's second-largest source of capacity - behind only natural gas - within three years. ...The new solar capacity added from January through May this year was more than double the solar capacity added during the same period last year. YTD, solar accounted for 73.91 percent of all new generation placed into service in the first five months of 2024. (more)

Annual Solar Car Challenge takes off as highschoolers race solar-powered cars at Texas Motor Speedway July 14
14 July 2024 - The sunny days ahead in Fort Worth signal the beginning of the 31st Annual Solar Car Challenge, where 32 teams of high schoolers across the nation will race their solar-powered cars at Texas Motor Speedway. ... Race founder Dr. Lehman Marks established the Solar Car Challenge in 1993 to help motivate students in fields of science, technology, and alternative energy. (more)

India, Taiwan pact to facilitate trade of organic agri goods comes into force
14 July 2024 - An agreement between India and Taiwan to facilitate trade in organically-produced goods, including tea and medicinal plants, has come into force from July 8, the commerce ministry said on Wednesday [July 10]. (more)

University students designed gloves that translate sign language into speech
13 July 2024 - In an effort to bridge the communication gap between sign language users and non-users, two University of Washington undergraduates designed gloves called SignAloud that translate hand gestures into text or speech. Their innovative invention earned them a $10,000 Lemelson-MIT Student Prize in 2017, and the idea remains groundbreaking today. (more)

US Department of Agriculture expands insurance options for specialty and organic growers 
12 July 2024 - The U.S. Department of Agriculture is expanding crop insurance options for specialty and organic growers beginning with the 2025 crop year. USDA's Risk Management Agency is expanding coverage options by allowing enterprise units by organic farming practice, adding enterprise unit eligibility for several crops, and making additional policy updates. (more)

Deforestation in Colombia reached 23-year low in 2023
11 July 2024 - Deforestation in Colombia continues to decline, with levels falling to a 23-year low in 2023. According to figures released by the government, there has been a 36 percent drop in environmental destruction. As one of the most biodiverse countries in the world, Colombia's environmental victory is a victory for the entire planet. (more)

US: Indiana's largest solar power plant about to come online
10 July 2024 - Doral Renewables announced that the first segment of its Mammoth Solar project is about to achieve operations. The plant will be the largest operating solar installation in Indiana and is expected to provide enough electricity to power 75,000 homes a year. ...Mammoth North is an agrivoltaics installation with more than 1,500 sheep already grazing the land. (more)

US: Solar-powered car stops in Wheeling, continues on epic New York to LA journey
10 July 2024 - A solar car made a stop in Wheeling [West Virginia] as part of a trip from New York to LA on Wednesday [10 July]. The Cannonball Sun is a group of five friends with the passion to complete the 3,100-mile journey. 'We're already super excited to have made it this far,' University of Michigan student Will Jones said. 'We've done 2 days of driving now and a little less than 500 miles. It's been two good challenging days through the rolling hills and mountains of Appalachia here.' (more)

India: Campaign to promote organic farming launched in Karumalloor
9 July 2024 - 'Jaiva Gramam' campaign, a program to encourage people keen to take up organic farming but are constrained by problems including marketing of products, has been launched in Karumalloor panchayat. It was launched as part of 'Njattuvela' observance with the support of the grama panchayat and Lions Club of North Paravur to encourage households to take up organic farming. (more)

National Trust's wildflower meadow project flourishes on England's north Devon coast
9 July 2024 - When the sowing began on the coastline of south-west England, conservationists warned it may take a little while for the new wildflower meadows to flourish fully. But 18 months on, a vibrant display of blooms has popped up in north Devon, a joy for human visitors and a draw for precious birds, insects, and mammals. (more)

US: Local organic berry farm kicks off blueberry picking season in Northampton, Massachusetts
7 July 2024 - Blueberry picking season is in full swing and local berry farms around western Mass are working hard to ensure every visitor experiences the joy of picking the best blueberries they can find. ... Kristen Sykes, vice president of marketing and communication at Pie in the Sky Berry Farm . . . highlighted that their 8.5-acre farmland is protected by the state, so it is important for them to embrace all organic farming methods to help keep a sustainable environment for not only their crops but also for the diverse wildlife that call this land home. (more)

US: Why I love my CSA (it's more than the weekly box of fresh produce)
6 July 2024 - I might never have fallen in love with kohlrabi had I not joined a CSA. Signing up for a Community-Supported Agriculture program means getting a box of produce from local farms every week or two. It's a way to take advantage of summer's bounty, discover new fruits and vegetables, and support the folks who grow food in your area. (more)

The FDA will no longer allow this potentially harmful additive found in some sodas
5 July 2024 - The US Food and Drug Administration will no longer allow the use of brominated vegetable oil in food products, the agency said Tuesday [2 July]. Brominated vegetable oil (BVO) is vegetable oil modified with the chemical bromine and has been used in small amounts to keep citrus flavoring from floating to the top in beverages, according to an FDA statement. (more)

Despite drought, Brazilian Amazon deforestation alerts hit five-year low
4 July 2024 - Month-over-month deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon declined for the 13th consecutive month as forest clearing in Earth's largest rainforest fell to the lowest level in five years. (more)

Early 20th-century portraits preserve the heritage of Native Americans
3 July 2024 - Photographer and ethnologist Edward S. Curtis spent more than 30 years documenting Native Americans and their traditions. Curtis referred to Native Americans as a 'vanishing race,' and as such, wanted to document the customs and traditions of a wide variety of Native American tribes. ...In 1906, with the sponsorship of J.P. Morgan, Curtis undertook the production of what was set to be a series of 20 volumes with 1,500 photographs of Native Americans. (more)

Nepal launches new plan to boost critically endangered Bengal florican
3 July 2024 - Nepal has launched a 10-year conservation action plan for the Bengal florican to recover and restore the population of the critically endangered bird to the country's grasslands. ...The plan also calls for expanding its habitat and gaining a better understanding of its ecology to reduce threats. (more)

How a group of butterflies flew 2,600 miles across the Atlantic Ocean without stopping
2 July 2024 - Painted lady butterflies venture far and wide with their impressive migratory patterns that stretch for thousands of miles -- but they often travel across land, so they can stop to rest. Scientists have now found evidence that a group of the winged travelers flew over 2,600 miles (about 4,200 kilometers) across the Atlantic Ocean without stopping, according to a new study published June 25 in the journal Nature Communications. (more)

A trans-oceanic flight of over 4,200 km by painted lady butterflies
2 July 2024 - The extent of aerial flows of insects circulating around the planet and their impact on ecosystems and biogeography remain enigmatic because of methodological challenges. Here we report a transatlantic crossing by Vanessa cardui butterflies spanning at least 4,200 km, from West Africa to South America (French Guiana) and lasting between 5 and 8 days. Even more, we infer a likely natal origin for these individuals in Western Europe, and the journey Europe-Africa-South America could expand to 7,000 km or more. (more)

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