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Germany celebrates invincibility with the return of Lt Col Gunter Chasse from India
by Global Good News staff writer

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25 June 2006

The people of Germany celebrated the return of Lt Colonel Gunter Chasse from his trip to India with a grand, four day welcome home tour, on 1-4 June 2006, to several of the country's major cities. His successful quest in India to recruit 2400 Vedic pandits for Germany marked a new phase in the evolution of the country toward permanent peace and invincibility.

Col Chasse is a retired German Army officer with 40 years of military experience, including service in the Integrated NATO-Air Defence, and has been decorated with the Honourary Cross of the German Armed Forces in Gold. During the Cold War, he became convinced that armed forces were not truly able to protect a country against attack. He began to consider traditional Vedic Defence, or Dhanur Veda, which lays out strategies to protect the nation by averting danger before it arises and preventing the birth of an enemy. These strategies are available today through the application of Maharishi's Technologies of Consciousness and are also practised by the Vedic pandits of India.

Col Chasse has explained that the positive influence of the Vedic pandits lies in their mastery of reciting the Vedic texts. With their perfect speech, they enliven the mantras of the Vedic Literature that have their source in Atma, the Self of everyone, the fountainhead of all knowledge, bliss, and power—the infinite organizing power of Natural Law. The recitations of the pandits originate from the field of Transcendental Consciousness, the Unified Field at the basis of the whole manifest creation; therefore, there is no restriction to the force of peace flowing from their speech to the whole environment. They are able to direct the power of thought in any specific direction because they have the technology of providing a reflector, called a Sankalpa, wherein their intention is picked up by the omniscient intelligence and energy of Natural Law and thereby goes directly to the intended target or goal.

Col Chasse's success in organizing to bring 2400 Vedic pandits to Germany will fulfil the age-old desire for peace and coherence in the whole society. To herald in this historic achievement, Col Chasse, accompanied by Raja Emanuel Schiffgens and Raja Eckart Stein, visited the city of Eisenach, location of Germany's Brahmasthan—or geographical center; Ostfalen, site of the newly established Maharishi Vedic University; the Maharishi Peace Palace in Hannover; and finally, the capital city of Berlin. 'Invincible Germany with Col Chasse' became the rallying call throughout the tour, and the festivities at each location added something unique to the character of invincibility.

In Eisenach, the city which contains the Brahmasthan of Germany, Col Chasse and Raja Emanuel were received by the newly-elected Lord Mayor Matthias Doht. The mayor-elect and the colonel, two former military men who served on opposing sides during the Cold War, immediately felt old enmities dissolve and a mutual bond of friendship and rapport spring up. Modestly stating that he had primarily been a technician in his professional life, the mayor-elect responded to a presentation on all the aspects of the plan to bring purity and invincibility to the nation by the Global Country of World Peace with lively interest, great receptivity and intelligent, perceptive questions.

Lord Mayor-elect Doht was especially gratified to learn about the Brahmasthan, the silent core at the exact centre of the country that maintains unity and supports all the nation's activities. He has long believed that there are places in the land that have special influence or power and that Eisenach is one of these places because it is in the centre of Germany. His own political party, the German Social Democratic Party, one of the main ruling parties, was formed purposefully in Eisenach with the hope of creating unity throughout the whole country. The party's declaration of goals—to replace war with peace, to replace quarrelling and self-serving interests with mutual support and sympathy—resonated perfectly with the goals of the Global Country of World Peace, and thus provided the perfect opening for the lively dialogue.

The mayor-elect invited Col Chasse to return to Eisenach after he officially assumes office in July 2006, for a formal reception and to raise the Flag of Invincibility at the Brahmasthan of Germany.

The tour group travelled next to Ostfalen, where the new Maharishi Vedic University will be established and where the Vedic pandits will live. There, at the festival grounds, Col Chasse hoisted the Flag of the Global Country of World Peace, surrounded by 24 members of the Thousand-Headed Purusha Programme representing Germany's 24 major cultural and language— or Mother Tongue—groups. Each Purusha member has assumed the patronage for one of these cultural regions, and at a banquet later that day, presented gifts, songs, and poetry famous and particular to their areas. It was a wonderful celebration of the cultural diversity lively in the consciousness of one German nation.

Later the party met with the Dr Hans-Egon Kolsdorf, Master Builder of Fortune Creating Vastu-Buildings, and then toured historic sites of the city in a procession of bagpipers and white open-air carriages, receiving cheers and good wishes from the people of the city all along the procession route.

On the following day, the tour group was greeted in Hannover with a banquet and reception hosted by Raja Eckart Stein. The day was filled with joyful festivities-boat rides, games for the children, 1000 floating balloons bearing pictures of Col Chasse riding a carriage, and cake ceremony. The celebration continued in the evening with a Gandharva Veda concert followed by a magnificent fireworks display, to the accompaniment of royal bagpipers, at Hannover's Grote City Palace, now the Maharishi Peace Palace. Col Chasse recalled later that the tender feelings created by the music evoked his own beautiful experiences of being at the Brahmasthan in India, and the beautiful illumination of the Peace Palace from the fireworks reminded him of the Taj Mahal, again reminiscent of his travels there.

The grand finale of the welcome home tour took place in Berlin, the nation's capital. The procession rode down the Unter den Linden, the city's grandest, most beloved boulevard, in a royal, white open-air carriage drawn by white horses, to the Brandenburg Gate. The historic Gate has stood as a great monument to peace, freedom, and unity for over two hundred years, providing the perfect place for the culmination of the tour. Stepping down from the carriage, Col Chasse and Raja Emanuel were soon encircled by a crowd of friendly, curious onlookers, captivated and drawn by the infectiously blissful atmosphere of celebration. People cheered and waved and gave their well-wishes as Raja Emanuel declared 'Invincible Germany with Col Chasse' again and again.

At a banquet that evening, Col Chasse received more beautiful, symbolic gifts, including a mirror in a gold frame carved with angels to symbolise the government of Germany, the innocent reflector of the collective consciousness of the people, administered with perfection through the Constitution of the Universe, the Totality of Natural Law.

The grand welcome home tour with Col Chasse celebrated invincibility in all elements of German life—in the enlivenment of the Brahmasthan, the seat of wholeness, from which every citizen is always connected with the wholeness of Cosmic Life, in the rich cultural diversity flourishing within the unity of the country, in the Maharishi Peace Palaces that will support the evolution of every citizen with all the Consciousness-Based Programmes, and in the dignified and regal administration of government supported by Total Natural Law, the Constitution of the Universe, for the protection and well-being of every individual. In these few steps, said Raja Emanuel, 'We conquered the whole of Germany' for invincibility, affluence, and peace.

Moreover, having 2400 Vedic pandits in Germany, in the heart of Europe, will be more than enough to fulfil its own requirement of 905 pandits (the square root of one per cent of the population) to create the Maharishi Effect, generating coherence, peace and affluence; with this number, the positive influence will radiate to the whole continent.

Copyright 2006 Global Good News

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