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The experience of the inner reality of life
by Linda Egenes

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20 June 2012

The Excellence in Action page of Global Good News is featuring this article with colourful photos.

Please click on the following link to read more about 'The experience of the inner reality of life'.

Linda Egenes continues her recent in-depth interview with Dr Craig Pearson, Executive Vice-President of Maharishi University of Management and author of the forthcoming book, The Supreme Awakening: Experiences of Higher States of Consciousness—Cultivating the Infinite Potential Within.

See Part I of this article, 'Enlightenment - the ultimate development of human potential'.

Enlightenment Magazine: You have researched how individuals from different historical epochs and different parts of the world have shared the same experience [of enlightenment]. Can you talk about that?

Dr. Pearson:
In traditions throughout time we find remarkably similar descriptions of this extraordinary experience of human life lived to its fullest—in the writings of great philosophers, religious figures, artists, scientists, and writers, as well as in the great religious traditions of the world. The terminology may vary from tradition to tradition and age to age. But when you have the clear and precise description of enlightenment provided by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, it becomes easy to appreciate what these people are talking about.

Enlightenment: So the experience [of enlightenment] is universal?

Dr. Pearson:
Yes. And the recognition that many have shared this experience throughout history is not new either. Some scholars have called it the perennial philosophy or the primordial tradition. The perennial philosophy holds that although various spiritual and philosophical traditions appear different on the surface, at their core all traditions share common, universal principles.

Enlightenment:What are these universal principals?

Dr. Pearson:
The perennial philosophy has three basic tenets: (1) Underlying the diversity of the world is a field of unity. (2) We can subjectively experience this field of unity deep within us. (3) The purpose of life is ultimately to experience and live this inner, divine reality of life.

This inner field goes by different names. Laozi called it the Tao. Plato called it the Good, the One, and the Beautiful. Aristotle called it Being. The Greek-Roman philosopher Plotinus called it the Infinite. In Judaism it is called Ein Sof, in Christianity the kingdom of heaven within. In more modern times, Ralph Waldo Emerson called it the Oversoul.

These different names are not referring to mere philosophical or spiritual ideals. They point to the inner reality of life—a reality that can be experienced directly and, when experienced, brings fulfillment beyond words.

Enlightenment: How does Maharishi Mahesh Yogi talk about this inner field?

Dr. Pearson:
Maharishi characterizes it as an unbounded field of pure consciousness, an all-pervading ocean of creativity, intelligence, and bliss, beyond space and time. Maharishi asserts, moreover, that this field of pure consciousness is identical with the unified field of natural law that modern physics describes mathematically. Thus the inner field that gives rise to all our thoughts and feelings is the same field that gives rise to the entire universe.

Enjoy reading the full text of this part of the interview on the Excellence in Action page, in which Dr Pearson goes on to explain how everyone has the natural ability to experience this field through transcending—an experience that brings 'fulfilment beyond words'.

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