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Global Memorial for Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, 7 February 2008, MERU, Vlodrop, Holland: Dr Eike Hartmann - Part III
by Global Good News staff writer

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29 February 2008

Speaking at the Global Memorial honoring the extraordinary life and unprecedented global achievements of His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi held on 7 February 2008 in MERU, Holland, Dr Eike Hartmann, Minister of Global Reconstruction for the Global Country of World Peace, said that through the principles of Maharishi Vedic Architecture 'every city can become an invincible fortress of coherence, stability, and good health for the benefit of many generations of citizens to come'.

Orientation is one of the key principles of Maharishi Sthapatya Veda, Dr Hartmann explained in his talk—featured in Part I and Part II of this article.

'Maharishi from his global and universal consciousness level and his unbounded compassion', Dr Hartmann continued, 'has revived from Natural Law, this turnkey for the transformation of any city, any nation, and for the whole world.

'Modern city planning however, does not have the knowledge of orientation. As we see on this satellite picture, roads are leading in any direction, causing inauspicious orientation of buildings, and many times the whole city is inauspiciously placed with reference to ocean, lake, river, mountain—which could be casting a shadow over the entire city.

'Now a new holistic knowledge is dawning and in this scientific age, we should not repeat the mistakes of the past.

'We have studied and evaluated the Vastu paradigms of contemporary cities like London, Paris, Washington, and New York—here we see the city plan of London, and also the cities of Rome, and Brussels, and Berlin,' Dr Hartmann said, showing slides of the cities. 'Now we see the city plan of New York which is at an angle—all the roads are at angle so that no building has proper orientation in that city.

'And we found that roads run in any direction, creating disturbed orientation of houses which leads to chaos, problems, and crime. People are suffering from that well-known ''sick building syndrome'' everywhere. Therefore all these cities have to be reconstructed and transformed—which could even happen in phases as is shown in this slide.

'In Phase 1 we take the existing city and control the expansion of the city by establishing a masterplan with parallel roads in east-west and north-south direction. That is the first step.

'In Phase 2 we begin the construction of peace colonies and Vastu satellite towns around the city, which are free from pollution, noise, and stress, and ideally set in landscaped gardens.

'In Phase 3 we can start to demolish the congested city centre replacing it with a beautiful central garden—the Brahmasthan*—with parks and fountains.

'And in Phase 4 we see the final stage of an expanded garden city, providing ideal living conditions including modern communication and transportation systems.

Dr Hartmann said that in this plan, there is 'a special emphasis on government buildings, where the destiny of the nation is being decided. They're the first to be constructed according to Natural Law. For this reason, Maharishi-ji has repeatedly called on government leaders to abandon all improperly designed buildings as if an earthquake had hit the building.'

Dr Hartmann cited three examples of government buildings that are not in accord with the principles of Vedic Architecture, including 'the inauspicious circular parliament building in New Delhi—without any possibility of proper orientation, and the brain functioning is constantly being disturbed. People are . . . even fighting there—they've reported fist fights in this building during parliament sessions.'

Another example, he said, is 'the inauspicious southern main entrance of the White House which invites all kinds of destructive influences to enter the building, contributing to an ongoing and hopeless, never-ending war at this time.'

He also noted 'the inauspicious western main entrance of the German parliament in Berlin, which is basically turning its back on the beneficial effect of the rising sun.

'We could go on, Dr Hartmann said, 'showing misfortune-creating buildings.' Now however, he said, we have the understanding that the principles of Vedic Architecture 'could eliminate at least 50% of all problems in private and professional life, and should therefore be adopted in every city, as part of its by-laws for city planning and construction—as it was unanimously decided by the City Council of Maharishi Vedic City in Iowa, [USA] where, by law, all buildings have to be in harmony with Natural Law, and violations of Natural Law are forbidden by the city laws. This is a great example of responsible and parental administration and real prevention [of problems] on the individual and collective level.

'A great principle of quantum physics shows that when the whole city plan is laid out according to Natural Law so that it has maximum inner coherence, then negative influences have to remain outside the boundaries of the city, creating the ground for ideal harmonious living conditions for the fortunate inhabitants of such an invincible city.

'This principle of invincibility in nature is well illustrated by the Meissner Effect which verifies that the high level of inner coherence and harmony of a system . . . [such as the coherence of] a superconductor, expels disturbing influences coming from outside.' Dr Hartmann explained that while a superconductor repels the disturbing influence of a magnetic field, an ordinary conductor, which is incoherent, cannot repel a magnetic field.

'When this principle is applied to city planning—[so that the city is] laid out according to Vedic Architecture—the city has the ability to resist negative influences from outside, thus becoming more coherent and integrated.' Dr Hartmann said that this effect—which is similar to the Meissner Effect—is called the Maharishi Vastu Effect, to honour Maharishi's discovery.

'So every city can thus become an invincible fortress of coherence, stability, and good health for the benefit of many generations of citizens to come,' Dr Hartmann concluded.

*Brahmasthan: A special feature of Maharishi Vedic Architecture is the Brahmasthan, the open central point—the seat of wholeness. Every home should have a Brahmasthan, where the totality of Natural Law is established. Then the home becomes a holistic structure of Natural Law. And every town, city, and country should have a Brahmasthan, so that every citizen is always connected with the wholeness of Cosmic Life.

Global Good News will feature the continuation of Dr Hartmann's talk in the coming days.

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