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Invincibility - an Absolute
by Dr Geoffrey Clements

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4 June 2007

Maharishi's programme to bring Invincibility to every nation reveals some profound principles of nature's functioning. Although the word 'invincibility' is not always applied in describing systems in nature, it is found as a principle and as a phenomenon everywhere.

In the early twentieth century, the founding fathers of quantum physics grappled with the new phenomena they were discovering. Earlier it had been held, for example, that atoms were indivisible units of Nature—indeed, this is the origin of the word 'atom.'

Experiments then revealed that the atom actually consists of two major components; a nucleus (first thought to be itself indivisible, and later found to have its own component parts), and the electrons, which performed some sort of motion around the central nucleus.

But there was a problem: a rotating body with an electric charge—the electron—will lose its energy, by emitting energy. This was the principle underlying classical electromagnetism. Yet this clearly does not happen. The motion is sustained, and the energy is constant.

The old classical principle was 'a rotating electric charge will lose energy.' A new principle, not yet understood, was enunciated: 'an electron, in its rotation around the nucleus, does not lose energy.'

The theoretical understanding for this was later developed as quantum mechanics unfolded. The motion of an electron around the nucleus is described not as a classical orbit (like the orbits of the planets around the sun), but by 'orbitals', a newly defined type of motion. Orbitals were described through the concept of the wave function, which is used in quantum mechanics to describe the state of an object.

This example illustrates the discovery of levels of non-change and immutability underlying change in Nature. Atoms interact with each other in a systematic and non-changing manner as a result of the immutability of the states that we know as orbitals.

Parallel phenomena are found everywhere in nature, and this has helped in defining the scientific understanding of invincibility. In each case it is found that a layer of change is founded on a deeper level—a level of non-change.

This principle is depicted in a series of charts from Maharishi Vedic University. In this series, each chart considers a discipline of modern science, and in every case it can be seen that true invincibility exists only at the deepest level—which can be equated with the Unified Field of all the laws of nature.

At other, more expressed levels, there may be some level of immutability, but not full invincibility. This principle is the basis for Maharishi's programme to create invincibility for every nation. The examples from modern science teach us the following: invincibility cannot be realised without taking recourse to the absolute unchanging field of pure existence.

Invincibility cannot be created by force. This is why all attempts to create immunity from attack by military force, treaties, or other means have foundered. Not even the most powerful nation can defend itself, and furthermore, the very act of using force itself creates enemies.

In contrast, Maharishi's scientifically based programme for creating an invincible nation is also a programme to create peace. The principles of invincibility found in the various scientific disciplines demonstrate that invincibility is also a state of integration, unity, and peace. Invincibility is absolute.

Through implementing Maharishi's programme for true Invincibility, we can also bring the other absolute qualities of peace, stability, and harmony to every nation and the world.

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