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Fourth anniversary of His Holiness Maharshi Mahesh Yogi's Global Weekly Press Conferences
by Global Good News staff writer

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9 June 2006

Wednesday, the 7th June 2006 marked the Fourth anniversary of His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's Global Weekly Press Conferences.

In this historic press conference, Maharishi's comments to the world press are in light of the success of the Holland Invincibility Course—an assembly of 400 practitioners of Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi Programme, including Yogic Flying, gathered in MERU, Holland to create invincibility for the nation, since 400 Yogic Flyers flying together in one place is the 'Super Radiance' number required for the 16 million citizens of Holland.

(For more information about the 'Super Radiance' phenomenon, visit:

Maharishi's comments to the world press, 7 June 2006:

'This is the time of the dawn of a new age, the age of order, peace, affluence, freedom from problems, freedom from sickness, no more cries to be heard. All that we have been talking of for four years, this is the time today for the world press to see that it is happening. The sun is rising.

'It is happening. It is happening today. Today is about the fiftieth day that invincibility is rising in Holland national consciousness. So many good things are happening in the social order of Holland, in the administrative order of Holland, in the administrative tendencies of Holland, in every way—in the field of economy, in the field of politics, in the field of order, in the field of religion. In every field there is positivity growing in Holland's collective consciousness. The influence of these Yogic Flyers is so strong in the intensity of coherence that the transformation will be like the darkness of the night facing the dawn of the rising sun.

'Four years is just nothing in the long tradition of millions of years of the world's life, but now this is happening. . . . And tell them [the world press] that what they will see is something reliable, something dependable, enjoyable. It will take the flow of life from the pangs of suffering to the waves of bliss'.

Dr John Hagelin, renowned quantum physicist and President of the US Peace Government, commented on Maharishi's address to the world press today, saying:

'There is no recorded time in the history of Vedic Knowledge of any previous time of transformation when the upsurge, the rediscovery of Total Knowledge and its application has been so complete and so sudden. We are living in an age of mass communications, of advanced telecommunications technologies, where the discovery of Total Knowledge can literally reach the whole world in an instant, just as this message of Maharishi's press conference spanned the entire world in an instant through a network of global satellites and internet webcast, so billions of people all over the world have access to this knowledge.

'The world press has been alerted. Since the transformation of society, from ignorance to knowledge, from darkness to light, from war to peace, and peace perpetual is happening so quickly, if you are a member of the press, don't sleep through the dawn. It is always possible to sleep through the dawn, but then you miss the sublime transformations, and the inevitable process of the bright sunshine dispelling the darkness.

'It is very important that future generations can look back and say, 'This was the time of transformation, and this transformation was brought about by groups of Yogic Flyers.' That is the key observation to record, so that no future generation loses the key—loses the knowledge of how the transformation of society was achieved, and never makes the mistake of receding from their commitment to these coherence-creating groups throughout the world.

'The change going on in the world does not need anyone to change what they are doing right now. The constitutions of countries can be the same, with the same laws, people practising their own religion, and traditions of culture. It only needs youngsters in schools and universities practising Yogic Flying as a supplement to their education, which will awaken their total brain functioning and make them brilliant, creative, and integrated citizens of their nation, bubbling in bliss. Nothing else needs to be changed, and there will be a complete change in the trends of every area of national life towards positivity, harmony, and peace. Politics will become positive, economics will eliminate poverty in the world, and thus enhance the achievements of politics.'

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