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Maharishi praises the National Leaders of his Movement for being with him 'through thick and thin': Second Session of the Parliament of Invincible Nations, 16 November 2007, MERU, Holland - Part I
by Global Good News staff writer

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16 November 2007

In the second session of the Parliament of Invincible Nations, 16 November 2007, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Founder of the Global Country of World Peace, said that our next step in achieving Invincibility for Every Nation is consolidation of all that has already been achieved in training Yogic Flyers in each country: we will create an eight times safety factor.

'Jai Guru Dev. Jai Guru Dev. Jai Guru Dev,' Maharishi began. He said that he is 'aware of all the way that I have reached today after 50 years, and our National Leaders are aware through what efforts and joy, waves of efforts and waves of success they have been through all the 50 years with me, some 20 years, some 30 years, some 10 years.

'All the National Leaders who are here today, they have been with me through all the thick and thin of the march towards the goal, and you have successfully used the knowledge that you got during your Teacher Training [in Transcendental Meditation]; you have used it well. All the best that you could use, and I have been following through great appreciation, and great applause in my mind, in my awareness, so I have been enjoying the waves of your success.

'And today, in one breath, I got all your achievements, and I knew from my own experience all the thick and thin of ups and downs, the grand knowledge, the Total Knowledge of life, has been in your possession, and you have been using it well. So all the knowledge, you know what it is. And the supportive evidence of knowledge: different experts in different fields have provided all the time some scientist of physiology, sometimes scientists of psychology, some from the Vedic value, some from the modern value. All these have been coming on our lap and we have been using it, we have been using it.

'Now today we have found to our great joy, to our great surprise, that we are there on the destination. Twenty-four European countries [have risen to invincibility], and European countries means advancing nations. Each country has been advancing, but particularly American countries, and European countries as groups of nations, they have been making advances together, together, together. So we found our objective also has been achieved by 24 European nations. Now what remains is one word, consolidation. Consolidation.

'Consolidation is another layer of responsibility of us who have brought this invincibility in 24 countries, and that we have as a very grand basis of invincibility for all the 192 nations. Twenty-four mathematically is one eighth of the total number of 192 countries. So we resolve today is, one word, consolidation. Consolidation.

'So we will take care of consolidation for our 24 European countries. We have got the essential number, and more than that. Only consolidation, that's all. And consolidation we will do in the waves of bliss. [This is] not a struggle to achieve, we have achieved the level that we wanted to achieve. Now we want to consolidate it. Consolidation is needed so that in case any earthquake comes, our mansion that has been built must be able to bear the big, big shake of the earthquakes. For that we want to go by a word ''consolidation'', so that never mind what happens, countries remain invincible.

'For this, I am suggesting a formula to all of you who have been working with me so far: in every engineering, there is what they call a safety factor. Somewhere two times safety factor, sometime four times: in our engineering of consolidation of all the 192 countries, I would like to take a stand for eight times safety factor. Eight times safety factor—what I mean is, there are 24 countries today on the level of invincibility; we as one nation should have eight nations with us, and in the midst of eight we will feel eight times safety factor for our own invincibility. I want to ask the opinion of everyone. Am I being too wild in thinking like that?

'Or, it is wise to have eight times security so that any time of future Kali Yuga [time of darkness in the world] will not be able to shake us. And if everyone is with me, tell me with a big clapping, and I go in the next sentence of the word consolidation. [applause]

'So all are with me in eight times fixing up our target. Eight times eight safety factor will mean that each of the 24 European nations will take responsibility of seven other countries. Each of the European nations who has risen to invincibility will come up to have seven more countries come up to this level so that a group of eight will be a strong one unit of the world, which will always maintain invincible under any shakes of any earthquake or accident.

'So no future time will be able to undo the invincibility of any nation. And if all of you, each of the European nations take charge; this is theoretical taking charge, just know, just know, what we will do. In the next hour, the next day, we will decide what to do, but just now, you can take charge of eight countries as your delightful possession for eight times invincibility for your own country, eight times invincibility for their own country. Prime Minister [Dr Bevan Morris, Prime Minister of the Global Country of World Peace], ask them if they agree, then tell me. I want to tell them the next stage.'

Dr Bevan Morris: 'Jai Guru Dev. So do all the National Leaders of the 24 countries that are declared invincible because they have more Yogic Flyers than are needed for national invincibility—do all the 24 national leaders of European nations in this category, agree to Maharishi's plan that each should take care of seven other countries in the world for their invincibility, so that all the 192 countries of the world will be invincible and the Kali Yuga will never shake another country every again. Do all the national leaders agree to that?'

The National Leaders all showed their agreement with further applause.

Global Good News will feature Part II of this article in which Maharishi gives his three 'advanced techniques' for action to accomplish the consolidation of everything achieved so far.

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