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Maharishi's call to the world press: 'Record the rise of invincibility in Holland'

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15 June 2006

Press Release: Global Country of World Peace

For 56 Days, a Group of 400 Yogic Flyers in Holland Has Been Creating Coherent National Consciousness—Generating an Upsurge of Positivity in the Nation

Now, Germany and Other Neighboring Countries Are Establishing Their Own Coherence-Creating Groups

'This is a beautiful time for the world press to record the transition from the dark days of problems and conflict to the bright sunshine of invincibility and permanent peace'

His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi this week renewed his call to the world press to record the unprecedented national transformation that is now taking place in Holland, where for the past 56 days a group of 400 Yogic Flyers has been quietly creating coherence in the collective consciousness of the country—generating a powerful upsurge of positive economic and political trends and raising the nation to invincibility.

'With the rise of coherence in national consciousness, Holland is rising in positivity and harmony,' Maharishi said. 'Each day, Holland is growing brighter and brighter—the Holland of today is not the Holland of yesterday. And soon, Holland is going to burst out into the bright light of the midday sun.'

In the eight weeks since the group of Yogic Flyers assembled at Maharishi European Research University in Meru, Holland, on 12 April, the nation has enjoyed an unexpected and unprecedented upsurge of positive economic news and political harmony, according to Dr Paul Gelderloos, Prime Minister of the Peace Government of Holland. (For a daily record of the good news from Holland, visit

Maharishi's call to the world press came during his May 31 global news conference, which was broadcast live via satellite and Internet webcast from the Capital of the Global Country of World Peace in Meru, Holland.

Maharishi said the world press has a crucial role to play right now in recording the good news coming from Holland. 'There is a very short period of time during the transition from the dark night to the light of day,' Maharishi said. 'If the transition in Holland is properly reported by the world press, this historical record will inspire all future generations to prevent the world from ever again falling into this kind of muddle—it will avert the danger before it arises. Otherwise, after some time, the world will forget how the transformation happened.'

The influence of coherence spreads beyond national boundaries to the whole world

Maharishi described the coherence generated by the group of Yogic Flyers as 'infectious'—and said that the coherence is spreading beyond the borders of Holland and inspiring Peace Government leaders of Germany and other neighboring countries to establish their own coherence-creating groups. 'These groups will raise their nations to a high level of invincibility, self-sufficiency, and true sovereignty—free from dependence on foreign powers,' Maharishi said.

The names of the additional countries where groups of Yogic Flyers are being established will be announced within a few weeks.

The Unified Field is the intimate ultimate reality of everyone and every nation

Maharishi explained that a group of Yogic Flyers in a country transforms the life of the nation by enlivening within individual and collective consciousness the evolutionary power of the Unified Field—Total Natural Law—which promotes the progress of everyone and everything from point to infinity in the ever-expanding universe. 'The Unified Field has been discovered by both the modern physical sciences and the eternal Vedic science as the ultimate reality of all existence,' said Maharishi, who then emphasized: 'The Unified Field is not far away. It is the self-referral field of consciousness—it is the intimate ultimate reality of the life of every individual and every nation.'

Maharishi said that when the Unified Field is fully enlivened in national consciousness, then the government will enjoy the same flawless administration as the Government of the Universe, which administers the universe with perfect order. 'We have been saying for the past 50 years that perfection in life is a possible, practical reality for every individual and every nation. Now is the time for us to produce that effect in one nation—Holland—and then very soon, in every other nation in our dear world,' Maharishi said.

The bright sunshine is being experienced now—not in the distant future

Maharishi concluded by offering supreme gratitude to the tradition of Vedic masters for the gift of Total Knowledge which is creating a new destiny for the world. 'The dawn of a bright new destiny for all mankind is being experienced now—not at some time in the distant future,' Maharishi said. 'And as world consciousness rises day by day, in country after country, the life of every individual and every nation will be supported by the invincible power of the Unified Field—the Constitution of the Universe—and the whole world family will enjoy permanent peace and prosperity—Heaven on Earth, now and for all generations to come.'


1 - 7 June, 2006

Brief Summary of Positive New Trends in Holland Generated by the Group of 400 Yogic Flyers at Maharishi European Research University

'The government is governed by the collective consciousness of the people. If national consciousness is incoherent, the government is incoherent. If national consciousness is coherent, the decisions of the government will be coherent—and the people will enjoy good health, prosperity, and peace.'—Maharishi

An eight-week analysis of Dutch newspaper reports since the establishment on April 12 of the group of 400 Yogic Flyers at Maharishi European Research University reveals that from the very first day the government began to act more coherently, decisively, and with greater support for the people and greater concern for the environment. The following are a few of the many positive emerging new political and economic trends cited in the Dutch press:

Signs of Holland's economic boom continue: Holland now belongs to a select group of countries in the world with a budget surplus. For the first time ever, the Dutch government spent less money than it brought in during the month of April. This unexpected good news follows earlier reports that unemployment was down sharply during April, there was a marked increase in new jobs created, and consumer and business confidence was the highest since 2000. The economic boom is also fueling industry leader confidence: The Dutch press reported this week that industry in Holland is now expected to invest a dramatic 14% more than last year according to Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS).

Signs of the parental role of the Dutch government: The Dutch press also reported this week new signs of the government's growing 'parental role' for its people, including providing substantial new funding for much-needed social services. For example, government leaders announced plans to partner with business and industry to provide comprehensive training and new employment opportunities for young people and the 'partly-abled;' government-sponsored programs are under way to provide improved housing for the elderly; and a national campaign was launched this week to renovate chronic problem-area neighborhoods in such large cities as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, and Utrecht.

Daily good news report from Holland:

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