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The Transcendental Meditation Program for Advocates: 'TM is a tool for life'
15 October 2021 - An advocate's role is to promote the health, safety, and rights of patients and clients, providing holistic and empathetic care. But advocates can face huge challenges every day and are themselves at high risk for stress-related disease, compassion fatigue, secondary traumatic stress, hopelessness and burnout. Research has shown that all the qualities needed by a patient advocate are improved by the simple practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique,which reduces stress and improves mental acuity,psychological balance, physical health, and resilience. 'I now have the tool I need to diffuse the stress, reenergize daily and stay calm in the continuous storms experienced in work that we do,' one advocate says. 'TM is a tool for life.' (more)

Maharishi International University alumna is a writer, producer, director
7 October 2021 - After reading film director David Lynch's book Catching the Big Fish, Jennifer Kachler learned the Transcendental Meditation technique, and went on to enrol in the David Lynch MFA in Film programme at Maharishi International University. Meeting Lynch and receiving his advice on her work were highlights of her year. Since graduating Jennifer has directed and produced an impressive list of commercials, short films, and documentaries in New York. Creating content in a fast-paced, demanding environment can be stressful, but her TM practice helps her stay calm. 'I meditate every day and it helps me tremendously,' she said. 'I can't imagine what life would be like without it.' (more)

Harvard Business School: ''The Neuroscience of Transcendence'' with Tony Nader, MD, PhD, MARR - Weds, 29 Sept.
27 September 2021 - In this webinar, hosted by Harvard Business School Association, Dr. Tony Nader, a Harvard- and MIT-trained medical doctor and neuroscientist, and author of One Unbounded Ocean of Consciousness, will discuss how accessing the field of stillness within the mind is the key to improving brain functioning and promoting peak performance. He will present neurophysiological research on the Transcendental Meditation technique and its impact on optimizing brain and cognitive functioning; reducing stress, anxiety, and heart disease; and improving health and resilience. (more)

Can a Maharishi Vastu home be built with log construction? Live webinar 21 and 23 September
20 September 2021 - Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a Vastu home built with logs? Join several experienced Maharishi Vastu architects and homeowners as they present their experiences with log construction in this new live webinar.As always, the presentation will end with a Q & A session. Replays will be available. (more)

How Transcendental Meditation helped me become a writer: Norman Rosenthal, MD
15 August 2021 - After world-renowned psychiatrist and researcher Norman Rosenthal, MD, resumed his Transcendental Meditation practice after many years, he also started writing books again. 'My debt to the TM technique in helping me write these books did not escape my attention,' he says. 'I realized that it was a result of the subtle process by which experiences that occur during meditation gently enter our ordinary consciousness.' A series of bestsellers including Transcendance and Super Mind followed, reflecting his experiences with TM and positive effects he saw developing in his daily life and in meditating patients. A lifelong poetry lover, Rosenthal says, 'It was only by virtue of my continued TM practice that I was able to pull together the elements necessary to write Poetry Rx: How 50 Inspiring Poems Can Heal and Bring Joy to Your Life.' The book's launch in April was featured in major news media including The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, NBC, ABC, and PBS. (more)

Starts tomorrow - International Symposium on the Role of Consciousness in Solving the World's Problems: Making Life Work for Everyone - 2530 July
24 July 2021 - Maharishi International University announces the first International Symposium on the Role of Consciousness in Solving the World's Problems: Making Life Work for Everyone, 25-30 July. Today, when the world is facing so many critical problems, it is timely and vital to consider the primary role of consciousness in providing practical and profound solutions to the most important issues in our fields, and to bring these solutions to the world's leaders. The symposium will be conducted by Tony Nader, M.D., Ph.D., M.A.R.R., head of the international Transcendental Meditation organizations, foremost expert in the science of consciousness, and author of the new book One Unbounded Ocean of Consciousness: Simple Answers to Life's Big Questions. (more)

Champion of human rights: An Interview with Lena Alhusseini
19 July 2021 - Lena Alhusseini works in the field of human rights and accountability. With an outstanding record of professional commitment to serving populations in need, Lena has been director of Oregon's child welfare programme as well as executive director of the Arab-American Family Support Center where she focused on helping domestic violence survivors in the New York City area. She has worked with USAID, UNICEF, and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Having learned Transcendental Meditation in 2010, 'I have come to depend on the TM technique in my daily life,' Lena says. 'I feel healed, sustained and re-energized after each meditation. I also seem to have focus, and to be able to find solutions to challenges almost intuitively after my meditation.' (more)

Build a Tiny House in Harmony with Nature: New webinar from Maharishi Vastu architecture, 20 and 22 July
14 July 2021 - Will the tiny house concept work for you? How do the elements of Maharishi Vastu architecture work in a small structure? Explore these and other topics related to the popular building trend for Tiny Homes in the next live webinar offered by Maharishi Vastu architecture, 20 and 22 July. Pros and cons will be discussed by Maharishi Vastu architects Jon Lipman, AIA, US, and Wojtek Skalski, Europe. Joining them to describe their experiences will be several tiny house homeowners. The presentation will end with a Q & A session. (more)

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