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Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam describes the significance of Ramayan in Human Physiology and his new book
by Global Good News staff writer

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10 March 2012

Ramayan in Human Physiology Discovery of the Eternal Reality of the Ramayan in the Structure and Function of Human Physiology Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam Tony Nader, MD, Ph.D

In a recent interview, Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam (Professor Tony Nader, MD, PhD), honoured by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi as first ruler of the Global Country of World Peace, discussed in depth the significance of his long-awaited new book, Ramayan in Human Physiology, which was released 12 January this year.

Ramayan in Human Physiology is Maharaja's second book. A medical doctor who also holds a PhD in neurology and has conducted research on Maharishi Ayurveda health care, under Maharishi's guidance Maharaja researched and published his first book, Human Physiology: Expression of Veda and the Vedic literature, bringing out the understanding that established every individual as the embodiment of Veda, total natural law.

In response to the first interview question—'Please give an overview of the main findings presented in your latest book, Ramayan in Human Physiology'—Maharaja began by acknowledging that the story and fine details of the Ramayan may not be well known to everyone.

'First, in order to define what we are trying to look into, we have to know what we are comparing to what. We're comparing the human physiology to the Ramayan.'

Demonstrating his great skill as a teacher, Maharaja gave a lucid overview of the modern science of physiology, as well as highlights of the story of the Ramayan, one of the great epics of the Vedic literature. He presented the understanding from Maharishi's Vedic Science that the vast number of details of people, places, and events depicted in the Ramayan are an expression of the structure and function of the many different aspects of natural law; and all of these are exactly reflected in the structures and functions of human physiology.

Maharaja went on to explain that the many different cells, organs, and systems of the physiology coordinate together to function like a whole society; similarly all the detailed aspects of the Ramayan are brought to perform their natural function as a whole by the main character, Raam. Maharaja presented Maharishi's explanation that Raam is Totality, Brahm, total natural law, and the story of the Ramayan is the story of wholeness bringing all the parts together in wholeness.

What is the significance of Ramayan in human physiology?
Following from the preceding discussion, Maharaja went on to explain that this field of knowledge therefore has great theoretical and practical value for human life, in promoting good health and progress towards higher states of human development.

On the theoretical level, 'to know that we are part of an orderly universe is very reassuring', he said. Natural law is present at every level, and we can live in tune with natural law because it is the 'same plan on all levels'.

On the practical level, gaining knowledge of this field structures the intellect to understand the unity of life. Development of consciousness is based on the effortless, direct experience of transcendental consciousness during Transcendental Meditation, but intellectual understanding is also an important part of the process.

Fully understanding this discovery also promotes health through release of stress and restoration of balance. A programme is being developed that will utilize specific values of the discovery of Ramayan in human physiology for these purposes.

Why did you focus on the Ramayana, rather than any other Vedic text?
The Ramayana directly speaks about wholeness, Brahm itself, and how it brings everything back to wholeness, Maharaja said. On the basis of the understanding of Veda in human physiology, this theme of 'how wholeness takes over everything', bringing back the parts to their full potential, is the next level of understanding for our evolution.

Global Good News will feature Maharaja's very comprehensive, clear and precise explanations of all of these topics that he brought out in the interview, in the coming days.

A course on Ramayana in Human Physiology, which Maharaja developed and gave in MERU, Netherlands in January when his book was first released, is in preparation for distribution to Maharishi Invincibility Centres around the world. Plans are also being developed for the book, which will be required for the course, to be translated into many languages.

The full-color, 460-page book is currently available in English:
∙ in Europe at

∙ in the US at
∙ in the UK at

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