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His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi celebrates Raam Navami, the birth and global administration of Raja Raam, global administration through Natural Law - Part I
by Global Good News staff writer

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27 March 2007

Having performed traditional Vedic Puja to his Master Guru Dev, His Divinity Swami Brahmananda Saraswati, Jagad Guru Shankaracharya of Jyotir Math, Himalayas, and after traditional Vedic recitation both in India and at the Global Capital of the Global Country of World Peace at MERU, Holland, Maharishi said that now the administration of Raja Raam has been invoked in every country of our world family simultaneously.

Maharishi explained that whatever anyone does, it is based on our inner thinking and fortunately we have been given the key of inner thinking—how to think from inside, from the self-referral, transcendental field of consciousness.

We got the key from Guru Dev, and we distributed the key to the people of more than 100 countries, Maharishi said. 'The key has been distributed, and now we feel confidant that people everywhere are enough in number to have this majestic thinking, this royal thinking from within, from the field of the lively presence of Raja Raam. And this the basis of Raam brahm paramarat rupa.'

'Raam is pure spirituality, pure knowledge, the reality of pure, self-referral intelligence,' Maharishi explained, 'which in this generation, Dr John Hagelin tells us has been discovered through the technologies of all the physical sciences in terms of the Unified Field.'

The Unified Field is the concentrated field of intelligence and knowledge, Maharishi said, and we have this pure knowledge—the pure knowledge that is endowed with pure organizing power, capable of organizing the ever-expanding universe.

All the diversity of the ever-expanding universe is governed from that level which is the eternal self-referral field, investigated and discovered through the approach of modern science in terms of the Unified Field.

'We have in our world family the champion of that highly divine, pure intelligence, which is on its own level, infinite Being, pure creativity, total organizing power of Natural Law, the Constitution of the Universe—which has been there in the awareness of the Vedic Pandits of India since time immemorial in terms of Ved.'

Ved is lively today, and it is lively as it has been lively in every time; whatever time of day and night, whatever time of year, whatever time of any age, it is the lively, eternal functioning, ordering the activity of the galactic universe from within, Maharishi said.

'That within, within, is a secret word. The key is turn within—you think, and you think from within. Think from that transcendental reality, which is the field of Unified Field in modern terms, and the field of Yog in ancient terminology, the field of Ved, which is inscribed in terms of Vedic expressions,' Maharishi said.

Ved is traditionally maintained in the oral tradition by the Vedic Pandits, and today we are invoking the Unified Field. We are invoking Ved; we are raising the flag of the administration of the Unified Field throughout the world in all 192 countries.

In all 192 countries we are proud of raising the flag of Raja Raam, the Kingdom of Raja Raam, Raam brahm paramarat rupa—this is the kingdom of pure spirituality, the kingdom of self-referral consciousness, the kingdom of pure Being, the transcendental field where Ved, the Constitution of the Universe, is ever fresh in the field of the unmanifest Unified Field, Maharishi explained.

That Unified Field has been mathematically drawn in the equation of the Unified Field, and its sound is drawn in the recitations of the families of the Vedic tradition.

'Today the flag of Raja Raam in every country will influence the successful operation of every government no matter what is the constitution of the country.

'The Constitution of the Universe is triggered by the inner thinking of some people in every country practising Transcendental Meditation, its advanced techniques, and Yogic Flying.

'The programme for this is with us. That is why we have a natural desire, we are duty bound to play a parental role for the well-being and happiness of every individual in our world family and every nation in the family of nations,' Maharishi said.

Today, in this invocation of Raja Raam, we are invoking spirituality, unlimited freedom, integration, all positivity on the level of national intelligence. We are opening the gate to integration, self-sufficiency, freedom, invincibility in every nation.

'It is our great pride to express that the inner of everyone, which is always in action—the mind, the intellect, the ego, and self-referral Atma, the inner of everyone, is bliss in nature. And we have the technique for bliss to become blissful through practice,' said Maharishi.

'Today is the day, as many days in the past years we have been wanting to raise the flag of the Kingdom of Raja Raam—now after 50 years, having done Puja to Guru Dev, we are saying to Guru Dev, 'Your Grace, your blessings, your confidence in us, we are offering to your Lotus Feet, and from there we are desiring invincibility to every nation and permanent peace on earth,' Maharishi said.

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