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Day 8: Celebrating the Dawn of a New Fortune for All Mankind

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4 December 2005

Sunday, 4 December, 3:00 to 5:30 p.m. Central European Time, The Global Country of World Peace is celebrating the Inauguration of the Peace Government with its International Capital in Geneva; and Inauguration of the new Global Parliament for Permanent World Peace, with its National Parliaments in each country.

Today, when the existing United Nations is struggling to restructure itself, it is abundantly clear to the world that the UN has utterly failed in its mission. The intrinsic problem of the existing UN is that it is a forum of opinions and ideas, which are full of human weakness and failings, so it continues to fail in its overall mission to provide security and peace in the world.

The Global Parliament of Permanent World Peace, by contrast, is offering the complete knowledge of Natural Law to every country so that responsible leaders can take recourse to higher intelligence—Total Natural Law—the Constitution of the Universe, which peacefully administers the universe without a problem—to create a prevention-oriented and problem-free government.

From the scientific perspective, the Constitution of the Universe is the totality of Natural Law; and from the religious perspective it is the Will of God. In whatever way it is expressed and whatever name it is given in any language, this is the Divine Intelligence that runs everything, from the cells in our bodies to the whole earth and solar system, to the numberless stars and galaxies. It is not man-made law, it is God-made law.

If the national government does not respond to this kind offer of complete knowledge, the Global Peace Government—which is now being established in every nation—will quietly do it for them, enlivening the support of the Constitution of the Universe, the almighty power of Nature's intelligence—to bring fulfilment to the national administration.

National governments everywhere are being run by man-made constitutions, which naturally have the influence of human weaknesses and failings. This has been the main reason why governments run by man-made constitutions are unsatisfactory, nations feel obliged to change their government so often. Now with the support of the eternal light of the Cosmic Constitution, all governments will enjoy real sovereignty and invincibility.

Importance of the purity of Mother Tongue and Motherland

The Global Parliament of Permanent World Peace is also re-enlivening in the world the importance of purity in all fields of life and language, especially with reference to all the 7,000 traditional, ancient mother tongues and motherlands of the world.

In each motherland it is vital to teach the children at school in their mother tongue, and show them the source of their mother tongue in the universal language of Nature—the language of the Constitution of the Universe, the Veda. This will maintain purity in life, and maintain life in the Light of God, resulting in the full blossoming of all traditional cultures and the unification of the world as a beautiful mosaic of all differences—Unity in diversity.

The World Federation of Traditional Kings has been founded by Maharishi to honour and fulfil the pious heritage of parental administration through Natural Law embodied in the life of traditional rulers of the world and expressed through the local mother tongue in every culture and motherland. Members of the World Federation of Traditional Kings are found in more than 30 countries including Australia, Bolivia, Botswana Cameroon, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Ghana, Guatemala, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Kenya, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, The Philippines, Russia, Sierra Leone, South Africa, South Korea, Tanzania, Trinidad, USA, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, and Zambia with numbers rising each day.

Honouring Traditional Rulers as the Custodians of Peace

We honour traditional rulers of every culture as royal Kings. They are the custodians of the light of peace for their dear people and glorious bright stars in the world family.

Every culture recognizes that it is Natural Law—the Will of God that promotes the evolution of life in peace and progress. Cultural traditions throughout the world have adored their rulers as the expression of Nature's divine intelligence.

The loving parental rule of traditional Kings reflects Nature's fundamental unity that upholds the infinite diversity of life in harmony for all time. The continuity of Nature is also beautifully expressed in the tradition of hereditary rule that promotes stability in society unlike the struggle and strain created by constantly changing governments of today.

It is evident, however, that the precious traditions, cultures, and mother tongues that once expressed a high value of Natural Law have been undermined by foreign influences that have distorted life and restricted the progress, happiness, and harmony of the world.

Now Maharishi is restoring the complete knowledge of Natural Law to the leaders of every culture so that peace will be enjoyed for all time. However, as long as poverty and economic imbalance in our world family exist it will be difficult for lasting peace to be easily achieved and for traditional rulers to fulfil the needs of their dear people.

Maharishi's Global Poverty-Removal Programme for Permanent Peace

Therefore the World Federation of Traditional Kings is helping traditional rulers everywhere to create greater affluence so they may provide a higher standard of living to their people. Maharishi's Global Poverty-Removal Programme is designed to help traditional Kings cultivate their unused land with agricultural potential to grow organic crops for export.

The worldwide demand for healthful foods is growing rapidly and organic crops command a premium price in the markets of wealthy countries.

If traditional rulers allocate land for a farming project, the World Federation of Traditional Kings and its global affiliates will work to provide development financing to cover the required start-up costs.

Increasing Affluence from the Beginning of the Programme

An immediate goal of the programme is to significantly increase local income by creating greater employment at generous wages in rural areas often lacking in opportunity. With greater affluence, mothers will not have to work outside of the home but can properly raise the forthcoming generation. Young people will have the chance to spend their formative years unfolding their full creativity and intelligence in school.

The construction of new housing, schools, clinics, and community facilities for farmers and their families will be an integral part of the project.

Already traditional rulers have allocated millions of hectares of land in their custody and are beginning the practical steps to implement large-scale farming in the next growing season.

Master Plans for many of these projects have been made with an orderly system of roads that connect together the farm villages, each with about 100 houses and responsible for farming 2,500 hectares of land. A regional capital will also be constructed with a university and central hospital so that no one need feel pressed to leave their motherland for lack of opportunity or care. Principles of design and planning in accord with Natural Law will be used to promote good fortune and peace in society. Modern farm equipment, management expertise, and global marketing of the organic crops will also be provided by the experts of Maharishi University of World Peace.

Part of every project will be allocated to international programmes so that as the economy of one area rises in affluence others will not be left behind.

An Invitation to Financiers to Participate in the Global Poverty-Removal Programme

Now every Traditional King can take recourse to the Natural Law of his peoples' land and turn the dust of the soil into precious gold so that he may easily bring a better life to his kingdom. With growing affluence a new self-sufficiency will naturally blossom and bring strength and stability to the nation and the world as a whole.

Members of the World Federation of Traditional Kings are located in 23 of the 68 poorest countries of the world and have access to about 600 million hectares of unused land with agricultural potential. This is one-third of the 2 billion hectares which when cultivated for organic agricultural production will eliminate poverty in the world—the target of the Global Poverty-Removal Programme. We therefore have a very good field for our project. We are mentioning this for financiers to make their choice to pioneer the Global Poverty-Removal Programme.

Statement issued by the Prime Minister of the Global Country of World Peace, Dr Bevan Morris, describing the details of the programme of the celebration.

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