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Collective consciousness and the importance of unity in diversity: Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam
by Global Good News staff writer

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25 July 2010

During his address to the global Guru Purnima celebration on 25 July, Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam, First Ruler of the Global Country of World Peace, continued to express his concern about the information explosion occurring through the Internet and other means of fast communication. The collective consciousness formed by different individuals coming together has a specific quality, and decisions are made based on information received. If the information overload has any style of direction that is not in accordance with Natural Law, then the whole system is in danger. What is needed is unity in diversity, Maharaja said.

Maharaja used the example of human neurons. Human consciousness, from the physical perspective, he explained, is connected with the functioning of the neurons and the brain. Neurons are completely independent entities, 'but they interact with each other and they exchange information', he said. 'Based on the type of information exchange, and the way this information happens,' a certain level of awareness, a certain level of consciousness, is produced. Maharaja referred to the principle brought to light by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, that different levels of consciousness have a different physiology. 'There are different physiological states,' he said.

'The way neurons fire and interact with each other allows the individual to have a certain perception of reality and a certain level of consciousness, which shapes behaviour, desire, and decision-making processes,' Maharaja said.

Maharaja pointed out how this relates to society—which is 'the result of individuals coming together and exchanging information, expectations, and desires; and therefore can be like neurons in the brain, creating a body which is one specific society, with a specific collective consciousness' that has its own quality.

Maharaja also gave an example of how this occurs in nature, in a very special species that lives in the rainforest, the army ant. When a large number of these ants work together, they become 'an individual', like one body that has its own autoregulation. Based on the way they group together, through a very complex system, Maharaja said, 'they can move hundreds of metres in the rain forest, with all the complications, in a very precise way towards specific goals.' They have an extremely well-organized internal structure, which gives each individual a very specific function. 'It's very, very complex,' Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam continued, 'and they even use light and pheromones to exchange information. They make one body, which is very profound; an unbelievably intelligent structure that is nothing to do with individual ants.

'What does it mean?' Maharaja asked. The information the ants receive 'shapes their behaviour; it shapes the decision making of this whole colony—how it moves, how it lives, and how it can survive,' he said.

'Truly, when Maharishi speaks of collective consciousness, it's a true reality,' Maharaja continued. 'The leadership of a nation is guided by the collective consciousness of the nation. It is truly a reflection of the collective consciousness of a nation. When there are many nations, you have many collective consciousnesses, and therefore potential for many conflicts, as we know in the world.

'Now that the world is coming together', Maharaja said, 'obviously it's a good thing . . . as if the body has expanded, and nations are starting to realize, if I'm friendly with the other nation, it's better than to be non-friendly with the other nation—we can merge together our common interests and come to a very peaceful and powerful global understanding.

'What about globalization, which means the whole world coming together? It sounds wonderful.' However, if globalization is on the basis of the information that is being exchanged, and the flood of information which can be a good thing, Maharaja pointed out—'but if this information overload has any style of direction that is not in accordance with Natural Law, then the whole system is in danger,' he said—in the same way that globalization on the level of finance and economy means that anyone making 'a big mistake somewhere can collapse the entire system.

'Therefore what is needed is, as Maharishi always said, unity in diversity'. . . . Maharaja pointed out that Maharishi has always emphasized different languages, different traditions, different cultures, while 'all our goal is unity, unity, unity'—through all the knowledge and programmes Maharishi brought out in every field of life, to bring the collective consciousness of the world in accord with total Natural Law.

In the continuation of his address, Maharaja spoke further about the nature of unity and diversity, which Global Good News will feature in the coming days.

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