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Dutch company to light a million Nigerian homes with solar power
30 November 2019 - Lumos Global BV, a Dutch company specializing in off-grid solar power, plans to light up over a million Nigerian households by 2025 as it expands in Africa's most populous country of more than 200 million where only 60 percent have access to electricity. (more)

This 8-year-old chess champion will make you smile
16 March 2019 - Tanitoluwa Adewumi, who lives with his family in a shelter in New York City, went from chess novice to chess champion in little over a year. In a homeless shelter in Manhattan, an 8-year-old boy is walking to his room, carrying an awkward load in his arms ... The boy is a Nigerian refugee with an uncertain future, but he is beaming. He can't stop grinning because the awkward load is a huge trophy, almost as big as he is. This homeless third grader has just won his category at the New York State chess championship. (more)

Nigeria: The 'angel' who secretly pays patients' hospital bills
21 December 2018 - In Nigeria, very few medical services are free of charge, and if you can't pay your hospital bill you may not be allowed to leave. Who will help? In this deeply religious society, many stranded patients hope for divine intervention. Zeal Akaraiwai does not have the wings of an angel ... This 40-something financial consultant ... steps out of his car in a potholed government hospital car park in Lagos. He is greeted warmly by a team of social workers, and gets straight to business. He asks them for 'the list'. (more)

Nigeria: Disadvantaged girls change their communities by learning to code
13 September 2018 - GirlsCoding, a free program run by the Pearls Africa Foundation, seeks to educate and excite girls about computer programming. Since 2012, the group has helped more than 400 disadvantaged girls gain the technical skills and confidence they need to transform their lives. (more)

Is this African teenager a future coding superstar?
28 August 2018 - Schoolgirl Tomisin Ogunnubi is a teenager with a passion for programming. Three years ago she created My Locator, an app which helps children who are lost. Tomisin, who is now 15 and studies in Ikeja, Nigeria. Tomisin's computer science teacher, Kofoworola Cole, says the teenager's achievements have changed the school's approach to teaching the subject. It's also had a ripple effect among her fellow students. (more)

Fed up with costly, dirty fuels, Nigerians switch to cleaner alternatives
23 August 2018 - For Rhoda Tanko, preparing dishes of okra or egusi soup in her small shack was a daily ordeal spent battling the dizzying, toxic black fumes spewed out by her charcoal stove. Her home's energy needs were costly too ... But that changed earlier this year when, with help from her local cooperative, Tanko bought a new, cleaner-burning stove. The stove, which cost 10,500 naira ($34), was provided by Solar Sister, a non-profit that operates in Nigeria as well as in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. (more)

Solarcentury and the chocolate factory; company to build 2.35MWp of solar in Nigeria
4 December 2017 - UK based developer Solarcentury is constructing a 2.35MWp solar project for a Tulip Cocoa Processing (TCP) chocolate factory in Nigeria, North East of Lagos. The project is under a turnkey contract where Solarcentury will also take responsibility for maintenance and operations. The project will consist of solar installations part of which will be roof-mounted and partly ground-mounted, within TCP's operational factories. Solarcentury's Nigeria project is unique as there are very few MW-scale distributed generation and energy storage projects in sub-Sahara Africa. (more)

Breaking the code: how women in Nigeria are changing the face of tech
14 August 2017 - The Nigerian tech scene is booming. Last year, Lagos-based startup Andela received $24 million in funding from Mark Zuckerberg. In 2015, financial technology startup Paystack -- one of the first Nigerian tech companies to be accepted into renowned California-based startup accelerator Y Combinator -- secured approximately $1.3 million in seed investment from international investors. Within this growth, women are emerging as influential forces, and changing the face of technology in Africa, especially in the fields of agricultural and financial tech. (more)

Nigerians starved of electricity access turn to solar
21 February 2017 - In Nigeria, for the cost of powering a small generator for two hours they [Dutch company Lumos] offer enough solar power to light a house, cool a room with a fan, and charge cell phones for about eight hours. Customers can even watch TV for a few hours. (more)

The Nigerian school for orphans and victims of jihadists
17 November 2016 - In a region where social bonds have been fractured by Boko Haram insurgency, the Future Prowess school is an unlikely model of cohesion. It consciously and publicly welcomes both the orphans of jihadists -- and the children of civilians and soldiers killed by the jihadists. (more)

Success of Maharishi's Programmes
Short Summaries of Top Stories

An ideal way to protect Nigeria from internal and external threats: Nigerians Report
8 September 2015 - Recently a string of terrorist attacks have occurred as Nigeria has struggled to build a functional and coherent response. 'Fortunately, there is a science-based approach to create societal coherence that can protect Nigeria from both internal and external threats. It is called Invincible Defense Technology (IDT) because it assures invincibility, peace, and even economic progress, to the nation and the military that employ it,' writes Dr David Leffler, Executive Director of the Center for Advanced Military Science (CAMS), USA, in a recent article published in Nigerians Report. 'Invincible Defense Technology is a proven, state-of-the-art, non-violent military solution.' (more)

Preventing future Boko Haram attacks: Nigerian military urged to adopt Invincible Defence Technology to create permanent peace
1 June 2014 - The military of Nigeria cannot solve the problem of terrorism by standard military means alone, write Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Kulwant Singh and Dr. David Leffler in an article that has been published around the world. The authors urge Nigerian leaders to immediately adopt the evidence-based approach of Invincible Defense Technology (IDT)--an effective, scientifically validated means to reduce violence and terrorism, and create coherence and peace in society. IDT requires establishing a Prevention Wing of the military--a small portion of the armed forces which practises Transcendental Meditation and its advanced technologies of consciousness together every day. Extensive scientific research has documented positive social trends such as reduced conflict and lowered crime rate when the square root of 1% of the population practices the advanced Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Programme in a group. (more)

Preventing future Boko Haram attacks - African and world press reports
28 May 2014 - Can war and terrorism be prevented with the military methods used in the past? Again and again, history shows that the answer is 'no'. War, conflict, violence, and terrorism are human problems that require a human solution. Their underlying cause is accumulated stress in society's collective consciousness. If the collective consciousness is full of tension and fear, then disorder is more likely to erupt into violence than if the prevailing mood is one of contentment. A dissatisfied and frustrated population contributes to its own instability. This buildup of tension is dangerous to any nation's sovereignty, producing an unstable government prone to war. However, if the collective social stress driving these problems is prevented, negative manifestations would cease. Invincible Defense Technology is a scientifically validated solution to reducing social stress, conflict, and violence. Zero collective stress ultimately means no war and no terrorism. (more)

Nigeria: Preventing future Boko Haram attacks
21 May 2014 - Violence and conflict have plagued mankind throughout history, and the terrorist attacks by Boko Haram are just a current manifestation. How can Nigeria protect itself from future attacks? Ideally, the best way to guard against emerging terrorist threats would be to have no enemies. No enemies = no terrorism! An unfamiliar but effective human resource-based approach called Invincible Defence Technology would help the military of Nigeria to begin creating a lasting peace by preventing such enemies from arising, both internally and externally. Invincible Defence Technology (IDT) is a scientifically validated solution to conflict and violence. There are over 50 published studies confirming its effectiveness. This recently revived method of preventive defense promises to end terrorism and conflict. Its adoption in Nigeria can set an example of peace-based defense for the rest of the world--something all military leaders would value. (more)

Nigeria: Global Mother Divine Organization supports tour of Consciousness-Based Education expert
12 January 2011 - The Global Mother Divine Organization in Nigeria was instrumental in the success of the visit of Dr Ashley Deans, Global Ambassador of Consciousness-Based Education, to the country, during his eight-nation tour of Africa. Achievements of the organization in the past year were presented at a recent international conference in MERU, Holland. (more)

Nigeria: International expert presents Consciousness-Based Education in many Delta district schools
1 November 2010 - Dr Ashley Deans, Global Ambassador for Consciousness-Based Education, recently visited Nigeria, where he met with a leading government official in education in the capital city of Abuja. Dr Deans was given official letters of introduction to schools in one district, where he gave many presentations which were all well received. (more)

Nigeria establishes first Maharishi Peace Palace, promotes programmes for ladies through Global Mother Divine Organization
3 August 2008 - The National Director of Nigeria for the Global Country of World Peace reported on her nation as part of the global Guru Purnima celebration of the Global Country of World Peace in MERU, Holland. (more)

Nigeria: Esteemed leader reports inspiring progress of Consciousness-Based Education
22 July 2007 - Princess Amanda Bola Adesida-Peterson, director of Consciousness-Based Education for ladies in Nigeria, reported on successes in her nation on 19 July 2007 during the 'Global Celebration of Consciousness-Based Education for Mothers in Every Generation'. (more)

Ministry of Ministry of Religion, Culture, and Language offers national invincibility to 32 countries
7 June 2007 - National Ministers of Religion, Culture, and Language of the Global Country of World Peace have been appointed in thirty-two countries. They will be invited to bring fulfilment to the cherished religious and cultural goals of their nation, creating a nation that will enjoy invincibility, affluence, peace, and prosperity. (more)

Short Summaries of Top Stories

The world is sending tons of illegal, electronic waste to Nigeria
19 April 2018 - Thousands of tons of pollution-filled e-waste are shipped illegally to Nigeria each year, and most of it is coming from Europe, according to a recent study. The study, led by the Basel Convention Coordinating Centre for Africa and United Nations University, is alarming because many of the most common discarded electronics contain toxic metals and other compounds -- such as mercury, lead, cadmium, flame retardants, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) -- that can harm people and the environment. (more)

Boko Haram leaves 3 million kids out of school in N. Nigeria
29 September 2017 - Boko Haram's ongoing insurgency in northern Nigeria has forced the closure of more than 57 percent of schools in Borno state, leaving about 3 million children without an education as the school year begins, the United Nations Children's Fund said Friday [29 September]. 'Children in northeast Nigeria are living through so much horror,' said Justin Forsyth, UNICEF's Deputy Executive Director at the end of a three-day visit to Maiduguri, the epicenter of the crisis in the northeast. 'In addition to devastating malnutrition, violence, and an outbreak of cholera, the attacks on schools is in danger of creating a lost generation of children, threatening their and the country's future.' (more)

Trafficking of Nigerian women into prostitution in Europe 'at crisis level'
8 August 2016 - The UN says 80 per cent of the Nigerian women who came to Italy by boat in the first half of 2016 will be trafficked into prostitution. The trafficking of Nigerian women from Libya to Italy by boat is reaching 'crisis' levels, with traffickers using migrant reception centres as holding pens for women who are then collected and forced into prostitution across Europe, the UN's International Organisation for Migration (IOM) warns. Although a thriving sex trafficking industry has been operating between Nigeria and Italy for over three decades, there has been a marked increase in the numbers of unaccompanied Nigerian women arriving in Italy on migrant boats from Libya. (more)

Boko Haram attacks northeast Nigerian city, town, 80 killed
28 December 2015 - Boko Haram Islamic extremists struck a city and a town in northeastern Nigeria with rocket-propelled grenades and multiple suicide bombers Monday, killing at least 80 people, witnesses said. The attacks appear to be a challenge to President Muhammadu Buhari's declaration last week that Nigerian security forces have 'technically won the war' against Boko Haram and that it is now capable of no more than suicide bombings on soft targets. (more)

Boko Haram violence forces 1 million children from school
22 December 2015 - Attacks by Islamic extremist group Boko Haram in northeastern Nigeria and neighboring countries have forced more than 1 million children out of school, heightening the risk they will be abused, abducted, or recruited by armed groups, the United Nations children's agency said Tuesday. The conflict has forced more than 2,000 schools to close in Nigeria, Cameroon, Chad, and Niger, the agency said. Insecurity also prevents teachers from going back to classes, the agency said. About 600 teachers have been killed during Boko Haram's six-year insurgency, it said. (more)

Nigeria's Boko Haram kills 49 in suicide bombings
18 November 2015 - Blasts from suicide bombers Wednesday were the latest by Boko Haram, Nigeria's home-grown extremists whose 6-year insurgency has killed 20,000 and forced 2.3 million to flee their homes. Boko Haram was named Wednesday as the world's most deadly extremist group in the Global Terrorism Index. Deaths attributed to Boko Haram increased by 317 percent in 2014 to 6,644 compared to 6,073 blamed on the Islamic State group. Boko Haram pledged allegiance to IS in March and calls itself that group's West Africa Province. (more)

Nigeria: Boko Haram killing and kidnapping in villages
30 October 2015 - Boko Haram extremists bombed out of forest camps are attacking remote northeast Nigerian villages, killing scores and kidnapping hundreds of women and children, survivors said Friday, 30 October. The violence has killed at least 2,000 people this year, hundreds in suicide bombing attacks often carried out by women and girls who may have been kidnapped. Some 20,000 people have died in the 6-year-old Islamic uprising and 2.3 million have been forced from their homes. (more)

Nigerian general jailed for losing battle to Boko Haram
17 October 2015 - A Nigerian general has been dismissed from the army and jailed for losing a major battle in which Boko Haram Islamic extremists killed hundreds of civilians, the military said Saturday. Brig. Gen. Enitan Ransome Kuti was sentenced to six months' jail for losing weapons to Boko Haram. (more)

Boko Haram extremists in Nigeria kill 26, including children
2 September 2015 - Twenty- six people were killed in Nigeria' s northeastern Borno state by attackers on horseback believed to be rebels of the Islamic extremist group Boko Haram, witnesses said. Boko Haram's six-year-old uprising has caused the deaths of an estimated 20,000 people. Nearly 2 million have been driven from their homes by the uprising. (more)

Suspected Boko Haram insurgents step up attacks in Nigeria
4 July 2015 - Suspected Boko Haram insurgents attacked the outskirts of a state capital in northeastern Nigeria on Friday, escalating their attacks after a week of bloodletting in which more than 150 people were killed, military sources said. (more)


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