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Dr John Hagelin and Dr David Lynch comment on Maharishi's renaming of his Centres worldwide - Part II
by Global Good News staff writer

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5 May 2007

Dr John Hagelin, Minister of Science and Technology of the Global Country of World Peace, continued his comments after the remarkable recent announcement by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the Founder of the Global Country of World Peace, that all the Centres for teaching his Transcendental Meditation Programme worldwide will now be known as 'Centres of Invincibility'. (Please visit: Maharishi bestows a new name, and Part I of this series.)

Concluding his discussion of Maharishi's principles of the reciprocal relationship between individual and collective invincibility, Dr Hagelin noted finally that, whereas invincibility is an inevitable collective side-effect of enlightenment in individuals, so individual enlightenment is also an inevitable side-effect of national invincibility.

The Unified Field is always the Unified Field, Dr Hagelin said, nothing but the Unified Field itself, reacting to itself, giving rise to the appearance of diversified existence. He explained that the particles and forces of the universe are nothing but the Unified Field reverberating within itself. Going back and forth, he said, 'you see that the transformation is a non-transformation in fact, but is a transformation in appearance only. One sees that what was thought to be diversity before is really nothing but the Self.'

That is Unity Consciousness, he said. Vivartvad, the experience of the non-dual nature of the Unified Field, gives significance and strength to Brahm Vad, the experience of unity, the unified value of life. These two experiences of non-duality and unity create the reality of Brahm, the highest state of consciousness. Just experiencing the self-interacting dynamics of unity creating creation within itself, all just the flow of Brahm—full enlightenment, that is an inevitable side-effect of the Unified Field in its self-interacting dynamics—knowing itself fully. But the realization of our power, the power of every one of our Centres to achieve invincibility, is the signal of a new age, of the rising invincibility in the world.

Dr Hagelin then introduced Dr David Lynch, Founder and Chairman of the David Lynch Foundation for Consciousness-Based Education and World Peace, who said he loves to listen to Maharishi speak, and heard him today bring out another level of the journey from Kali Yuga (the age of ignorance) to Sat Yuga (the age of all positivity, Heaven on Earth). He said, 'And I love hearing Dr Bevan Morris (Prime Minister of the Global Country of World Peace)—his supreme grasp of Maharishi's knowledge and how beautifully he expresses it; and Dr John Hagelin, how you reconcile quantum physics with Maharishi's Vedic Science of consciousness. Its so beautiful to hear.'

Dr Lynch continued, 'Maharishi's knowledge can be seen from so many different angles; and I like the word ''bliss''. Maharishi has said mankind is not meant to suffer. Bliss is our nature. And Bliss, they say, takes up where happiness leaves off. Bliss is so intense, such a beautiful happiness—physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual happiness.

'When Maharishi talked about the Centres going from Transcendental Meditation Centres to Invincibility Centres, I remember that bliss is invincible. So I pictured blissful meditators, enlightened meditators, just causing these Centres to be overflowing with bliss, like my cup overflows, just overflowing with bliss, making invincibility out of bliss, or bliss makes invincibility.

'It's all so beautiful and it's really happening, thanks to you, Maharishi,' Dr Lynch said. 'Thank you very much.'

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