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12 January 2008: Inauguration of Maharishi's Year of Invincibility - Global Raam Raj: Rejoicing in the supreme fulfilment of Invincibility for the world - Global Country of World Peace celebrates the dawn of administration of eternal silence
by Global Good News staff writer

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12 January 2008

Today the Global Country of World Peace is celebrating the most auspicious day of 12 January 2008 worldwide. Maharaja Nader Raam, first ruler of the Global Country of World Peace, is presiding over the assembly of enlightened Rajas, Ministers, and National Directors in MERU, Holland, while all the Founders of Invincibility gather in more than 48 countries to inaugurate the immediate construction of Maharishi Towers of Invincibility around the globe.

The ceremony, which was broadcast live globally via satellite and over the Internet on the Maharishi Channel, began at noon in MERU with the Anthem of the Global Country of World Peace, followed by global Puja (Vedic ceremony of gratitude) to Guru Dev*. The Global Minister of Finance and Planning, Dr Benjamin Feldman, expressed his great joy and honour in requesting the blessings of the Vedic Pandits, who then began their traditional Vedic recitation from the Maharishi Capital of World Peace in India.

Dr Bevan Morris, Prime Minister of the Global Country of World Peace, began by describing 12 January 2008 as 'a momentous day in the history of the world', saying that 'the cosmic significance of this day will reverberate throughout all the ages'.

During the celebration, Maharishi reflected on the structure of Silent Administration of the Global Country of World Peace, and said: 'Prime Minister, you were explaining to the world the present state of affairs as far as the structure and duty to it to be done. Continue on that point. It's a beautiful point; it's a beautiful point.'

Dr Morris went on to enumerate the extraordinary events of the preceding few days, in which Maharishi, following his traditional week of silence at the beginning of the year, had announced that he had fulfilled his mission of the past 50 years to bring invincibility to every nation.

In order to preserve this supreme gift, Maharishi had founded the Brahmanand Saraswati Trust. Dr Morris explained:

'This Trust, named for Guru Dev, has come about only yesterday because of Maharishi's successful promotion of administration of eternal silence for the whole world. Because of his success in that, so it was required that this Brahamanand Saraswati Trust should be formed. This Trust will secure permanent invincibility for the whole future. Just as the present has risen to that status, so the whole future must be secured in that status of invincibility, and this trust named for Guru Dev will accomplish this.

'It will do it by establishing a Reserve Fund, an endowment fund whose interest will support the Vedic Pandits to perform Yagyas** and Graha Shanti for all 192 countries of the world generation after generation. Through the Brahmanand Saraswati Trust there will always be sufficient funds to fully support all the Vedic Pandits at the Brahmasthan (centre point) of India, at the Jyotir Lingas, in the 48 Brahmanand Saraswati Nagars, and in all the Maharishi Towers of Invincibility, including all those Jyotishis*** providing security to every nation by looking to the Kundali and to the Kurma chakra**** of the nation and making sure no ill, no catastrophe, no negativity will ever befall the nation again.

'This is what this Trust will accomplish, and because it will perpetually be there, there will never be any lack of support for the Vedic Pandits' performances to achieve this reality of perpetual invincibility. Another glorious feature of the Brahmanand Saraswati Trust is the structure of its leadership, which Maharishi designed yesterday. Everything that is happening now comes under the blessings of our Holy Tradition of Masters, the dawn of administration of eternal silence guiding the activity of all life on earth to be heavenly, to be invincible. All of that is the blessing of our Holy Tradition of Masters, of our great Vedic Tradition of Masters. Therefore now and in all future generations, the Patron of the Brahmanand Saraswati Trust will be His Holiness the Shankaracharya of Jyotir Math (India), and we are happy that already His Holiness Shankaracharya-ji has acceded to take this great position as the Patron of the Brahmanand Saraswati Trust yesterday.

'The perpetual President of the Trust will be His Majesty Maharaja Nader Raam and that is because he is that ruler of the world from the field of eternal silence. He is soaked in the eternal silent administration of Raja Raam the Great, lauded in the Ramayan. Maharaja-ji is in that level of grandeur and dignity and fulfilment of administration in silence, so he alone can be the President of the Brahmananda Saraswati Trust.

'The Trust will be led by a Global Council, which will consist of: the Purusha** Rajas with Universal Domain as the silent wing; and as the wing of silence and dynamism together, all the Rajas—the Raja of Invincible America (Dr John Hagelin), the Raja of Invincible China (Dr Steven Rubin), the Raja of Invincible India (Dr Harris Kaplan), and the 24 other Rajas responsible for all the nations of the world; and the Prime Minister and the 12 Ministers of the Global Country of World Peace. All together this group, comprising the 48 most enlightened leaders of our world family, will be the Global Council of the Brahmanand Saraswati Trust.

'Again, not only now but always in every generation, this will be the structure: Shankaracharya-ji as Patron, Maharaja as President, and all the Purusha Rajas and the Rajas and Ministers together as the Global Council. This will be the invincible structure of enlightened leadership throughout all time to ensure that the Vedic Pandits are fully supported, in order to make the whole world globally invincible and enjoying the eternal administration of the field of infinite silence which is the administrator of the galactic universe. There will also be an Executive Council of this body, to handle day-to-day affairs between the great meetings of the Global Council with Maharaja-ji, and that will be the Prime Minister, the Minister of Finance and Planning, Kuber-ji (Dr Benjamin Feldman), and the Raja of Invincible America, the Raja of Invincible India, and the Raja of Invincible China.'

The founder of the Brahmanand Saraswati Trust is Maharishi, the great founder of global invincibility who brought the dawn of the Sat-Yuga of Raam Raj (Heaven on Earth, global administration through Natural Law) in the midst of Kali Yuga (age of ignorance) and offered it and everything he has at the lotus feet of his Master, Shri Guru Dev, His Divinity Brahmanand Saraswati.

Dr Morris said that at the conclusion of the announcement of the Brahmanand Saraswati Trust, Maharishi said the previous day:

'Jai Guru Dev. I am grateful for this warm send-off of Invincibility to the world for all times. It has been my pleasure at the feet of Guru Dev, to take the light of Guru Dev and pass it on in my environment. Now today, I am closing my designed duty to Guru Dev. And I can only say, ''Live long the world in peace, happiness, prosperity, and freedom from suffering.''

'Today this farewell marks the establishment of Invincibility for all mankind under the capable silent rulership of Maharaja Raja Raam and under the capable guidance of all the Ministers and all the glorified mind in terms of all dignity, the light in Invincibility for every country. And this is my satisfaction, and I offer this to the lotus feet of Shri Guru Dev. Jai Guru Dev.

'Prime Minister, offer my everything to the blessings of Guru Dev and continue with the world in peace, prosperity, and happiness. This formation of Trust, of Brahmananda Saraswati Trust, is going to be a glory for all the future of life on earth, on the individual level and on the national level. All glory to Guru Dev. Jai Guru Dev. Jai Guru Dev.

'Express my delight for all the millennium to come that the world is going to be a happy world. All Glory to Guru Dev. Brahmananda Saraswati Trust is going to take the lighted lamp every morning and every night that is going to come. The future of the world is bright, and that is my delight. Jai Guru Dev.'

Dr Morris continued, explaining that: 'Maharishi then invited all the Rajas to express their delight for all times for the formation of the Brahmanand Saraswati Trust and to repeat again all those nations where the Rajas have committed, as their gift to Maharishi, to build without delay the Maharishi Tower of Invincibility as the great centre of Total Knowledge, the reverberating Tower of Total Knowledge that will substantially be creating and maintaining invincibility for all the ages to come for each of these nations, for administration in silence for the whole world. Then the Rajas and the Ministers spoke extremely movingly on many levels of their appreciation, their honour of being included in the Global Council of the Brahmanand Saraswati Trust, and their astonishment, their amazement, their supreme joy at what Maharishi was able to do with day-and-night dedication in his service to Guru Dev for more than 50 years.'

The first session of the glorious global celebration continued with a review by Dr Morris of many of Maharishi's achievements from the early days of his worldwide movement. He then read out very beautiful and moving words of gratitude expressed by Maharaja Nader Raam to honour Maharishi. World renowned quantum physicist Dr John Hagelin, Raja of Invincible America, also gave a very profound address of appreciation to Maharishi, as did Dr Harris Kaplan, Raja of India.

Highlights of these speeches and the many features of the celebration will be described in a continuing series of Global Good News articles.

For the schedule of replays of the 12 January broadcast and continuing broadcasts on 13 January, please check the Maharishi Channel home page: To view the broadcasts online, please visit: Maharishi Channel - Channel 3.

* Guru Dev: Maharishi's Master, Shri Guru Dev, His Divinity Brahmanand Saraswati, Jagatguru Shankaracharya of Jyotir Math, Himalayas

** Maharishi has explained that Purusha means the Self, the quality of infinite silence of the Unified Field of Natural Law. Several of the Rajas are longtime members of the Maharishi Purusha Programme—a programme designed by Maharishi for men who wish to dedicate themselves fulltime to the most rapid pace of evolution possible and creating world peace. This is accomplished through the extended group practice of the TM-Sidhi programme and activity dedicated to the fulfilment of the many programmes of Maharishi's worldwide organizations.

*** Yagyas are ancient precise performances by specially trained Vedic Pandits of India, which create specific life-supporting influences from the field of pure consciousness, the source of Natural Law

****Jyotishis are experts in the science of Jyotish, a precious discipline of Maharishi's Vedic Science. Jyotish represents the 'all-knowing' quality of self-referral consciousness. It is the value that sees the past, connects with the present, and foresees the future. Jyotish has been applied from time immemorial to help foresee future trends in all areas of life through the mathematical science of prediction. Prediction of future events is possible because the same orderly and sequential Laws of Nature which govern the evolution of the universe also govern the life of the individual. Knowing any one point in the sequence of life, such as the time and place of birth, a Jyotish expert can mathematically calculate forwards and backwards in time, and can prescribe Yagyas to ensure a bright future.

***** Charts used by Jyotishis in predicting trends in the life of individuals and nations.

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