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Retired Colonel of the German Air Force discusses Invincible Defence
by Global Good News staff writer

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24 June 2007

Colonel G√ľnther Chasse, a retired Colonel from the German Air Force, was interviewed recently by Dr Peter Swan, Minister of Communications for the Global Country of World Peace, on the topic of invincible defence.

Dr Swan first asked Colonel Chasse why, despite the fact that the United States is spending 400 billion dollars every year, all this money is not able to defend the country.

Colonel Chasse replied that 'no armed force today is able to protect the nation if the enemy really wants to strike.... In the last 3,000 years, [there have been] over 9,000 peace treaties, and each one lasted on average no longer than 8 years.... Therefore military means and diplomacy [are] not a means to ensure protection of a nation and lasting peace....'

'A very striking example' Colonel Chasse continued, 'is the incident a few years ago where a few terrorists succeeded in destroying the World Trade Centre within a few minutes.... Even the mightiest power in the world was not capable of preventing this incident. This was a great shock not only to the USA but the whole western world which has so far relied on this conventional defence.'

Dr Swan next asked why it is that true defence is not possible? Why is it that the great armies of the world cannot defend their people?

Colonel Chasse answered that 'if we look at the word 'defence' which is used today with a system of defence which is very destructive, we can say what they call defence is not really defence; it is an offence. If a nation sends its soldiers to the enemy in order to kill the enemy, then it is an offense to the enemy, but at the same time an offense to their own nation first, [because] the government sends their own youth to the battlefield, with a choice to kill or to be killed....

'We have this physical law, actio est reactio—'Action equals reaction'. This means, whatever you do will have a [reaction] on yourself. And if a nation sends its military to destroy the enemy, and destroy its country, then this will have the same effect on their own nation. So in effect it is an offence to all sides....

'It is not defence. Defence means protect the nation, secure the nation, make sure that the cultural integrity can develop, and all their own way of living can develop freely in complete freedom without fear. But with the present system of 'defence' which is 'offense' this cannot work, because offence is always creating new enemies.... '

Lastly, Dr Swan asked if, in the light of this very dismal situation, different governments, different militaries are looking for new solutions?

Colonel Chasse answered that '...they have formed ''think tanks''.... So at first glance it looks very hopeful, but when we look closer ... what they are really doing in this ''think tank'' is more disappointing.... These ''think tanks'' are a waste of time and money because they are going in the wrong direction.

'The only answer ... to threats like this, is that a country has no ... enemies. This is the key requirement. There should be no ... enemy to any country. There should be no ... threat to a country, and therefore the new defence system which is required must be able to make a ... transformation of the enemy into a friend.... It is necessary to prevent the birth of an enemy.

'We are in a very great situation, the world is in a very blessed situation that we have Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in our time who presents to the world a defence technology which is able to do exactly this: change the enmity in the enemy into friendship. Make [the enemy] a friend, and thereby protect the nation, because , when we have only friends, it's not necessary for us anymore to fight, and if fighting is not necessary any more, we are invincible.

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