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Maharishi University of Management art students win scholarships to top graduate schools
9 June 2019 - Three recent graduates of Maharishi University of Management's MA in Studio Art are all starting highly ranked MFA (Master of Fine Arts) programmes this fall. All received full tuition assistance - including a full tuition scholarship to attend Yale - and two have living expenses covered. Genevra Bell received a fellowship to study studio art at the University of California, Davis. Genevra praised her MUM professors, the MA programme, and the contribution of the Transcendental Meditation technique to her success. 'Coming to the studio clearheaded is essential for my ability to be productive. My TM practice is a critical tool for clearing out the stress and letting me get to work.' (more)

On the front lines: Social worker recommends Transcendental Meditation for burnout, compassion fatigue
5 June 2019 - The profession of social work loses many of its most dedicated workers to burnout. Social worker Katherine Steen has long experience with children and teens in Texas, Seattle, and Iowa. The work is rewarding, but the 'long hours, managing caseloads, and the emotional toll - your standard social work trifecta' are the most difficult aspects, she says. Practising Transcendental Meditation since last fall, Katherine finds the technique 'gives me resilience: the mental, emotional, and physical recovery in-between shifts that is so necessary.' TM is a 'game changer .... I'm learning to love social work all over again, but as if for the first time. TM has given me the ability to love my clients more deeply, while still detaching from the everyday chaos.' (more)

How to prioritize your meditation practice? Choose one you enjoy doing
1 June 2019 - Modern life is demanding and stressful, and in many ways meditation is the perfect antidote. But having the intention to meditate is one thing, establishing and maintaining a regular practice is another thing entirely. How to help prioritize your meditation practice? For starters, choose one that you enjoy doing. A common misunderstanding is that all meditation techniques are the same. In reality, 'meditation' is a generic term. Different techniques involve unique instructions, have their own goals, and produce a wide array of outcomes. The Transcendental Meditation technique is a simple technique that's easy to learn, and truly enjoyable to practice. It allows your active mind to naturally settle inward, without any effort, until you experience the most silent level of your own awareness. (more)

Manifest Your Great Ideas: Maharishi University of Management hosts next 'Changemakers' event 8 June
28 May 2019 - Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa, USA, is hosting a new 'Changemakers' event on 8 June, presented by MUM and the David Lynch Foundation. The theme is How to Manifest Your Great Ideas. In the morning session, 'Becoming a Transformative Entrepreneur', three cutting-edge speakers - business, artist, and social entrepreneurs - explore the keys to transforming a great idea into entrepreneurial success. In MUM's B.A. in Business: Specialization in Creative Entrepreneurship - students learn from successful business mentors and develop the knowledge, training, and skills to get their ventures started, and learn the Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique as a tool for better mind performance. (more)

Transcendental Meditation offers relief to emotional teenagers
24 May 2019 - A spike in teenage depression underscores that more and more teens today need serious help dealing with the intense emotional pressures of their daily lives. 'How can we help?' asks health writer Linda Egenes. 'The answer lies deep inside your child's brain.' Transcendental Meditation reduces activity in the amygdala, which is active when the body senses danger - which a teen may perceive in the lunchroom, on the school bus, or on social media. EEG readings show that during TM brainwaves become more orderly, moving in phase with each other, which is called EEG coherence. The technique is easy, the mind feels charmed by the experience and quickly becomes more settled. Research shows that TM has a positive effect on grades and family relationships, and alleviates anxiety and depression. (more)

Maharishi Vastu home 'provides a stable base for feeling happiness everywhere I go'
20 May 2019 - The beauty and grace of a Mid-Century Modern home on the prairie in southeast Iowa is featured in the current newsletter of Maharishi Vastu Architecture. Architect Jon Lipman, an expert in Vastu principles of design in harmony with natural law, commented that the owner was a dream client with great taste and clear vision. Her artistic attention to detail includes works by local artisans and family members, and a lofty central great room with clerestory windows that provide a rich play of light day and night - turning the house into 'moving art'. 'I feel protected in this house. It provides a stable base for feeling happiness everywhere I go,' the owner says. She urges anyone considering building to explore Maharishi Vastu: 'It makes a 100 per cent difference.' (more)

Meditate and create! Transcendental Meditation at the David Lynch Film School
16 May 2019 - 'The creative advice I've received from my mentors, instructors and David Lynch alone [on] my work is nothing short of pure gold,' writes Jesse Valencia, about the MFA in Screenwriting offered by the David Lynch Graduate School of Cinematic Arts at Maharishi University of Management. He also gives great credit to Transcendental Meditation, practised by all MUM students: 'TM and its benefits have changed my entire perspective on art and creativity.... Meditation frees the mind of restrictions and constraints so that ideas can flow like a flood instead of a trickle.... After I learned TM, my writing, my art, and my music all became richer, and creating brought me so much more happiness.' (more)

The healthy brain solution to preventing and reversing memoryloss: 7 key ways to sharpen your memory
12 May 2019 - Do you ever worry about blanking out on a word or name? Nancy Lonsdorf, MD, renowned expert in the integrative health system of Maharishi AyurVeda, describes cutting-edge research on Alzheimer's disease, and a multifaceted breakthrough for maintaining brain health combining the best of ancient and modern approaches for a resilientmind. These include establishing 'a healthy diet, good sleep, balanced blood sugar, normal blood flow, exercise, and less stress' - and a key component, Transcendental Meditation. 'Results include improved ability to recall daily events, restoration of lost memories, happier mood, more social interaction', and regained abilities to enjoy the gym, shop for groceries, and remember people's names and faces 'all critical abilities whose restoration is tremendously heartening'. (more)

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