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Maharaja Adhiraj Raja Raam's historic address on the presentation of his new book Ramayana in Human Physiology - Part IV
by Global Good News staff writer

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25 April 2008

During the recent global celebration of Raam Navami, Maharaja Adhiraj Raja Raam was presented with the first copy of his new book, Ramayana in Human Physiology. This presentation, on the Maharishi Global Family Chat, marked the beginning of a special three-day celebration at the International Capital of the Global Country of World Peace in MERU, Holland, in honour of the completion of this highly significant work.

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Maharaja Adhiraj Raja Raam continued his historic address following the presentation, giving a profound and detailed account of how the book came into being, and explaining in depth how total Natural Law—the Veda, the Constitution of the Universe—is expressed exactly in the structure of the human physiology.

Having explored the structure and many complex levels of expression of Natural Law uncovered in the Ramayana, Maharaja discussed their implications for his historic research on Ramayana in Human Physiology.

'It was really a challenge to try to see how Natural Law is also in the physiology, because we know it is from the Veda—but how does the Ramayana then recount it from its angle, its point of view.

'Scientists actually like constraints in their research—because if the field is too open, it's very easy to have 20 theories, and you can imagine any story . . . and anything would probably work. But if there are constraints, which means [for example], that this particle has this mass; and it reacts only this way with that other particle; and it can be found only in these circumstances; and has the ability to move only so far, or whatever—then you cannot create a theory that is just anything. You have to fulfil your understanding within the constraints. And even though it seems limiting to you, it actually reassures you that you are on the right track.

'The beauty about the Ramayana as a story is that it is full of constraints. First there is a story line, you can't change it. Then you have structures—human beings, men and ladies; . . . they are a family; they have a number of children; the children are very specific in number; each one of them interacts with [the others] in a different way; they suddenly travel somewhere; they meet some other person who is a Rishi [teacher or sage]; and that Rishi, another person has met before.

'These are very, very big constraints in terms of research—because suppose you decide that in the physiology, the ladies in the Ramayana will be the heart, and the vascular system, because it's nourishing, and it's fulfilling them. But that is very specific, because every artery has only so many branches; every branch leads to so many sub-branches, and every sub-branch leads to so many sub-sub-branches, and it 's very rigid in the physiology.

'At the end you have some variation here and there between individuals. That also is a constraint, because why is there variation? How can you accommodate that in the story of the Ramayana? If you decide, for example, a Rishi is a particular type of nucleus in the brain stem, then you cannot suddenly say that another Rishi is a muscle, or is another structure of the body. Therefore all the Rishis should be similar in some sense; all the rulers or kings should be similar; all the monkeys should be similar; all the helpers that have a certain category, they should have a similarity.

'That puts a lot of constraints if you want to do something really scientific. In a sense that was the challenge of the puzzle, and also the joy of it.'

Global Good News will feature tomorrow, 26 April 2008, the conclusion of Maharaja Adhiraj Raja Raam's address, in which he describes the fulfilment of his historic research on Ramayana in Human Physiology.

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