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National Maharishi Yagya performances to enliven total Natural Law for each nation

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26 April 2009

Starting from the Day of Lasting Achievements, Day of Akshaya Tritiya, April 27, 2009

Starting on the Day of Lasting Achievements a series of Maharishi Yagya performances will begin in India to help bring peace, prosperity, health, and happiness to all countries. Maharishi Yagya performances for each nation will enliven the infinite organizing power of Natural Law to bring its full support and nourishment to every country. Maharishi Yagya performances for each nation may be done to achieve the following purposes:

1 Creating coherence in the national consciousness of the nation
2 Creating affluence for the nation
3 Creating invincibility for the nation
4 Radiating harmony and nourishing influences from the nation to every other nation in the world
5 Promoting peace and harmony in the nation
6 Eliminating negativity and disharmony in the nation
7 Creating Heaven on Earth in the nation
8 Creating peace and prosperity in the nation
9 Establishing Consciousness-Based Education in the nation
10 Creating an ideal system of health in the nation
11 Promoting Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture in the nation
12 Promoting buildings according to Maharishi Vedic Architecture in the nation
13 Creating a fulfilling economy for the nation
14 Establishing an ideal system of
defense for the nation
15 Establishing Total Knowledge based science and technology for the nation
16 Establishing a frictionless communication system in the nation
17 Establishing an ideal system of administration in the nation
18 Creating religious harmony and cultural integrity in the nation
19 Promoting law and order in the nation
20 Establishing an ideal system of finance and planning in the nation
21 Promoting perfect health, fulfilling wealth and infinite wisdom for all people of the nation
22 Fulfilling Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's desires for the nation

Maharishi Vedic Technology is required to solve worldwide crisis

The global collective consciousness is currently changing in a very significant way, which was predicted by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi as early as 1990. We are experiencing now that greed and selfishness, which were common in past times, are no longer accepted in the business world. Consciousness worldwide is changing to a more caring attitude and the insight is growing that wealth also has obligations attached to it. In the Vedic perspective all wealth belongs to Nature and an individual has control over it only for a limited time until it passes to someone else. The individual in control has the obligation to make use of his wealth in a way supportive for evolution.

The current crisis marks just one necessary phase on the way to a perfect society, a Vedic society. More transformations are coming in the future, bringing changes in global consciousness and in our way of life. To avert dangers for one's country and to make the transition as painless as possible, the responsible members of all countries are called upon to make use of the ancient Vedic technology of Maharishi Yagya performances. National Maharishi Yagya performances are part of the ancient Vedic technology to create peace and harmony in the world. Now is the time to participate in the efforts of Maharishi's worldwide organizations to save the world from the current crisis, for one's own personal benefit as well as for one's country.

The National Maharishi Yagya programme also contributes to realization of Maharishi's plan to enlighten all the countries in the world by establishing big groups of Maharishi Vedic Pandits in specific sensitive places in India.

Administering the world from the Capital of Global Raam Raj in the Brahmasthan of India

The Capital of Global Raam Raj, the central point from which the whole world is nourished, is situated at the Brahma-Sthan of India. A group of 16,000 Maharishi Vedic Pandits will ensure that the world will be administered by total Natural Law, the Constitution of the Universe, the Will of God, for all times to come. Through the Vedic performance of the Maharishi Yoga programme and the Maharishi Yagya performances for 192 countries, the Maharishi Vedic Pandits will produce an indomitable influence of peace everywhere. This group is at the basis of the silent administration of the Global Country of World Peace.

Spreading the silence of the Unified Field to the whole world from the 12 Jyotir Lingas and 48 Brahmananda Saraswati Nagars

In the physiology of the earth the 12 Jyotir Lingas are sensitive points which are connected with every part of India and from there with every country in the world. The silence of the Unified Field of total Natural Law, which is present in these 12 points, can be enlivened and channeled to every region on earth. This structure with the 12 Jyotir Lingas is intrinsic to the physiology of the earth and is not accidental. Maharishi must have had this structure in mind when he said that India alone can enlighten the whole world.

The silence of the Unified Field is radiated from the 12 Jyotir Lingas to 48 areas in India which form the 48 Brahmananda Saraswati Nagars. For this silence to be strong enough to administer the whole earth, it is necessary to establish groups of 1,500 Maharishi Vedic Pandits in the 48 Brahmananda Saraswati Nagars, which enhance the silence through their Maharishi Yagya performances and their Yogic Flying. The 192 countries outside of India are also each connected with the 12 Jyotir Lingas and the 48 Brahmananda Saraswati Nagars.

Invitation to participate in the National Maharishi Yagya programme

National Maharishi Yagya performances will enliven total Natural Law for each nation and nourish all individuals in the country. By participating in National Maharishi Yagya performances, one becomes the first beneficiary, a conscious instrument through which Natural Law brings nourishment and protection to the country.

Individuals are cordially invited to make use of this opportunity to harness the power of silence and the support of Natural Law for their country and become the instrument through which the effects of the Maharishi Yagya programme are channeled to their country.

(For further information, including how to contact the Maharishi Yagya Programme office serving your area, please visit: Maharishi Yagya Programme.)

©2009 Maharishi Yagya Programme

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