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Maharishi addresses the David Lynch Weekend - Part III
by Global Good News staff writer

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9 June 2007

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi continued his address to the Second Annual David Lynch Weekend held 25-28 May at Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa, USA by expanding on the earlier theme of creating world peace by raising each nation to invincibility through employing groups of Yogic Flyers according to the population of the country. Maharishi continued, 'So let's create a few people in every country to begin to practise this Yogic Flying. It's very easy to do, out of so many million people, a few hundred people...

'I'm going to give them (Yogic Flyers) more than the standard of that country, give them that relaxed life which is needed for total mind to function. It's an atmospheric influence also, so those people who are going to take up this job of creating coherence in the collective consciousness of their country they are going to be much wealthier now, it's not a matter of charity.

'... My habit is to guide the people for their enormous ability; we call it in one word: enlightenment, Total Knowledge ...

Maharishi pointed out that the invincibility projects in the works in various locations around the world are due to be completed on specific dates, assuring national invincibility at those times. 'See what will happen in these coming few months; I have begun to hear already that the people in their country have counted the date in future—now one month, two months that my country is going to be invincible—the 30th of July, someone says, my country is going to be invincible ...

'This is the situation—predictable dates, where the country is rising to that level of Collective Consciousness where only positive effect will prevail—negative effect will die out, so that this is the time that the theory of Karma has a number with it.

'Theory of Karma was 'as you sow so shall you reap'. In that what has become now, you will not sow a wrong thing—you will always sow a right thing—naturally you'll sow a right thing; you can't go wrong ... you'll never be sick, because the whole atmosphere is so full of positivity, full of inspiration, the whole atmosphere, full of inspiration.'

Many of the projects in place to create national invincibility in various locations of the world are carried out through schools and universities where the students and administrators of the school gather twice daily to practise the Transcendental Meditation Technique and TM-Sidhi Programme, including Yogic Flying. One such project was recently established in Trinidad and Tobago, as Maharishi explained.

'The schools and colleges are going to be with Total Knowledge. Every individual is going to be trained, educated, to be enlightened. But before that, before the whole population rises to enlightenment on the single level; the collective effect is going to be enormously positive. Absolutely enormously positive. Now in a matter of a few days, a few weeks, this country of so many million people is rising to invincibility, is rising to invincibility.

Maharishi said, 'In Trinidad and Tobago, 130 people were needed and now they have started to fly and now there is a great smile in the country, in the government, in the younger generation, in the older generation, the atmosphere has changed. So here is something we want to create in the world and nobody can miss it because I'm doing it. I have the light, I'm showing the light, and I want no one to tumble down in darkness, that is my joy in life, that's all. So it's nothing to say now—I'm inviting the world to see, see, see.

'And it doesn't matter if you see or not, you have to be. It's a great time. I'm enjoying ... those who are with me, they are enjoying. ... Time of speaking is over, time of Being has come for every nation—doesn't matter what the government is. I came to this step when I realized that a government is governed by the quality of Collective Consciousness of the nation.

'Whatever is the quality of the Collective Consciousness of the nation—that means whatever is the level of mind of the nation, that is the level of performance of the government. So when I wanted to improve the government, I never appealed to the government, knowing that they are not in a position to listen.

Maharishi described in a lighthearted way how national governments show limited ability to embrace the solution to their woes. He said, 'They have ears, but their ears are not functioning ... because they can only go by the Collective Consciousness. So I started on the individual level ... now it's a matter of engaging some people, some Vedic Pandits in India—it's a huge population, so from that to pick up 200 people for this country, 400 people for this country and all.

'Like that, Dr Hagelin thought he'll create a university in America; create that leadership. Forty thousand people it will be in two to three years, but from now, that quality of individual will be created in this Central University so that every student will be the Centre of Total Knowledge.

Total Knowledge means Cosmic Capability—Cosmic Creativity. So every individual will be the expression, the living embodiment of Total Knowledge. And Total Knowledge means will of God. He will only do right; he cannot do wrong. And 400 people knowing how to do right, flying here there, it's such as ridiculously simple thing.'

Maharishi's address to the group who had traveled from across the nation to attend this special weekend event at Maharishi University of Management was received with great appreciation and joy.

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