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Maharishi's message to world leaders: 'No military can save your nation--prevention is the only way'
by US Peace Government Media Group

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18 August 2004

His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi this week dismissed as 'senseless and ineffective' destructive weapons and other offensive military strategies used to defend a nation from attack—and declared prevention to be the only way a government can safeguard its people. For effective prevention, Maharishi offered government leaders the Vedic approach to defence, which creates coherent national consciousness to prevent the birth of an enemy either inside or outside a country's borders.

''Ask any president, prime minister, or military commander, 'Can you save your country?'' Maharishi said. 'If he is truthful, he will say 'No.' Then why is he enlisting the youth of his country—giving them food and drink today—to die for the nation tomorrow? It makes no sense.''

Maharishi made his pronouncements during his August 11 global news conference, which was broadcast live via satellite and Internet webcast from the Capital of the Global Country of World Peace in Meru, Holland. Maharishi will hold his next news conferences on August 18 and 19.

Any nation can rise to invincibility by enlivening the Unified Field

Maharishi said that any nation can rise to invincibility by enlivening the invincible basis of life in the Unified Field of Natural Law, which administers the universe with perfect order. For this, Maharishi said, the Global Country of World Peace is establishing groups of peace-creating experts in every nation—Yogic Flyers—to enliven the Unified Field from within their own self-referral consciousness to create an atmosphere of coherence in national consciousness. 'Then, no enemy will be born inside or outside the nation,' Maharishi said.

Maharishi condemns countries that sell arms

Maharishi also condemned destructive powers that sell arms to poor nations under the guise of promoting national defence. 'Countries that earn money selling arms are very cruel,' Maharishi said. 'Everyone knows selling arms is wrong, because killing is always a sin. We want everyone to be saved from committing sin. That is why we are establishing groups of Yogic Flyers in every nation to promote a high level of coherence in world consciousness. Then no one will be an enemy to anyone.'

Extensive published scientific research has found that groups of Yogic Flyers create harmony and coherence in collective consciousness, reducing negative tendencies such as crime, violence, and war, and promoting positive social and economic trends throughout society.

Yogic Flying demonstrates the power of the mind over gravity

Maharishi explained the power of Yogic Flying to create a peaceful world. 'With a gentle thought from the Unified Field—the field of gravity—the body immediately lifts up during Yogic Flying. To whatever extent the body lifts up—six inches, one foot, five feet—this is a clear demonstration of the power of the mind over the force of gravity, which governs the huge galactic universe,' Maharishi said. 'With groups of Yogic Flyers everywhere enlivening total Natural Law in world consciousness, it is no exaggeration to say that our world is going to be a heaven for angels to enjoy.'

India should not run to America or Britain for safety and security

In response to a press question, Maharishi repeated his pointed challenge of last week to the President of India to not align his nation with the 'thorny bush' of America. 'The President of India should not run to America or Britain in the hope that these destructive forces will save the country. He should promote safety, security, and invincibility from within his own nation through the ancient Vedic science that has been proven unfailingly effective by modern science,' Maharishi said. 'But science doesn't mean anything to America and Britain. For these countries, the Unified Field is just a theoretical calculation of mathematical equations. They don't see how Vedic technologies can enliven the Unified Field to create peace. That is why these countries keep on killing. Fortunately, world consciousness is rising fast, so their treachery and cruelty will not have a hold over the world.'

'Two thousand years of suffering is enough for the world'

Maharishi concluded by announcing that Vedic universities, colleges, and schools are now being established in every major city to offer total knowledge to all areas of society and raise the whole population to enlightenment. 'Forget about what the world has been in the past,' Maharishi said. 'Very soon we will raise mankind above problems. Two thousand years of suffering has been enough for the world—now is the time to be awake.

'With the blessings of the tradition of Vedic masters, no one born on our dear earth will ever have to suffer again.'

Copyright 2004 US Peace Government

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