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Global Country of World Peace will peacefully administer all governments from the Unified Field of Natural Law

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27 April 2004

Global Country of World Peace will peacefully administer all governments from the Unified Field of Natural Law.

Every nation will rise to invincibility, affluence, and freedom from problems

Maharishi Vedic University for 8,000 peace-creating students to be built on newly acquired land in Maharishi Vedic City, Iowa

(April 27, 2004) His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi declared during a global celebration last week that his Global Country of World Peace possesses the total knowledge and global organisation to peacefully administer every government from the level of the Unified Field of Natural Law-the Constitution of the Universe. As a result, Maharishi said, every individual can now rise to enlightenment and every nation can enjoy invincibility, affluence, and freedom from problems.

Maharishi's declaration comes 50 years after founding his Spiritual Regeneration Movement to spiritually regenerate all mankind. 'This is what I have been looking forward to,' Maharishi said. 'Now, in every generation, there will be a lighted lamp to guide the people to enlightenment.'

Maharishi's proclamation highlighted the April 22 celebrations of Akshaya Tritiya-'The Day of Lasting Achievements'-the most auspicious day in the Vedic calendar for launching new initiatives. Maharishi spoke to leaders of his Global Country of World Peace on all continents live via satellite broadcast and Internet webcast from the Capital of the Global Country of World Peace in Meru, Holland.

Maharishi will hold his next global news conferences on April 28 and 29.

Raja Raam will radiate total knowledge to brighten the destiny of mankind

Maharishi expressed complete satisfaction with the capabilities of His Majesty Raja Raam, First Ruler of the Global Country of World Peace. Maharishi said Raja Raam derives his capacity for total knowledge and infinite organising power from the source of creation-an inexhaustible reservoir of peace and dynamism within the Self of everyone. 'Raja Raam is competent to radiate total knowledge near and far, like the rays of the sun, to brighten the destiny of mankind,' Maharishi said.

Maharishi also said that the administration of Raja Raam, which includes his Cabinet Ministers, his 12 newly trained Rajas to administer 12 time zones, and his Peace Governments in 108 countries, will be 'a lighthouse of total knowledge that will leave no darkness in any corner of the world for any generation.'

Akshaya Tritiya celebration features historic developments

The Akshaya Tritiya celebration featured many historic developments, including:

• EXPANSION OF MAHARISHI VEDIC CITY-Maharishi Vedic City, Iowa-the world's first city governed according to Vedic administration for prevention-oriented, problem-free administration- significantly expanded its city boundaries by acquiring or entering into an agreement to acquire 1,550 acres of land in and near the City.

• GROUNDBREAKING FOR MAHARISHI VEDIC UNIVERSITY-Groundbreaking ceremonies were held for a new campus of Maharishi Vedic University to be built on the new land in Maharishi Vedic City. The University will be home to 8,000 peace-creating American students whose practice of Transcendental Meditation and Yogic Flying will create coherent national consciousness and promote positivity and harmony in America and peace in the world.

• NEW LAND PURCHASED WITH RAAM-The new land in Maharishi Vedic City was purchased with Raam-the gold-backed Global Development Currency of the Global Country of World Peace. (The Raam is exchangeable for dollars at the rate of 1 Raam for 10 U.S. dollars.)

• 3000 FLAGS FOR 3,000 PEACE PALACES-Three thousand flags of the Global Country of World Peace were placed throughout Maharishi Vedic City to represent the 3000 Peace Palaces that are being built in the world's largest 3,000 cities. Each Peace Palace will offer total knowledge to raise the whole population to enlightenment. When a new Peace Palace is constructed, a delegation from the city will come to Maharishi Vedic City and receive a flag for its Peace Palace.

• GROUNDBREAKING FOR PEACE PALACES-Leaders of the Global Country of World Peace reported grand groundbreaking ceremonies for Peace Palaces on every continent.

Bringing fulfilment to the spirit of globalisation

Maharishi explained that the educational programs offered by the Global Country of World Peace will bring fulfilment to the spirit of globalisation by uniting all of humanity under the umbrella of total knowledge. 'Through Vedic education, the source of creation-total Natural Law-will be brought to the awareness of every child at an early age,' Maharishi said.

Creating perpetual Raam Raj-life in peace and perfection

Maharishi concluded by proclaiming that the world is destined to enjoy a glorious future. 'The Global Country of World Peace is going to create perpetual Raam Raj-life in accord with Natural Law,' Maharishi said. 'Life will be lived in peace and perfection, with no ignorance, no mistakes, and no problems for any individual or any nation anywhere in the world for all generations to come.'

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