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Maharishi's Victory Day proclamation: 'Achievement of world peace is at hand'
by Peace Government Media Team

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19 October 2005

Science and Technology of Total Natural Law Is the 'Press-Button Operation' to Instantly Create a Better World

His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, founder of the Global Country of World Peace, boldly proclaimed this week that the achievement of mankind's long-sought goal of permanent world peace is now at hand. Maharishi declared that with the establishment of schools, colleges, and universities around the globe offering the science and technology of Total Natural Law, the world is destined soon to enjoy a golden Age of Enlightenment that is free from all conflict, problems, and suffering.

Maharishi's proclamation came on 12 October during grand, global celebrations of the Vedic festival of 'Victory Day'. Victory Day—Vijaya Dashami—is celebrated in the annual Vedic calendar as the day of enlightenment for every individual and invincibility for every nation.

Maharishi's announcement comes after 50 years of bringing enlightenment to millions of people through his worldwide Transcendental Meditation movement. 'It is with complete satisfaction that we can announce on this Victory Day that the door of permanent world peace has opened for all mankind. Now it is a matter of everyone who wants to enter through the door to simply enter—and enjoy,' Maharishi said.

The peace-promoting influence of Maharishi's Natural Law-based technologies can already be seen in recent world events. Peace and harmony are growing between former enemy nations in many parts of the world, and governments promoting destructive policies are dramatically—and quite suddenly—losing public support.

Science and technology of Total Natural Law is the key to permanent world peace

Maharishi said the science and technology of Total Natural Law is the key to creating permanent world peace. 'There is nothing random in this scientific age. You press a button and instantly the work is done—you achieve the results. The science and technology of Total Natural Law, which administers the infinite diversity of the universe with perfect order, is that same press-button operation in which the action for peace and the effect of creating of peace are immediate—there is no delay,' Maharishi said.

In response to a press question, Maharishi explained why the effect is immediate. 'The science of Total Natural Law and the technology of Total Natural Law are not separate—they are the same,' Maharishi said. 'Total Natural Law—the Unified Field, the Constitution of the Universe, the light of God—has been sought by the wise throughout the ages. But now, in this scientific age, the omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent Unified Field has been found to be within the Self of everyone. So it is just a matter of a few groups of individuals applying it within their own Self to produce an immediate global effect.'

For this, Maharishi said, the Transcendental Meditation Technique provides every individual with the experience of the unmanifest field of Total Natural Law within his own self-referral consciousness. Maharishi also said the advanced Yogic Flying technique provides every individual with the ability to command Total Natural Law, the field of gravity, from within his own Self through the power of thought alone.

'Gravity is the unifying value of Natural Law, which promotes the progress and well-being of everyone and everything in the universe,' Maharishi said. 'The force of gravity can be commanded by the mind through Yogic Flying to produce an immediate, ''push-button'' effect of progress and well-being for the whole world.'

'Our desire is for every generation to be in the light of Total Natural Law, the light of God'

Maharishi concluded the Victory Day celebrations by declaring that with groups of peace-creating Yogic Flyers now being established around the globe, the whole world family will soon rise to the most exalted, supreme state of life on earth—Heaven on Earth, Sat Yuga.

'Our desire is for every generation to be in the light of Total Natural Law, the light of God—so that everyone will be blessed by all good everywhere. That will be our gift to every generation. And for this gift, we always say, 'All glory to Guru Dev, and all glory to the eternal tradition of Vedic masters, who opened the door to enlightenment for every individual, invincibility for every nation, and permanent peace for the whole world family,' Maharishi said.

Maharishi will hold his next global news conferences on 19 and 20 October, which will be broadcast live via satellite and Internet web cast on all continents from the Capital of the Global Country of World Peace in Meru, Holland .

Copyright 2005 Global Country of World Peace

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