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Coronavirus: Four out of five people's jobs hit by pandemic
8 April 2020 - A total of 81 percent of the global workforce of 3.3 billion people have had their workplace fully or partly closed. Restrictions on daily life have led to the closure of many companies and the laying off of staff -- either permanently or temporarily. The International Labour Organization (ILO), an agency of the United Nations, has been looking at the global impact with a series of charts. (more)

Costa Rica farmers destroy flowers as coronavirus spoils exports
4 April 2020 - Costa Rican flower farmers have started destroying lilies, roses, and chrysanthemums they have lovingly tended for months after the coronavirus outbreak led to the suspension of flights to markets in the United States and Canada. 'This was our work. We have grown and cared for them since they were seeds,' said Cristian Quiros, a worker at the Flores y Verdes del Irazu farm in the central city of Cartago. 'Now we have to throw them away, and it's such a difficult feeling.' (more)

Coronavirus deaths in Italy overtake China as economic damage mounts
21 March 2020 - The world's richest nations poured unprecedented aid into the global economy on Thursday [19 March] as coronavirus cases ballooned in the new epicenter Europe, with the number of deaths in Italy outstripping those in mainland China, where the virus originated. (more)

Starved of dollars and drowning in debt, Lebanon's economy sinks fast
21 March 2020 - After importing medical supplies to Lebanon for 20 years, Hassan Hamdan shut his business in December. Sales were plummeting, clients couldn't pay, and the dollars he needed to buy imports had dried up. Now he drives an Uber. Businesses such as Hamdan's have been shutting at a rapid rate since a financial crisis exacerbated by months of political instability has brought much of Lebanon's economy to a halt. (more)

Move over, pot: psychedelic companies are about to go public
20 March 2020 - The first companies developing medical treatments from psychedelic drugs like LSD, ketamine, and the active ingredient in magic mushrooms are gearing up to list on Canadian stock exchanges. ... a growing number of companies are conducting clinical trials of psychedelic treatments for everything from depression to post-traumatic stress disorder, and some have recently received the blessing of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. This has created a legal way for these companies to conduct research on otherwise illegal drugs, opening the door to public listings. (more)

Coronavirus: Italy's death toll overtakes China's
19 March 2020 - Coronavirus has killed more people in Italy than in any other country, after deaths there rose by 427 in a day. The number of deaths now stands at 3,405, which is more than in China where the virus originated last year. There have been 3,245 reported deaths in China, but there have been questions over the reliability of its data. (more)

As Guinea-Bissau records mass vulture deaths, poisoning is main suspect
18 March 2020 - Around 1,000 vultures have been found dead in Guinea-Bissau in the last two weeks, believed to have been poisoned. The birds, almost all critically endangered hooded vultures (Necrosyrtes monachus) were found in different locations across the country, with the majority near the towns of Bafata and Gabu. ... 'The hooded vulture is a critically endangered species and while rarer in eastern and southern Africa, western Africa is its stronghold. Losing so many birds in its stronghold is a major blow to the species,' [said Jose Tavares, director at the Switzerland-based Vulture Conservation Foundation (VCF), which has been following the incident]. (more)

Amazon and other large ecosystems at risk of rapid collapse: study
17 March 2020 - Large ecosystems such as the Amazon rainforest and coral reefs could collapse faster than scientists had previously assumed, according to a study published on Tuesday [10 March]. ... While larger ecosystems take longer to collapse -- due to their sheer size -- the rate at which they can degrade and then disappear can happen significantly faster than in smaller systems, the study found. (more)

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Decreased Crime Rate chart

When one per cent of the population of a city or town practices Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation Programme, the crime rate significantly decreases over the long term. This is known as the Maharishi Effect, which is the phenomenon of the rise of coherence in the collective consciousness of any community.


The collective practice of Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation and Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Programme creates harmony and coherence throughout the environment, leading to reduced hostility and increased cooperation between nations.

Reduced Armed Conflict chart

Large groups of individuals practising Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation and Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Programme create an environment of harmony and coherence for themselves and for the whole world.

Reduced Conflict chart

When the number of individuals practising Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation and Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Programme in a group excedes the square root of one per cent of a nation’s population,there is a significant reduction in conflict both at home and throughout the world.


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