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Dr John Hagelin explains the principles of Invincibility for a nation
by Global Good News staff writer

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20 February 2007

In a recent global News Conference, Dr John Hagelin, Minister of Science and Technology of the Global Country of World Peace, explained the principles that give rise to the Invincibility of a nation.

Dr Hagelin explained that in an absolutely repeatable and reliable, scientifically proven way, the group practice of the TM-Sidhi Programme including Yogic Flying, diffuses the negativity, tensions, and fear that fuel violence and conflict, by promoting waves of positivity, harmony, unity, and coherence in the collective consciousness of a country, so that the country becomes powerfully integrated within itself.

Such a highly coherent national consciousness is the basis of an invincible nation. By being so integrated and strong, a nation cannot be disrupted or perturbed by potentially disruptive forces from both within or outside the country. 'These are simply washed off,' Dr. Hagelin said, 'and they don't take a foothold in the collective consciousness of the country.'

'This principle of Invincibility, which means invulnerability to disruption; imperviousness to attack of any kind; the ability to ward off attack and to prevent conflict, as we have seen in many scientific research studies, is based in the simple application of a fundamental principle in nature known as the Meissner Effect,' said Dr Hagelin.

The Meissner Effect, which is quantum mechanical enhancement of the Third Law of Thermodynamics, is the principle of Invincibility through internal coherence.

In the context of superconductivity, when a superconducting magnet is super cooled, this cooling reduces the thermal chaotic activity of the constituent atoms, so that, no longer thermally incoherent, they move as a group, they function coherently. This coherent collective functioning of the constituent atoms renders the superconductor absolutely invincible, Dr. Hagelin said.

The superconductor then has the spontaneous capability of repelling and expelling any external magnetic field, any potentially disruptive element, and remains completely still and peaceful within itself.

The same principle of Invincibility through internal coherence applies to a nation, Dr Hagelin said. 'When the population of any country becomes powerfully coherent within itself—that means orderly, and a spontaneously organized and cohesive flowing society. When this happens, that society becomes impervious to disruption,' said Dr Hagelin, 'and so powerfully positive and coherent within itself that it radiates positivity and order, friendliness and strength to its neighbours, so no neighbour would find reason to attack such a country...The nation would be so indomitable, it would be fruitless to even think of attacking such a nation.'

'Positivity, coherence, orderliness, and strength, these are all the results of a coherent collective consciousness and altogether provide a practical, scientifically proven technique for an invincible country though group practice of Yogic Flying,' Dr. Hagelin said.

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