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Global Assembly in MERU, Holland: Highlights of Maharishi's historic Guru Purnima address, July 1988
by Global Good News staff writer

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8 July 2009

The annual global celebrations of Guru Purnima—celebrating the eternal Vedic Tradition of knowledge—continued in MERU, Holland, International Capital of the Global Country of World Peace.

In the afternoon session of Day 3 (6 July 2009), following the global Puja*, the Assembly enjoyed videotapes of two historic Guru Purnima addresses by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, followed by a review by Dr Bevan Morris, Prime Minister of the Global Country of World Peace.

Please also see the summary of the 6 July Guru Purnima afternoon session in MERU.

Dr Morris began by reviewing the first historic video: 'This tape was from Guru Purnima in 1988, in the Second Year of World Peace, when Maharishi was inaugurating his Master Plan to Create Heaven on Earth. Maharishi explained at that moment, that what he had been doing through all of the 30 years, was each year offering to Guru Dev* different parts of Vedic wisdom and its application in the world.

'But now in that year—he was celebrating in Maharishi Nagar in India—he was offering the holistic value of all those achievements put together, which he called his ''Master Plan to Create Heaven on Earth''. And he explained that this Master Plan was actually the Master Plan of the Cosmic Mind itself—the same Master Plan which had enthroned Guru Dev as the Shankaracharya of India.

' ''And this Master Plan now coming up,'' Maharishi said, ''this we are offering to Guru Dev.'' Maharishi gave the quote Twadiyam vastu Govinda Tubhyam eva samarpaye,' Dr Morris said.

He continued, 'Maharishi explained that actually, we had already been, up to that point [in 1988], the great experts in the inner glorification of life—for example in the rising experience of 24 hours of bliss. But the Master Plan required both inner glorification and outer glorification of life. Inner glorification: higher states of consciousness; and outer glorification: the elimination of poverty, disease, crime, and pollution. Rebuild the villages of the world—especially the poorest rural villages—so that they are beautiful with flowers and fountains, gardens, schools, good housing, even hospitals, though they would be empty because of the lack of disease. And apply the same principles to surround the polluted cities and make them also ideal in just the same way.

'Maharishi explained that actually Heaven and earth are structured and run by the same Laws of Nature. But what has been lacking is human planning—''Human planning has been a black hole. The result has been the loss of connection between Heaven and earth.'' But now what is possible, what is happening, is the restoration of that liveliness of the connection between Heaven and earth, and this through the Holy Tradition of Masters, who belong to everyone—who are in the consciousness of everyone in the world.

'So Maharishi explained that in this Master Plan to Create Heaven on Earth, the outer glorification would use all the modern scientific technologies, including technologies in energy, transportation, and so forth. But what we bring as well is the Vedic wisdom. Vedic wisdom means that in the self-referral consciousness of everyone is the Veda: the totality of Natural Law. What is required now is that everyone should live Veda, and then the orderliness and set structure of the Veda in the transcendental field would become apparent on the outer level of daily living. Thus it would come from Para, the transcendental level, to the Pashyanti (level of intuition–intellect), to the Madhyama (thinking level–mind), and to the Baikhari level (speech)—every level—the total orderliness and creativity of the Veda itself being lived in the daily life and in the glorification of the outer life of everyone.

'So this is our duty, Maharishi said, to implement this Master Plan. ''The Master Plan is already there—Nature is ready for that. Nature just needs a channel to implement that, and we are that channel.''

'Maharishi explained also,' Dr Morris continued, 'that all this could be done with ''minus wealth, and minus money''. It seemed that there were two meanings of this: one was that the transcendental field, in which the Veda is ever lively, is the field of all possibilities—that is the Self, that does not have to be earned, that is there. So that is the inner wealth that can create anything.

'And on the practical level, Maharishi explained, so many poor nations have debts—international debts—that the banks realize they cannot pay and are willing to forgive. So in their willingness to forgive in terms of the local currency—the local currency could then be used for all this reconstruction of the rural villages and everything in national life. So this should be not only that Heaven on Earth is lived in this generation, but in every generation, Maharishi said.

'So he felt he could say to Guru Dev on that Guru Purnima day in 1988: ''We have used the knowledge you gave us well, and we will use it to create Heaven on Earth.'' He also mentioned that anyone who participated in this programme would become wealthy in their own right,' Dr Morris said.

'This was Maharishi's beautiful message of Guru Purnima in 1988, in terms of his Master Plan to Create Heaven on Earth—the holistic offering back to Guru Dev of all the achievements of the first 30 years of his worldwide activity of implementing total Vedic wisdom that Guru Dev bestowed upon him.'

* Maharishi's Master, Guru Dev, His Divinity Brahmanand Saraswati, Jagatguru Shankaracharya of Jyotir Math, Himalayas. Puja is a Vedic ceremony of gratitude.

Global Good News will feature in the coming days Dr Bevan Morris's review of the second historic video played on Day 3 of the global Assembly in MERU: Maharishi's historic address from Guru Purnima 1976.

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