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Global Mother Divine Organization: Celebrating Navaratri - the Nine Days of Mother Divine, with World Peace Assemblies in every country

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21 September 2008

The Global Mother Divine Organization has structured a special Navaratri World Peace Assembly for ladies to be held during the Nine Days of Mother Divine—30 September to 9 October 2008.

Please also visit the full announcement:
Global Mother Divine Organization: Celebrating Navaratri.

Three course formats are available:

—An 11-day, in-residence World Peace Assembly (29 September-10 October)

—An in-residence weekend World Peace Assembly

—A centre one-day course for Meditators, Sidhas, and Governors*

The in-residence courses provide a unique opportunity for ladies to deepen and enrich their experiences through longer group practice of the Transcendental Meditation and Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Programme and to hear the special recitations from the Vedic Literature in celebration of Navaratri.

Navaratri means 'nine nights' because this Vedic festival spans nine nights, culminating on the tenth day, call Vijaya Dashami (Victory Day). The significance of Navaratri can be described in terms of the eightfold nature of Prakriti, constituting the Panch Maha-bhutas, the five gross elements in Nature—earth, water, fire, air, and space—and the three more subtle elements—mind, intellect, and ego. These eight Prakriti constitute the eightfold divided nature of Consciousness, or Intelligence, at the basis of the entire manifest creation.

The ninth aspect of Prakriti is called Para Prakriti—the transcendental basis of all the eight expressed values of Prakriti. This ninth value of Prakriti is the non-active, underlying value of all the eight expressed values in the nature of consciousness, or intelligence.

The nine days of Navaratri thus express the interplay of consciousness from Unity to diversity and diversity to Unity. The tenth day brings to light that the interplay takes place while ever remaining in the unified field of consciousness—the tenth quality. The nine qualities of consciousness—the eightfold expressed nature of consciousness (the eight Prakriti) and their unified, unexpressed nature (Para Prakriti) culminate in the tenth quality, which is the holistic sum of the total field of consciousness.

There is a Vedic Expression Dashamas Twamasi—'Thou art the tenth'. All these nine values of Prakriti are the nature of the ultimate field of Purusha, Purushottam—Totality, Brahm—the Tenth.

Therefore the tenth day of this annual celebration, known as Vijaya Dashmi Day—Victory Day—celebrates victory of all nine aspects of Prakriti in the realization of Purusha—Brahm—Totality—the ultimate, holistic, all-encompassing nature of the Self.

The traditional celebration of Navaratri not only promotes well-being, prosperity, peace, happiness, and bliss for the individual, but also enlivens these qualities in family, society, and nation as a whole.

This year Vijaya Dashmi Day—Victory Day—will also celebrate the Coronation of five Raj Rajeshwaris of the Global Country of World Peace—Mothers of the World from the Sovereign Domain of Consciousness. Course participants attending the longer World Peace Assembly will have the opportunity to enjoy the Coronation ceremony.

This special Navaratri World Peace Assembly will also include the following:

— An address by Maharishi on the theme of Navaratri

— Recitation of the Vedic Literature traditionally recited during Navaratri

— Readings relevant to the theme of the course

—A call from the Raj Rajeshwaris to discuss experiences with the course participants

To offer any of these courses in your country please contact the GMDO Director for your country at

A Tradition of Twelve Yearly Festivals

On 30 June 2007 Maharishi announced twelve yearly celebrations to be held globally, including the celebration of Victory Day.

Maharishi said that the twelve Ministers on the international level and twelve Directors on the national level will each be responsible for one celebration, together with the National Director and the Raja for the country. On each of these occasions we should begin some training that will be meaningful for the propagation of knowledge to the whole population. Each celebration will start with a tour of the Raja and his family and raising the flag in each state. In each country all the national languages will be spoken at the celebration. Each occasion will be like a shining star in the annual calendar, and we will print a map of the country and show where the celebrations will be held in each state.

All these festivals together will declare the invincibility of the nation. Maharishi requested that these twelve festivals be held throughout the world in all countries so that invincibility will never be forgotten. In accordance with this tradition of yearly celebrations, this special Navaratri World Peace Assembly is being announced by the Global Mother Divine Organization in every country.

The Raja Rajeshwaris of the Global Country of World Peace welcome everyone to come and celebrate with us all.

Jai Guru Dev

* Practitioners respectively of Transcendental Meditation and the Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Programme including Yogic Flying, and Teachers of Transcendental Meditation.

© Copyright 2008 Global Mother Divine Organization

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