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The Victory of Guru Dev and the Victory of Maharishi
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15 February 2008

On Maharishi's Global Family Chat today, 14 February, 2008, Dr Peter Swan, Minister of Communication of the Global Country of World Peace, reported about the planning for the celebration of Maharishi on 20th February. He also gave a beautiful explanation of the phrase Vijayante taraam, used when honouring Guru Dev* and Maharishi.

Dr Swan said that every day in these very special days in India, some ceremonies are continuing privately with those who were closest to Maharishi—particularly with Dr Girish Chandra Varma, the great leader of India who is establishing the Global Capital of Raam Raj at the Brahmastan** of India. He is establishing there the great residences for Maharaja Adhiraja Raja Raam, all his Rajas (Administrators), and the Ministers of the Global Country of World Peace. This will be the World Capital of Peace in the Brahmastan—the holiest and most powerful place for the administration of all of India from the field of silence.

Dr Swan said that more planning is taking place, from this time until 20th February, when the final ceremony will take place to honour Maharishi. The Rajas, Ministers of the Global Country, the National Leaders, and all those here are also continuing to think what to do to best use this time in India.

There were things Maharishi liked people to do when in India: for example, to visit some of the very important temples, the special Vedic sites like the Jyotir Lingas, for example in Varanasi. These things are being considered. Also it is being considered how to travel back again because hundreds of people are there in India and they came very quickly. Now it is being planned how to go back safely and comfortably.

Dr Swan said that they are also thinking about all that has happened there, and some people have asked, since in recent times it has become our tradition to say 'Guru Dev Brahmananda Saraswati Vijayante taraam' and 'Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Vijayante taraam', people have asked 'What does Vijayante taraam mean?'

Dr Swan then gave a beautiful explanation that it means we are honouring the victory of Guru Dev, and the victory of Maharishi—whoever one says, the name of the person, and then Vijayante taraam—it means we are honouring their victory.

'And what is the victory of Guru Dev? what is the victory of Maharishi?

'Maharishi has taught us what is in the eternal text of Ayur Veda: that if something exists, there must be a cause for that thing. Something has come up, therefore there must be a cause for it. And if we want the effect, we must get to the cause.

'Maharishi always taught us to get to the ultimate cause. And what is the ultimate cause of all things? The self-referral dynamics of Total Natural Law in the silent level of Atma, our own Self.

'And that is the Unified Field of all the Laws of Nature in modern physics, in modern science,' continued Dr. Swan. 'That is the level which is the cause of everything, of the entire universe. And that is the ultimate level of the ultimate cause, and the ultimate level of victory. Because that level is the level of Total Natural Law, which plans and conducts the entire universe without any effort, without any fault, it is completely perfect administration through Total Natural Law.

'When we say Vijayante taraam in the name of Maharishi, in the name of Guru Dev, we are associating ourselves with their victory of enlivening the irreversible rise of Total Natural Law to administer all human society everywhere. This is the ultimate level of victory.

'By giving voice to their victory, Maharishi's victory, and to Guru Dev's victory, we are associating ourselves with that victory. We also associate ourselves with Maharishi's victory by every day transcending—every day coming back to the Self, every day experiencing the deep inner silence and bliss in Transcendental Consciousness, Yogic Flying and the Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Programme: just enjoying the blessing of what Maharishi has given us.

'This is our tradition and we just give voice to it by saying Vijayante taraam. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Vijayante taraam, Brahamananda Saraswati* Vijayante taraam.

'We are honouring the victory of Guru Dev, honouring the victory of Maharishi in establishing the irreversible rise of Total Natural Law to bring about a full blossoming of Raam Raj [Heaven on Earth] for the whole world, for all countries.

'And we say Maharaja Adhiraja Raja Raam Vijayante taraam—we honour the victory of Raja Raam in establishing the human physiology of the expression of Ved. That is the human physiology is nothing but consciousness. It is the Ved.

'This is a great, great breakthrough for which Maharishi was so fulfilled—that such a level of knowledge could come out scientifically in the world that he then honoured Raja Raam by weighing him in gold and ultimately in crowning him as Raja Raam, Maharaja of the Global Country of World Peace.'

Dr Swan concluded by saying that in the coming days we see what the next steps will be for the Rajas and the Ministers and how things will unfold. They would let everyone know tomorrow [on tomorrow's Global Family Chat].

'Certainly everything unfolds very rapidly and every moment is an adventure in India. Everybody feels very blessed to be here.'

* Guru Dev: Maharishi's Master, His Divinity Brahmananda Saraswati, Jagatguru Shankaracharya of Jyotir Math, Himalayas.

** Brahmasthan: the most auspicious, silent central point of the country according to Maharishi Sthapatya Veda, the point of Total Natural Law for the country.

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