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Lebanon: Rising to be a lighthouse of coherence and peace for the Middle East
by Global Good New staff writer

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26 January 2011

Establishing and maintaining large, permanent coherence-creating groups of meditators in Lebanon has been recognized as a top goal of the organizations offering programmes of the Global Country of World Peace in the nation.

The purpose of these groups is to practise Transcendental Meditation and the advanced Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Programme, including Yogic Flying, together twice daily—to promote a sustained, powerful influence of peace and harmony in national consciousness.

This will also fulfil Lebanon's responsibility of leadership as a 'lighthouse of coherence', creating invincible peace, prosperity, stability, and progress throughout the Middle East, said Dr Lucien Mansour, Administrator of Lebanon for the Global Country, during a national videoconference on 26 January. He was addressing the National Directors, Teachers, and practitioners from throughout Lebanon of the programmes of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

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Speaking from the International Capital of the Global Country of World Peace in MERU, Holland, Dr Mansour devoted the conclusion of his eloquent address to this high priority.

Referring to reports in world news media about developments in Lebanon and the Middle East in recent weeks and months, Dr Mansour encouraged taking immediate steps to increase the number of participants who are already practising Transcendental Meditation and Yogic Flying together.

He called attention to the success of this programme in other countries including the United States, where a large coherence-creating group of about 2,000 Yogic Flyers—the Invincible America Assembly—has been in existence since 2006. He presented statistics from the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), reported recently by Dr John Hagelin, Administrator of the Transcendental Meditation Programme in the US, which showed that:
∙ in the whole USA, violent crime is at its lowest since 1973;
∙ in New York, criminality is down 80%;
∙ Chicago has seen its lowest murder rate since 1965.
Noting the description of this trend by criminologists as 'baffling', Dr Mansour said that the increased coherence and decreased negative trends in American collective consciousness due to this group are an inspiration to create a similar effect in Lebanon.

He also mentioned effects of rising coherence in other countries: for example, in Holland eight prisons have been closed for lack of prisoners; and Germany has lowered its defence budget by 80%.

These results described by Dr Mansour are supported by a growing body of scientific research—more than 50 demonstrations and 23 scientific studies, including studies done in the Middle East—documenting the effects of such groups in producing decreased crime, social violence, terrorism, and war, and increased positive, peaceful tendencies in communities and whole nations.

One important experimental test was conducted during the peak of the Lebanon war. A day-by-day study* of a two-month assembly in Israel in 1983 showed that, on days when the number of participants practising these technologies of consciousness together was high, war deaths in neighbouring Lebanon dropped by 76%. In addition, an index of crime, traffic accidents, fires, and other indicators of social stress in Israel all correlated strongly with changes in the size of the TM group.

During the conference in Lebanon, Dr Mansour quoted an expression from the ancient Vedic Literature that expresses this phenomenon, now established as a scientific reality: Tat sannidhau vairatyagah*—'In the vicinity of coherence (Yoga—Transcendental Consciousness), hostile tendencies are eliminated.'

Research is also being conducted, he said, on the effects of this programme on natural catastrophes such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and weather changes.

'Our group programme is our tool, our instrument, our weapon to destroy negativity, disharmony, governmental instability, criminality, poverty—to prevent wars, natural catastrophes, illnesses . . . . to bring invincibility to our country,' he said.

Praising the great creativity and dynamism of all the Transcendental Meditation Teachers in Lebanon, Dr Mansour charged them with the responsibility to realize this initiative—suggesting, for example, coordinating group Yogic Flying at the same time each day, at the various Maharishi Invincibility Centres***; and all the Yogic Flyers meeting together in one centre on weekends.

Dr Mansour emphasized 'the power of good that is ours when we practise Yogic Flying in a group. We have that knowledge, we have all the proof that it works.' He gave recognition to everyone's deep desires for national harmony and stability, and for success in every endeavour to create invincible, permanent peace and progress in Lebanon through programmes to improve every area of life, including education, health, defence, architecture, etc. Group practice of Maharishi's technologies is 'the most essential element', the basis all of these initiatives, he said.

'Lebanon stands as the lighthouse of the Middle East,' he said. Through its dedicated Transcendental Meditation Teachers, seeds of knowledge of total Natural Law are being planted in every country in the Middle East. 'The achievements of 2010 are an indication that Lebanon is rising up to this noble role.'

* Journal of Conflict Resolution 32: 776-812, 1988

** Yoga-Sutra 2.35

*** Maharishi Invincibility Centres in major cities around the world offer the knowledge and programmes of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, including the Transcendental Meditation Programme, to promote enlightenment for every individual and invincibility for every nation through development of full potential in every area of life.

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