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Oprah, Ray Dalio and Lady Gaga swear by Transcendental Meditation - CNBC reports
16 January 2020 - CNBC reports that 'Meditation is certainly having a moment. . . . But there's a specific type of meditation that's been getting a lot of buzz from high-profile individuals: Transcendental Meditation.' At Oprah's 2020 Vision Your Life In Focus Tour in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, earlier this month, Lady Gaga and Oprah Winfrey spoke about mental health, including their shared love of TM. Bridgewater Associates hedge fund founder, billionaire Ray Dalio has called Transcendental Meditation probably 'the single most important reason for whatever success I've had'. It 'has enhanced my open-mindedness, higher-level perspective, equanimity and creativity,' he wrote in his book Principles. Dalio and Winfrey have also offered TM courses to their employees. (more)

Nepal: 6th International Ayurveda Congress announced in Kathmandu - October 2020
10 January 2020 - The Sixth International Ayurveda Congress will take place 1-4 October 2020 in Kathmandu, Nepal. Nepal has a centuries-long, rich history of Ayurveda; to this day it is recognised as a core part of the culture. The Congress will be a forum for international leading experts and professionals interested in Ayurveda, to expand their scope of knowledge - through workshops on medical, herbal, pharma, engineering and science of Ayurveda; and discussion of topics on ideal health, prevention of chronic disorders, and natural approaches to the reversal of ageing. Special emphasis will be placed on exchanging ideas to increase acceptance and application of Ayurvedic methods all over the globe. The Congress is organized by the All-India Ayurvedic Congress and International Academy of Ayurved in India, and the International Maharishi AyurVeda Foundation, Netherlands, supported by the Nepal Maharishi Vedic Foundation. (more)

'My only regret is that I didn't find this practice twenty years ago'
5 January 2020 - 'All of the data and studies supporting Transcendental Meditation as a powerful tool for self-healing were very intriguing to me,' reports a corporate technology executive in California. 'I couldn't believe such a small modification to my day could create such an amazing result .... Just a month after beginning my twice-a-day practice, I've noticed a significant change in myself. My brain is ultra-creative, I'm a lot calmer than I've ever been in my entire life, and all the non-stop spinning and noise that used to plague me has been replaced with an inner stillness and appreciation for myself.... For the first time in a very long time, I feel at peace, and the future is very, very bright.' (more)

New Year's resolutions 101: Transcendental Meditation is your best self-care strategy
1 January 2020 - About 45 per cent of Americans say they make New Year's resolutions, but fewer than 10 per cent fulfil their goals. Why is it so difficult to live up to our resolutions? Probably it's because - if they were easy and realistic - we would have accomplished them already. Self-care strategies amount to the majority of resolutions. Practising Transcendental Meditation measurably improves health and balance in the mind, body, and emotions. Decades of scientific validation show benefits from the TM practice that support the successful attainment of many of our resolutions. With TM you can welcome the new year with confidence. Meditate, put your best foot forward and enjoy. (more)

TM prevents abnormal enlargement of the heart, reduces chronic heart failure - new study published
28 December 2019 - A randomized controlled study recently published in Ethnicity and Disease in their Autumn 2019 Hypertension issue found that the Transcendental Meditation technique helps to prevent abnormal enlargement of the heart compared to health education controls. Also known as left ventricular hypertrophy (LVH), it can lead to chronic heart failure and death, and is especially prevalent among African Americans. This trial tested the effects of stress-reducing TM to prevent LVH in this high-risk population. After six months, the control group showed nearly 10% progression of abnormal heart enlargement while the TM group maintained their baseline level of heart size. The findings suggest that TM practice is an effective nondrug method for preventing heart enlargement in African American hypertensives who are especially at high risk of developing associated cardiovascular disease. (more)

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's comments to the press - Christmas, 2002
25 December 2019 - Maharishi Mahesh Yogi replies to a question from the world press on the Vedic nature of Christ's words, 'Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven and all else will be added unto you.' - 25 December 2002, MERU, Netherlands. (more)

Maharishi International University graduate is CEO of billion-dollar gaming company
20 December 2019 - Andy Zhong, a graduate of the MS in Computer Science programme at Maharishi International University, began his career at Bell Laboratories in 2005. He says MIU ComPro was very helpful in landing him a job at a top Silicon Valley company, as engineering director and lead product manager developing popular Facebook games. Andy later became co-founder and CEO of the billion-dollar gaming company FunPlus, which has created such games as Facebook's Family Farm and Happy Acres, and launched bestselling multiplayer mobile strategy games. 'Transcendental Meditation has become a powerful tool to help me become more focused and live in the present,' he says. 'It also gives me the ability to inquire deeply and guide my curiosity to explore.' (more)

New research on Transcendental Meditation and PTSD gives hope to female veterans: 'I feel at peace with myself'
15 December 2019 - Studies have shown the effects of Transcendental Meditation in reducing PTSD symptoms, including decreased stress, substance abuse, depression, and anxiety. Now important new research published in Lancet Psychology has found TM comparable in reducing PTSD and depression to Prolonged Exposure - a 'gold-standard' trauma-focused therapy widely used in the US Veterans Administration healthcare system. US army veteran Fei Fei Chen served in a combat zone with a military police unit, facing 'a heavy level of contact', then struggled with severe PTSD for 10 years. From her first week practising TM, however, 'I felt a calming in my anxiety level .... I become so calm and centred and that stays with me when I interact with people throughout the day. Nothing really stresses me out .... I feel at peace with myself.' (more)

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