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Mother Divine Programme celebrates 27th Anniversary - Reflections on Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's address
by Global Good News staff writer

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6 September 2008

During the grand global celebration of the Mother Divine Programme's 27th Anniversary, the Raj Rajeshwaris of the Global Country of World Peace—Mothers of the World from the Sovereign Domain of Consciousness—gave many inspiring presentations.

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Speaking on this occasion 31 August 2008, which was broadcast around the world via satellite and Internet on Channel 3 of the Maharishi Channel, one Raj Rajeshwari beautifully reflected on a past address by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Founder of the Global Country of World Peace, which was replayed for the celebration.

'It's so beautiful for us today', she said, 'to hear Maharishi reminding us, as he says, that in our everyday programme [of Transcendental Meditation and the Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Programme including Yogic Flying] we are celebrating the divine grace of Mother Divine, morning after morning and evening after evening by taking our awareness to that field of Mother Divine where all the Laws of Nature and where all the divine grace of infinite dimension, of all possibilities for everyone, Mother Divine, shines in its full glory.

'When we are celebrating Mother Divine's day today, we love to reflect on Maharishi's expressions and what he said to us. He's told us that this establishment of the Global Country of World Peace will have in its education—from the very childhood and through the whole student life—this experience of Mother Divine for everyone born on earth. And no one will remain deprived of the field of enlightenment through direct experience of the field of Mother Divine where total Veda, Total Knowledge, is fully awake; and the total field of performance is fully possible for everyone to spontaneously let all possibilities float in one's daily routine of life everywhere on earth. Maharishi has said that we can rightfully say that the angels in Heaven will be envious of men on earth with this daily experience of all possibilities and total enlightenment.

'Maharishi has explained to us that Veda means knowledge—knowledge of Rk, knowledge of Sama, knowledge of Yajur-Veda, knowledge of Atharva Veda. And that all these words have been bringing to our awareness and to our intellect all these different versions of the sequentially expanding field of the Constitution of the Universe, with the effect that our own Transcendental Consciousness by now should be competent to do anything, to know anything, to gain the knowledge of anything and everything, and to use that knowledge practically through our behaviour in daily life.

'Maharishi says this is the programme of Mother Divine—direct experience of the infinite fullness of liveliness of the grace of Mother Divine—that by the grace of Guru Dev* we are enjoying, and we will continue more and more, will continue more and more fullness of this experience in our daily life, in our feelings, in thoughts, in speech, in behaviour, and in our actions. All thoughts, speech, and action of ours will be blossoming in the fullness of knowledge and total grace of Mother Divine.

'And so in the celebration today, now we resolve to bless our life, our individual life, our individual thoughts, our individual speech, our individual behavior, all in the grace of Mother Divine. There is nothing so precious, nothing so valuable as this beautiful, this direct experience of Mother Divine which we enjoy saying is our Transcendental Consciousness.

'Maharishi explains that this is a very, very beautiful opportunity and that we shouldn't waste our time, any time of any day, or any week, or any month, or any year, because the experience of this beautiful unbounded field of all possibilities, the field of pure Mother Divine, this direct experience is all that is dear to us to open the field of all possibility in our lives.

'Life of Mother Divine, Maharishi says, the life of Mother Divine, that experience of Mother Divine by those who are practising and experiencing Transcendental Consciousness, nothing is more valuable than that experience itself.

'So when we float in the field of pure Mother Divine, Transcendental Consciousness, Parame vyoman in the words of Rk Veda—Parame vyoman, ''the field of all possibilities where the Devatas [impulses of Natural Law] reside''—we have that knowledge now, that the whole body is the dwelling place of those divine values, those intelligences in our body. That divine intelligence is in the eyes through which we see, it's there, Maharishi explains, in the tongue through which we taste, it's there in the nose through which we smell, it's there in the hands through which we touch.

'So the whole field of our emerging from the experience of Mother Divine is the field of higher intelligence—Shiva, Vishnu, Surya, Ganapati, Mother Divine—they are all the values of the principle of knowledge accompanied by the corresponding principle of action. Knowledge and action, silence and dynamism—the silence and dynamism of Mother Divine becoming more familiar to our awareness, which fortunately we have through the grace of Guru Dev in our daily practice [of Transcendental Meditation and its advanced techniques, including Yogic Flying]. So we want to remind in Maharishi's words, in his own words, that the life of Mother Divine, that experience of Mother Divine by those who are practising and experiencing Transcendental Consciousness, nothing is more valuable than that experience itself.

'So these blessed words of Maharishi, such a beautiful reminding to us all on this 27th Anniversary . . . of the Mother Divine Programme throughout the world. We're blessed with Mother Divine from so many nations, speaking so many beautiful mother tongues, inspired to establish beautiful groups of Mother Divine in their own countries to raise the quality of life, to bring the inspiration of Total Knowledge and its infinite organizing power to every mother—to bring fulfilment to her most cherished desires for the peace of her nation, for the prosperity of her country, for the happiness of her society, and for the well-being of every cherished member of her beloved family. And the blessings of Mother Divine every day, more and more, greater and greater will bring the blessings of all divinity on earth and make the world shine with a greater brilliance day by day in the beautiful years to come.

'We are so thankful for the blessings of Total Knowledge that we've received, and we can only say: Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Vijayante Taraam. And to all our blessed Mother Divine throughout the world and all those who will be joining to have and enjoy this most blissful unbounded experience of life, fulfilment of life always in 24 hours of bliss. Mother Divine, wherever you are, permeating the entire unbounded infinite expanding universe—Vijayante Taram**. Jai Guru Dev.'

* Guru Dev: Maharishi's Master, Shri Guru Dev, His Divinity Brahmanand Saraswati, Jagatguru Shankaracharya of Jyotir Math, Himalayas.

** Victory to the Mother Divine Programme.

Global Good News will feature additional talks from the Mother Divine Programme's 27th anniversary celebration in the coming days.

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