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Maharishi's message to the builders of the world: 'Don't delay--start building immediately.'
by Peace Government Media Team

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30 September 2004

His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi invited builders throughout the world to begin to construct immediately in every major city Peace Palaces built according to Vedic Architecture in harmony with Natural Law. 'The Peace Palaces will provide total knowledge to raise the whole population to enlightenment,' Maharishi said. 'They will radiate peace throughout the world in the same way as a lighted lamp radiates light and eliminates darkness.'

Maharishi also called on government leaders to rebuild their residences and offices according to Vedic Architecture to promote administrative harmony and success. Maharishi's message to government leaders and builders came during his September 22 global news conference, which was broadcast live to the world press on all continents via satellite, Internet webcast, and teleconference call from the Capital of the Global Country of World Peace in Meru, Holland. Maharishi will hold his next global news conferences on September 29 and 30.

Start building Peace Palaces right away

Maharishi urged the builders to start building Peace Palaces right away. 'Don't wait for anyone to place an order to build. This is a global undertaking that must be done simultaneously in every country. Consult with the Department of Global Reconstruction of the Global Country of World Peace for the proper orientation and dimensions of the Peace Palaces and then construct the buildings,' Maharishi said. 'Do it quickly because all the Peace Palaces will be occupied immediately.' Maharishi said the builders will earn money for constructing a Peace Palace just as they do for any other development project—but they will also gain something more. 'They will gain the benefits that come from creating a proper home for peace - creating experts who will radiate peace throughout the world,' Maharishi said.

Maharishi's peace plan calls for Peace Palaces in the world's largest 3,000 cities

The construction of 3,000 Peace Palaces in the world's largest 3,000 cities is a key element in Maharishi's programme to create permanent world peace. Maharishi's global peace plan also calls for the establishment of Vedic universities, colleges, and schools to be affiliated with each Peace Palace. The initial phase of the project is now under way to build the first 300 Peace Palaces.

Each Peace Palace to be constructed according to Vedic Architecture with the entrance to the east

Maharishi explained that each Peace Palace will be constructed according to the building codes of Vedic Architecture—Vastu Vidya. According to Vedic Architecture, all buildings should be oriented on a north-south axis with the entrance to the east. 'This is not a matter of faith,' Maharishi said. 'Examine the buildings with an east entrance and you will find the residents enjoy more peace and prosperity, more cordiality and friendship. Examine the buildings with a south or west entrance and there will be quarrelling and conflict, negativity and failure.'

For this reason, Maharishi said, the whole world needs reconstruction. 'The six billion people of the world must be provided with proper buildings in which to live and work,' Maharishi said. 'All homes and offices for government, education, health, and business and industry should be built according to Vedic Architecture as soon as possible. Otherwise, negative thinking, behaviour, and relationships will always continue in all areas of life.'

Proper orientation is a secret of government success

Maharishi said that proper orientation is a secret of government success and urged leaders to reconstruct their buildings according to Vedic Architecture. 'Government leaders should examine whether their residences and offices are properly laid out according to Vedic Architecture. If not, we advise them to follow the principles of Vedic Architecture to promote greater success in all government undertakings.'

Peace Palaces to offer total knowledge in the language of modern science, Vedic Science, and religion

In response to a press question about what people will learn at the Peace Palaces, Maharishi said the whole population will receive total knowledge in terms of modern science, Vedic Science, and religion. 'We will teach total knowledge of the Unified Field in the language of the physical sciences, total knowledge of consciousness in the language of Vedic science, and total knowledge of the light of God from the religious point of view,' Maharishi said.

Maharishi emphasized that he is prepared to train teachers to bring total knowledge to every area of society—all that is required is for builders to take responsibility to construct Peace Palaces. 'With proper homes for total knowledge, everyone will begin to enjoy life in bliss, and our dear world family will be free for all times from problems, sickness, and suffering. So build the Peace Palaces quickly,' Maharishi told the builders. 'Don't delay.'

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