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All the dynamism of Natural Law in the universe emerges from the silent field of unity
by Global Good News staff writer

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6 October 2011

On Victory Day, 6 October, Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam, honoured by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi as first ruler of the Global Country of World Peace, continued his address about the invincible character of total Natural Law, found in its unified state in the infinite field of pure existence, the Unified Field, which can be experienced directly in human life in the silence of one's own self-referral consciousness.

Please see Part I and Part II of this article.

'This we have available to us in the most abstract pure form, in the pure Being, the Self,' Maharaja said, 'which is the origin of all the forces that start to become fields, and forces, and matter, and then combine to create the multiplicity of creation. That is one level of supreme knowledge, knowledge of everything from the most abstract level of its existence.

'This term ''knowledge'', however, means to know something. So what do we know? We know the Self, we know ourselves, we know pure Being, because it's pure, self-referral, infinite silence. But as it knows itself, this dynamics of knowing something, even though it's one's own Self, creates that sense of a seer and a seen, an object and a subject, an observer and an observed.

'This is how the dynamics of exchange in terms of knowing—which is really ultimately pure consciousness becoming conscious—starts expanding in the entire universe. And it does that based on its own essential nature: its own essential nature of silence, and its own essential nature of dynamism.

'But when we speak of dynamism, we again go back to the necessity to have some kind of law, some kind of rule that determines what happens between one observation and another, one reality and another.

'When you look at something, you're looking at something in a special way—what does it do to you as a seer, what does it do to that thing as an object? How do these events interact and create the multiplicity of creation? These are the laws of nature, that's what we call the laws: the laws, the system, the rule, the basic organizing intelligence that structures what is going to come and how it's going to come.

'Because there could be no universe, and no structure that is ever created, or is ever stable, or ever able to interact—if there are no laws, no structures to the interactions and the behaviour of one point going into the other.

'Therefore these laws are available in the Unified Field, which is the self-referral pure level of Being. These laws have a dynamic interaction, dynamic relationship one with the other.

'As they emerge from that unmanifest state, they manifest ultimately in the whole creation; but on the subtle level of their existence, first they are unmanifest, absolutely unmanifest, and then they take a shape. The shape can be a visual shape if you like—but the first shape, the first structure of these laws, is on a sound level, on a vibration level. Vibration itself becomes sound, and this is how sound becomes the Vedic sound. That sound is the Vedic sound.

'So when we say supreme knowledge is available in the Veda, that is really availability of Total Knowledge on the level of the structure of the Veda.

'There is no way any literature in the world, on the surface level, can describe all the laws of nature and their interactions on the surface level—in the multitude of conditions, cultures, and systems of life, and weather, and people, and stages in one's own evolution and stages in one's own life. There is no way. It's so infinitely dynamically changing and interacting and varying.

'But as you go deeper and deeper in Natural Law, you start to see that there are four forces, and now there are four fields, and there are two fields, and now unifying everything—that everything is actually one reality. So we can describe it with one reality.'

Global Good News will continue to feature the address of Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam on Victory Day. Maharaja devoted a substantial portion of the latter part of his address to presenting his new book, Ramayana in Human Physiology, which has recently been completed. He gave a profound discussion of the knowledge contained in the book, which gives a complete and detailed understanding of how the knowledge of total Natural Law and ideal administration described in the Ramayana, part of the Itihas aspect of the Vedic literature, is expressed in all the structures and functions of the human physiology.

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