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Celebrating the dawn of a new fortune for all mankind
by Global Country of World Peace

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20 December 2005

Celebrating the dawn of a new fortune for all mankind

An historic series of eight one-day conferences, from 27 November to 4 December 2005, has been held in the international city of Geneva, Switzerland, with the theme 'Celebrating the dawn of a new fortune for all mankind'. The conferences have marked the establishment of the International Capital of the Global Country of World Peace in Geneva, the city at the hub of international development and home to numerous international organizations.

During the conferences, several new international institutions have been inaugurated in areas such as education, health care, architecture, and defence, which will be established in Geneva in the coming months under the auspices of the Global Country of World Peace.

According to the Prime Minister of the Global Country of World Peace, Dr Bevan Morris, 'These institutions will together create a new fortune for all mankind and will bring fulfilment to the laudable goals of the founders of the United Nations and other international organizations in Geneva. In every field of life there will be no mistake, no lack of fortune, and there will always be speedy progress towards the goal, as our programmes bring the support of the eternal light of the Cosmic Constitution for all nations to enjoy real sovereignty and invincibility.'

Rajas from around the world join Conference

The conferences were hosted by Dr Felix Kaegi, the Raja of Switzerland, whose desire is to make Switzerland problem-free and invincible—Heaven on Earth—through the knowledge of Total Natural Law, the Constitution of the Universe, and from Switzerland to bring this precious knowledge to all nations.

Raja Felix was accompanied at the conferences by his wife, Dr Mona Kaegi, Mother of the Domain of the Raja of Switzerland, and several other Rajas from different countries and Ministers of the Global Country of World Peace (see photographs), while other Rajas and Ministers addressed the conference via video link from the Capitals of the Global Country of World Peace in The Netherlands and USA.

The Rajas and Ministers are now creating a new light of life for all mankind under the guidance of His Majesty Maharaja Nader Raam, first ruler of the Global Country of World Peace, the most eminent scientist of this age who is renowned for his discovery of consciousness at the basis of the human physiology—proving that man is really Cosmic, administered by the evolutionary power of the Constitution of the Universe, the Veda, the common 'heritage of all humanity'.

Building on the inspiration from the conferences in Geneva, similar series of conferences have been held in other countries with the same theme of 'Celebrating the dawn of a new fortune for all mankind', including The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, and USA.

Invocation of Divine Intelligence

Each of the daily conferences started with the invocation of Divine Intelligence through Vedic Recitation, performed by expert Vedic scholars from India. The tradition of Vedic Recitation has been proclaimed by UNESCO to be a 'Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity'. Raja Felix said that by enlivening Total Natural Law, the Constitution of the Universe, Vedic Recitation radiates a purifying influence to all the national anthems of our dear world.

Maharishi says conferences mark new plateau for his organization

His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Founder of the Global Country of World Peace, gave the concluding address at each of the conferences via video link from his international headquarters in The Netherlands. Maharishi said that the conferences marked a new plateau, reached after 50 years of his worldwide organization, where the knowledge was now complete, and it is time to start on action to accomplish the goal in every area of life. Maharishi connected the theme of each day with the eternal light of the Cosmic Constitution, the Will of God. 'This generation is going to realize and live the truth of, 'Thy Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven,'' Maharishi said.

Inauguration of Maharishi University of World Peace

The first conference on Sunday, 27 November, marked the inauguration of Maharishi University of World Peace—a new global University, with its headquarters in Geneva and colleges in every country, to bring the complete knowledge of Natural Law to every nation in order to create a permanent and lasting state of world peace. Courses will be broadcast through the internet and satellite from Geneva.

'Maharishi University of World Peace will offer study of the physical sciences and the ancient Vedic Science of Consciousness,' said Dr Volker Schanbacher, President of Maharishi University of World Peace. 'Every student will gain the knowledge and experience of Total Natural Law, the Veda, the Constitution of the Universe, the Will of God. Total Knowledge will be applied in all fields of life—including education, health, architecture, agriculture, politics, economics, communication, and engineering—to create a perfect man who will not make mistakes in his private or professional life.'

Consciousness-Based Education for all men and ladies

The second conference on Monday, 28 November, saw the inauguration of Maharishi Vedic University, which will introduce Consciousness-Based Education in every country, separately for men and ladies.

The Vedic approach to education—Consciousness-Based Education—offers Total Knowledge to awaken total brain functioning in the student, and to develop higher states of consciousness so that the student can achieve anything in life, Maharishi Vedic Universities, Colleges, and Schools will raise everyone to enjoy their unlimited creative potential, create a problem-free society, and good will, peace, affluence, and happiness in the family of nations.

In addition to providing the best quality education for boys to gain higher states of consciousness and to learn professional skills in the eight university departments, Maharishi Vedic University and its schools and colleges in every country will also offer a new educational system for ladies and girls: 'Perfect Education for Mothers in Every Generation'. This ideal Vedic system of education for girls and ladies is based on Total Knowledge and dedicated to enlivening the nourishing role of mother in society, now and for all future generations.

Ladies will study together in their own atmosphere, since, as the saying goes, 'Birds of the same feather flock together.' This will promote their rise to higher states of consciousness most effectively. The curriculum of Vedic Education for Ladies will offer courses at all levels of education from kindergarten to PhD in each of the areas of study presented by the eight faculties of the Vedic Colleges and Universities for Ladies.

Maharishi Vedic Medical Universities to create a disease-free society

The third conference marked the inauguration of Maharishi Vedic Medical University, to introduce Vedic health care in every country, which alone has the potential to create a disease-free society.

Maharishi Vedic Medical Universities and Colleges will teach practical programmes for prevention and cure of disorders on the individual, family, city, national, and international levels of life. Vedic Hospitals will also be constructed to implement these programmes for treating sickness and preventing disease.

Seven states of consciousness

The fourth conference saw the inauguration of Practical Programmes for Developing Higher States of Consciousness, which are at the basis of the success of all three of the institutions founded on the first three days of the conference. Maharishi has identified seven distinct states of human consciousness, and offered to the world the practical programmes for every individual to rise to the highest state of consciousness.

In addition to the three relative changing states of consciousness of Waking; Dreaming, and Sleeping, Maharishi has revealed that there are four higher states of consciousness: Transcendental Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness, God Consciousness, and Unity Consciousness—the pinnacle of human development, where an individual gains total mastery of Natural Law and lives a life of all possibilities.

Developing two billion hectares of unused agricultural land

The fifth conference launched a uniquely effective Poverty-Removal Programme based on the development of the two billion hectares of unused land with agricultural potential, which is located mainly in the poorest countries of the world (statistic of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization). Announcing the plan, Dr Benjamin Feldman, Minister of Finance and Planning of the Global Country of World Peace, said: 'Our planning of this great project is really perfect in every way. Men of vision are invited to quickly begin to participate without taking much time to think and decide. All investors will glorify their family history by participating in this project.'

Through worldwide advertising Dr Feldman is inviting investors to contribute to a ten trillion dollar fund to cover the start-up costs of the two billion hectares of unused agricultural land (at the rate of $5,000 per hectare). 'It is really good business to enjoy profit while eliminating poverty,' the announcement states. For more details see:

Dr Feldman also presented the new Global Development Currency—The Raam—which will facilitate the start of productive large-scale agricultural projects in developing countries. Maharishi Colleges of Vedic Economy and Maharishi Colleges of Vedic Agriculture will be established as part of this programme in order to educate the poor and increase their productivity—so that they earn more while working fewer hours a day—and to guide them to produce export-oriented products for maximum profit.

'Seven Heavens for a heavenly Switzerland'

During the sixth conference, which launched the Reconstruction Programme of the World, Dr Eike Hartmann, renowned Vedic architect and Minister of Architecture and City Planning, unveiled dramatic plans for the reconstruction of seven major cites of Switzerland, including Geneva, using the principles of Vedic architecture in accord with Natural Law—'Seven Heavens for a heavenly Switzerland', according to Raja Felix Kaegi.

With the help of satellite photographs of 20 major capital cites of the world and their government buildings, including New Delhi, Dr Hartmann illustrated the horrors of chaotic city planning and the negative impact on the minds of government leaders. He said: 'It is essential that all buildings in the world—houses, offices, schools, and government buildings—and all towns and cities be reconstructed according to the supreme principles of architecture and planning available in the Vedic tradition of knowledge. Unless this is done, and we create fortune-creating homes and cities, our world family will continue to suffer unnecessarily, and world peace will always remain a question mark.'

Dr Hartman said that the plan is to start with the reconstruction of Geneva, and set an example for all major cites of the world. 'Our scientific age demands correction of the mistakes of the past,' he said. For more information about the Reconstruction Programme of the World, see:

Negativity will never arise from inside or outside the nation

The seventh conference marked the inauguration of the Global Institute of Vedic Astrology—Jyotish—to predict and prevent misfortune on the basis of precise mathematical methods to determine future trends; and the inauguration of Maharishi Colleges of Invincible Defence to maintain a state of 'Victory before war' for every country.

Maharishi Colleges of Invincible Defence will train groups of experts in the Vedic Technologies of Consciousness in every country. These groups will create indomitable waves of coherence in national consciousness, preventing the birth of any enemy to the nation, and neutralizing any accumulated stress and strain that may cause problems and strife in national and international life, so each nation will enjoy invincibility and perpetual peace.

Every country to enliven the almighty power of Nature

The eighth and final conference on 4 December marked the inauguration of the Peace Government, with its International Capital in Geneva and branches in every country. According to Dr John Hagelin, renowned quantum physicist, President of the US Peace Government, and Minister of Science and Technology of the Global Country of World Peace, through the activities of the Peace Government, the government of every nation will gain the support of the perfect administration of the Cosmic Constitution—the Constitution of the Universe—which administers the entire ever-expanding universe, noiselessly and without a problem. The Peace Government will thereby create a prevention-oriented and problem-free administration in every country, he said. Dr Hagelin explained that the Peace Government's new Global Parliament for Permanent World Peace, with its National Parliament of World Peace in each country, 'will be the vehicle to enliven the Almighty power of Nature's intelligence and bring fulfilment to the national administration and highest goals of the nation.'

Importance of the purity of mother tongue and motherland

The Global Parliament of Permanent World Peace is re-enlivening in the world the importance of purity in all fields of life, especially with reference to all the 7,000 traditional, ancient mother tongues and cultural motherlands of the world, including those throughout India.

In each motherland—each different cultural group, with its own language—the children at school will be taught in their mother tongue and avoid the stress of speaking different languages at home and at school. They will discover the source of their mother tongue in the universal language of Nature—the language of the Constitution of the Universe, the Veda. This will maintain purity in life, resulting in the full blossoming of all traditional cultures and the unification of the world as a beautiful mosaic of all differences.

Reconstructing Geneva as a fortune-creating city

The first and most immediate outcome of the conferences in Geneva was the formation of a new association of builders, developers, and architects whose goal is to reconstruct Geneva and all of Switzerland through the application of the fortune-creating principles of Sthapatya Veda—Vedic architecture in harmony with Natural Law. Advertisements were placed in all the main newspapers of Geneva inviting builders and developers to a special conference held on 15 December to launch the reconstruction programme.

The announcement stated that 'the existing architecture of Geneva violates Natural Law and does not promote health, happiness, and prosperity to the extent expected from proper architecture. Instead, it offers misfortune and problems to its citizens.

'There is no way for Geneva to be a really healthy, happy, fortune-creating, international city without demolishing the majority of the old, misfortune-creating buildings, which are wrongly oriented with reference to the north-south, east-west directions. Roads must be rebuilt to run north-south in order to provide auspicious east entrances to every building.'

The Raja of Switzerland, Dr Felix Kaegi, said: 'The conclusion is that Geneva must be rebuilt—and the sooner it is planned and done, the better for everyone. I want to see my country as an invincible Global Country of World Peace, and Geneva as the fortune-creating international capital of this Global Country of World Peace.'

For more information on the eight-day celebration and the new plans for Switzerland, please visit the website:

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