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Happy New Year to you all. Needless to say, I visit GGN everyday. Its inspiring. Often I re-post something for my Facebook friends - like yesterday's article about New Year traditions around the world or the gun buyback for cash heading etc. I'm happy to say that your news on my Facebook page has invariably got many likes and comments. This is because of purity of the news. Thanks once again.
—Atul Sonawala
28 December 2012

You have a wonderfully large readership base and I hope it keeps growing at the same rate. The fact that you don't advertise is a triumph for the argument that there is genuine demand for good news. Global Good News is exactly the kind of news we are trying to promote. It is an idea of solutions driven journalism rather than feel good stories - the latter is what many people assume when you open a discussion for good news - we hope to dispel this theory through the event and show how credible, valuable and informative good news can actually be...'
—Jodie Jackson
Founder of What a Good Week news service

Dear Global Good News,

When we read the thrilling headlines from Global Good News: 'The good news about good news: study finds happiness multiplies when we share glad tidings' , we felt such appreciation for your beautiful contribution in finding and sharing all the uplifting and nourishing news from around the world.

Every time we read something positive and blissful about our countries we feel increasing joy in the blossoming of Maharishi's Heaven on Earth.

On behalf of Maharishi's Movement in Canada, Turkey, Cyprus, Montenegro and Saint Kitts, we send all love and congratulations to you for your great achievements.

—Dr Paul and Dr Susie Potter
31 October 2012

It is so refreshing to have news outlets like yours that highlight positive things in the world! It reminds us that all is not lost if we keep hard at work on peaceful change. Thank you!

"You cannot solve a problem
at the same level of thinking
that created it." :)
(Albert Einstein)

—Ed Grainger
31 August 2012

Every single day you bring a fresh wave of sunshine to my day with your good news. I read it first thing each morning. Thanks for doing this with such faithfulness.
—Dr John Konhaus
29 April 2012

Dear All -

I can see that your design staff are creating a wonderful tapestry of color and images on your website. I will hold my judgement, until it's all done. I trust in the beauty of nature that emanates from the human soul...

Thank you beyond words for your dedication in bringing the fabulous good news of Maharishi's wisdom to the world ... as now seen in the world, more each day!


3 March 2012

Having now spent much time looking at the details of the Global Good News website, I must say how impressed I am with the caliber of writing, the depth of detail, and the beautiful graphic presentation of the entire site. What a timeless repository it is of Maharishi's knowledge and a precious research source for our global family of meditators. Please accept my praise for an exceptional job well done by all of the dedicated writers and editors who have so generously provided this gift to the world. In the past, I must confess that I didn't pay attention to the website, but am now an ardent convert and have started urging everyone to have a look at what's inside!
—Carolyn Grayson, Canada
30 November 2011

I recently re-discovered Global Good News after not stopping by for over a year. You have really made fantastic progress! I could hardly believe you update it daily. I was so uplifted after going through the site, and felt a deep hope and nourishment. I have 20 bookmarks of news channels, but now GGN is my first choice. After I read it and go onto the regular news sites, I can hardly read them. You have done a great service to the world. Keep going and keep expanding.
—Dr John Konhaus
2 October 2011

Thank you so much for providing such an informative and positive website about the good happenings in our world. So much healthier than the news on T.V.

Thank you.
—D. Overgaard, Canada
1 August 2011

‘Our Very Dear GGN Creators and Maintainers,

Through these many years, I've really enjoyed starting the day with Global Good News as my internet browser homepage. Not only is your news so nourishing and fulfilling, the artwork and background photos are an absolute delight, nourishing the whole physiology and creating waves of bliss! Every month seems to be better than the previous, only that it's always such a surprise when I first open it up - so fresh and new and joyfully lively.

Congratulations not only to all your vigilant editors around the world, but to your delightful artistic team as well, for bringing Maharishi's Heaven on Earth into our home each day.

With best wishes as you continue to document the fast-paced rise of Vedic Civilization on earth,

With love,
—Colleen Rosania, MERU Holland
March 2011

‘I get sick to my stomach every night after I watch the news on TV, so I googled "good news Feb 2011" and found your website! Thank you! There is so much good in the world. That is what I want to know about, talk about and share... Good things, good news,

—M.M. Hermosa Beach, CA
February 2011

‘Dear Arabic Global Good News Web Site Creators,
What a marvelous achievement!’

—Dr Michael Dillbeck and Dr Susan Levin Dillbeck
January 2011

‘GGN is the news site which I love most out of all the news sites I know, because its content perfectly fits to my likings and it is fulfilling my expectations, a site to receive carefully reviewed news selected in a way that allows one to enjoy and get informed instead of getting dirty and becoming somewhat inspired to throw the news out of the window (like it is with so many non-GGN news sites anywhere). - Thank you.’
—Joern Heydorn, Germany
January 2011

‘If people who go and enjoy the good news on this website had their brainwaves and blood chemistry measured before and after, it is likely we would have good proof that good news bring wellness. This wellness spreads from the individual to the surroundings and thus creates the basis for more
good news.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi taught "what we give our attention will blossom." So let us all give attention to all the good happening in the world and the world will more quickly become a heavenly place to be.

Happy New Year to everyone and peace in the world.’

—Ditte Markmann, Denmark
January 2011

‘In this age where the media is bombarding the people with the dark side of life, Global Good News is like a bright star in this darkness bringing hope and happiness to the heart by emphasizing on the events that indicate the rise of higher consciousness and awareness in the world. Thank you so much for your share in Enlightening the world.’
December 2010

‘I visit the Global Good News website every day and find it an invaluable resource.’
—M.C. The Netherlands
December 2010

‘Thank you for setting the trend for reporting on news of progress and positive trends in the world. Global Good News is where I go to get news that is uplifting and inspiring. I especially love reading about new innovations in sustainability and alternative energy being developed around the world. It's great to have a news source that tracks the rise of collective consciousness towards more positivity and harmony and delivers knowledge of practical technologies for accelerating this growth.’
—J. B. Asheville, NC
December 2010

‘I love going into the MUSIC MALL. You can get a sneak preview of all the beautiful songs and albums created by the most talented musicians of our TM Organization. It might be worth taking a peek for the Holiday Season - would make wonderful gifts!’
December 2010

‘I deeply appreciate that Global Good News is news from around the world, plus it offers enlightenment to the individual and invincibility to every nation --time tested, ancient Vedic programmes verified by modern science -- it is the gate to Heaven on Earth .... join in and play your part.’
—Christa Gabanyi, Germany
December 2010

‘GGN represents news of the positive transformation that is occurring our world. How refreshing it is to be uplifted by good news rather than discouraged by the negativity and drama that dominates press reporting. Thank you for giving us news that supports life and gives us hope for the world.
—G.C., Iowa, USA
December 2010


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