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Dr Bevan Morris on the Inauguration of Towers of Invincibility at Guru Purnima
by Global Good News Staff Writer

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28 July 2007

During the Global Conference on Unified Field-Based Defence, which was broadcast from Global Financial Capital of New York, Dr Bevan Morris, Prime Minister of the Global Country of World Peace, spoke on the celebration of the Masters of the Vedic Tradition on 29 July, Guru Purnima, and described in detail the inauguration of the Towers of Invincibility around the world.

Dr Bevan Morris: 'I am happy to report that this coming full moon day of 29 July is a great festival in the Vedic Tradition of India, the day of Guru Purnima, in which the great Masters of the Vedic Tradition of this knowledge of the Unified Field are honoured. Maharishi will be honouring his Master Guru Dev on this day, and he is doing it by virtue of a global celebration that will begin in the far east of world, in New Zealand, at noon when the sun is at its zenith. At that time they will be laying the foundation stone for a Maharishi Tower of Invincibility for New Zealand. Then, as the sun proceeds westwards, as the sunlight moves around the world, at noon, in each in each of 60 different countries, the foundation stone will be laid for a Maharishi Tower of Invincibility.

'In addition, the Minister of Finance and Planning for the Global Country of World Peace, Dr Benjamin Feldman, has already invited the Presidents of the other 132 countries of the world to choose land in a special garden in the capital city and build a Maharishi Tower of Invincibility for their nation, and inaugurate that on Sunday. The Maharishi Tower of Invincibility has been designed under Maharishi's guidance by Dr Eike Hartmann, the Minister of Architecture of the Global Country of World Peace. . . . The basis of the Tower of Invincibility is a larger two-storey building, which is a Maharishi Invincibility School. Here the high school students of that city will gather in sufficient number to practise Yogic Flying as a group and create an influence of such intense coherence in the collective consciousness of the nation that the nation will rise immediately to invincibility.

'It will be just like when you are very thirsty, and someone gives you a glass of delicious water. When you drink it, you feel relief immediately. Like that, these groups of Yogic Flyers, in the school at the base level of the Tower of Invincibility, will create national invincibility. So the Tower of Invincibility will not be simply a symbolic gesture or memorial of invincibility, but a functioning seat of invincibility for the nation through the youngsters.

'The youngsters will be serving as a powerful adjunct to the government by virtue of their deep experiences of the Unified Field during their daily routine in their high school, together lifting up, bubbling in bliss in Yogic Flying. Functioning from that level of the fundamental unifying force of creation, the gravitational force, they will stimulate the Unified Field and enrich the whole national consciousness to the point where it is impregnable, invincible, and impenetrable. In the Vedic Tradition, this is called Rashtriya kavach, a national armour of invincibility. This will created by the children of the nation in the Maharishi Tower of Invincibility.

'On the upper floors of the Tower of Invincibility will be exhibitions about invincibility. In different countries the Tower may be different heights. But at the top, there will be an observation platform and also a place for the head of the government of that country to live and work in an environment where the intense coherence of the youngsters is filling the atmosphere. They will have a commanding seat of invincibility, so this could be the office of the Prime Minister or the Premier of each particular country.

'In addition, on Guru Purnima day, there will be a great celebration in the Invincible America Assembly that Dr Hagelin has organized and has been leading during the past year. The one-year anniversary, the first birthday, of the Invincible Assembly, as Maharishi called it yesterday, was celebrated just yesterday. Already the Maharishi Tower of Invincibility is rising there between the two famous Golden Domes of Maharishi University of Management. It was there, on that campus, that the first global demonstration of the effect of 7,000 Yogic Flyers, creating worldwide coherence, was demonstrated in the winter of 1983-84. Now, the Invincible America Assembly is there creating coherence in the US national consciousness, so that the US is rising rapidly to invincibility.

'The Maharishi Tower of Invincibility is marble, and there will be a stepped roof and a golden Kalash on top. On the four sides of the tower there will be plaques that will testify the great event of the Invincible America Assembly. The east side will honour Maharishi's Master Guru Dev and the Vedic Tradition of Masters, who passed down to Maharishi the knowledge which he used to create this great assembly for America, the Invincible America Assembly.

'The south side, will honour Maharaja Nader Raam, his global administration of the Global Country of World Peace, and Dr Hagelin in his role as the Minister of Science and Technology of the Global Country of World Peace, and his role as the founder and leader of the Global Union of Scientists for Peace, giving him the great credit that he is leading the worldwide effort to create these Towers of Invincibility in all 192 nations of the world.

'On the west side, there will be a plaque honouring the Howard and Alice Settle Foundation for an Invincible America, which has been the source of the funding to bring the group together and, particularly, to bring the Vedic Pandits from the precious Vedic families of India. The Vedic Pandits have inherited the ability from their tradition, extending back through the long history of the world, to operate at the level of the Unified Field. Using the eternal sounds of the Constitution of the Universe, the Veda, which are the reverberations of the Unified Field itself, they protect and nourish the nation and avert dangers that have not yet come in national life.

'Already 456 such Vedic Pandits are there, in the midst of the whole Invincible America Assembly, along with the most enlightened people like the Raj Rajeshwaris (Administrators of ladies' programmes of the Global Country of World Peace) and the Mother Divine, and the Purusha Rajas (Administrators) and the Purusha, and all the most enlightened people dedicated to the practice of Yogic Fying for their own enlightenment and for the invincibility of the nation.

The powerful experiences of the Unified Field in the Invincible Assembly

'The final panel honours the faculty and administration of the university where this has unfolded. By virtue of their blissful organization of the Invincibility Assembly, the experiences there have risen to the level of 'Number One' experience, masterpieces of experience, experiences of the character that 'I am the universe', 'I am the Totality of Natural Law, the Constitution of the Universe'.

'The Vedic expression for 'I am the Totality' is Aham Brahmasmi. This is an experience on the level of individuals experiencing themselves as the ocean of bliss and all the cosmos as the sparkling vibrations of their own infinite field of bliss. Maharishi said yesterday, in his address to the Assembly on its first birthday, that he compares these experiences to those of the Maharishi Madhuchhandas, the first seer of the Rik Veda, who experienced the reality of how the infinity of his own Self, the Atma, is constantly in a state of collapse from infinity to a point, and expansion from a point to infinity. There is this opposite directional motion within the unbounded ocean of consciousness that neutralizes itself, makes the whole field perpetually, even with that bi-directional motion of flow within it, an unmanifest field of perfect silence.

'That is the experience of Madhuchhandas—how all the sounds of the Constitution of the Universe emerge in that collapse, and the whole universe is found in those fundamental sounds. This level of supreme experience, Maharishi finds in this Invincibility Assembly. With this comes the power of the effect of the relatively small number of Yogic Flyers. Maharishi has said that the requirement to create national invincibility is the square root of one per cent of the nation's population. In a country of 4 million, it means that 400 people can change the destiny of the whole nation. In the US, with 300 million people, only 1730 people are needed.

'It is a ridiculously small operation, but because of the power of their experience of the Unified Field, they are able to simulate simultaneously and instantaneously, all these vital properties of unification, harmony, peace, and bliss in the whole population of the nation in a single stroke. This is the reality of their power, and it is on the level of their experiences. The depth to which they go into the actual experience of the internal structure of the unity of the whole creation, the Unified Field, is just like the great sages of yore. They are doing it now, right at this moment.

The Tower of Invincibility on the MUM campus

'There on the MUM campus, the Tower of Invincibility structure is going up, and the marble is being applied. It is right between the Golden Domes. Tablets or plaques will honour, as I mentioned, the four different areas of achievement that brought about this Invincible Assembly.

'On top there will be a step dome. This is all to be finished by Sunday. It has only been built in three weeks—the whole thing from the idea to this state. From the top, there will be an observation platform. From the top the long-distance views are as far as Maharishi Vedic City, the neighbouring city that is the newest city of Iowa, where all the buildings are fortune-creating buildings and everyone is a Yogic Flyer. This is the new Tower of Invincibility that is rising on the campus of MUM and will be inaugurated this Sunday as part of the celebration of Guru Purnima. As Maharishi said, the dawn of global invincibility will be celebrated worldwide, starting in New Zealand and going all the way around the world to California, USA.

'Simultaneously from India, the land of the Veda, the Vedic Pandits will be reciting the Ati Rudrabhishek, the most powerful Vedic performance of the Unified Field to stimulate the field of Rudra or infinite silence. That will be going on 18 consecutive hours from New Zealand's noon to California's noon, and will be broadcast over the Internet, and also on the Maharishi Channel, the worldwide satellite network that Maharishi has established.

'The Maharishi Channel has just added a new satellite covering all of South America in the last days. From this time forward, instead of just one Maharishi Channel, there will be three Maharishi Channels: one with all the usual programming of Dr Hagelin and the Rajas speaking at all the Unified Field-Based Conferences; then two channels for 24-hour a day Vedic Recitations from India. That will be going on, and anyone will have access to that, at any time from now on.'

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