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Specially trained Rajas will promote permanent world peace through total Natural Law
by US Peace Government Media Group

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8 September 2004

His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi proclaimed great satisfaction with the specialized training now under way for the Rajas who will administer the Capitals of the Global Country of World Peace in every country. Maharishi said the Rajas will utilize the enormous capability of the human mind to raise their nations above problems. Maharishi also invited well-meaning people in every country to join a new peace-creating profession and enjoy a life free from problems and suffering while radiating coherence and harmony in the world.

Maharishi's proclamations came during his September 1 global news conference. Maharishi will hold his next global news conferences on September 8 and 9, which will be broadcast live via satellite and Internet webcast from the Capital of the Global Country of World Peace in Meru, Holland.

'The world has been guided by untrained hooligans'

Maharishi said the Rajas are being trained to function from the Unified Field, which administers the universe with perfect order. 'The Rajas have the technology to utilize the infinite energy and intelligence of total Natural Law in their every thought, speech, and action so they never meet with weaknesses, problems, or failures,' Maharishi said.

In contrast, Maharishi said, 'today's problem-ridden world has been guided by people with inadequate intelligence—by untrained hooligans who draw power from the votes of uneducated people on the streets. But now,' Maharishi declared, 'that time must come to an end.'

'The world has suffered enough'

The specialized Raja training is at the basis of Maharishi's program to create permanent world peace. Maharishi's program also includes the construction in the world's largest 3,000 cities of Peace Palaces designed according to Vedic architecture in harmony with Natural Law. Maharishi said that hundreds of peace-creating experts—Yogic Flyers—will soon be employed in each Peace Palace to create coherence in collective consciousness and promote permanent world peace.

'The world has suffered enough,' Maharishi said. 'I invite the fortunate people in every country to join this new peace-creating profession. They will be trained in Vedic technologies to experience the Unified Field at the source of thought so they can fulfill their desires by thought alone. In this profession, no one will undergo hardship or be a slave to anyone. Everyone will be the master of his own destiny. This is the ideal of life we are offering to the world for all generations to come.'

Specialized training is a requirement for successful administration

Maharishi emphasized that this specialised training is required for any administrator to be successful. 'The education of an administrator is different from the education of those who are administered—just as the training of a commander is different from the training of a soldier in the field,' Maharishi said. 'There is no training in the stupid system of democracy, where any uneducated man can be taken off the street, made a leader, and asked to make the laws for the people. It is like asking children to make laws for the family. Administration has been based on human concepts—and that is why governments are a flop everywhere.'

Government should be prevention oriented

Maharishi said that his Peace Governments will take the human race from the childish democratic system of administration to the mature, prevention-oriented, problem-free system of administration through total Natural Law. 'If a government does not know how to prevent problems—'to avert the danger that has not yet come'— then it does not know how to govern,' said Maharishi, who added that this ability defines a government's parental role in the nation. 'Just as parents provide in advance the clothes the children will require when winter or summer comes, so too, government should provide in advance for the all needs of all the people in the nation.'

In response to a press question about the continuing trend towards secularism in government, Maharishi said that secularism has a role in government policy if it means that government has a parental role and is impartial and equally supportive to everyone in the nation. However, Maharishi said, secularism is a fraudulent human concept if it aims to eliminate God from the life of the nation. 'Nothing can be devoid of God because God is the ultimate and intimate reality of everything—God permeates and pervades everything.'

'Make hay while the sun shines'

Maharishi concluded by calling on the global press to carry his message to everyone in the world, and by urging people 'to make hay while the sun shines' in every country. 'Now, everyone has at their disposal the knowledge of total Natural Law—the total will of God—and the science and technology to administer society from the quiet level of the transcendental field of consciousness,' Maharishi said. 'With a Peace Palace in every city and 100 to 200 people practising Yogic Flying in every Peace Palace, there will be permanent peace on earth—and permanent peace in the heavens as well.'

Copyright 2004 US Peace Government

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