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Highlights of Global Mother Divine Organization Third International Congress: Programme on Total Knowledge Based Health

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20 July 2010

On 20 July—Day 2 of the Global Mother Divine Organization's* Third International Congress in MERU, Holland—delegates from around the world enjoyed a rich series of presentations on Health.

In the afternoon session, the Foundation of Total Knowledge Based Health presented the theme, 'Perfect Health is Wholeness'. The programme included presentations by experts in Maharishi Light and Gem Therapy; Maharishi Aroma Therapy; Maharishi Sthapatya Veda architecture; and Maharishi Vedic Astrology. Each presentation validated the overall theme from the perspective of its own Total Knowledge based specialty, while also bringing out its application for the perfect health of mothers and their families.

The second day's programmes (including those presented in the evening session, on Total Knowledge Based Culture) were coordinated and hosted by Dr Ann Crowell, of the Global Ministry of Religion and Culture for the Global Country of World Peace, who also gave the presentation on Maharishi Vedic Astrology.

Dr Crowell began by reading a quotation by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi:

'Health means wholeness. In Sanskrit the word for health is Swasthya. Swa means the Self, and sthya means established. So health is defined as being established unshakably in the wholeness of life. Health, therefore, means possession of the Self. He who possesses the Self is described as one who is healthy. The Self is pure consciousness, pure awareness. Our hands, our feet, the whole body and, in fact, the whole environment and the whole universe are expressions of the universal essence of life.'

Dr Crowell introduced the video of an address given by Maharishi in 1981 in Seelisberg, Switzerland, entitled 'Maharishi Ayur-Veda: Enlivening the Junction Point Between Physiology and Consciousness—Promoting Vitality of the Physiology from the Eternal, Non-changing Level of Consciousness, the Home of All the Laws of Nature'.

Before the video, Dr Crowell gave an introduction to Ayur-Veda, the ancient science of holistic health care on which all the programs of the Total Knowledge Based Health Foundation are based.

The Foundation of Total Knowledge Based Health incorporates the complete knowledge of the wholeness of life into a practical approach for balanced, healthy living especially for ladies and girls, Dr Crowell said. 'These precious programmes, including most of the ones you will hear about today, are based on the ancient Vedic Science of life, Ayur-Veda, restored to its completeness in our age by Maharishi.'

She went on to explain that Maharishi Ayur-Veda means the Total Knowledge of life span. It is a holistic system of health care for the prevention and cure of disease, preservation of health, and promotion of longevity and higher states of consciousness. Maharishi Ayur-Veda offers many approaches to create balance in mind, body, behaviour, and environment. Each modality acts through different channels to accomplish the same goal: to refer the individual back to wholeness, to the wholeness of pure consciousness, the level of nature's own perfect functioning, so that nature itself can restore balance to all areas of life.

Maharishi explains that an effective health system must consider all aspects: As life is holistic, it is proper to approach perfect health from all possible angles. That is why Ayurveda is a precious aspect of Vedic knowledge, the practical display of Vedic Science.

Following the video of Maharishi's address, and presentations on Maharishi Light Therapy with Gems, VedAroma, and Maharishi Sthapatya Veda architecture, Dr Crowell discussed the importance of all these areas of knowledge especially for ladies and girls:

The mother, being the centre of the whole family, must know how to perfectly care for the family, she said. Mother must know the entire future of the children, of the whole family. She must have knowledge of Jyotish, to be able to review the horoscope of the family members and avert any potential disturbance—also Ayur-Veda and the knowledge of Maharishi's Vedic Approach to Health for prevention of disease; and the knowledge of Sthapatya Veda, to structure a home where every room and corner of the house will promote life, health, and happiness.

Next on the programme, the Raj Rajeshwari** of the United States presented an inspiring application of the principle 'perfect health is wholeness' in the creation of a new curriculum to train nurses to treat the wholeness of the patient.

In the final presentation, Dr Crowell presented 'Maharishi Vedic Astrology for the Perfect Health of Mothers and Their Families'.

In the coming days, Global Good News will continue with fuller reports on presentations from the GMDO Congress session on Health, including those on Maharishi Vedic Astrology and Maharishi Sthapatya Veda architecture.

* 'Mother Divine' refers to the nourishing, evolutionary power of Natural Law lively within all of creation and within the silent consciousness of everyone. The Global Mother Divine Organization, established in December 2007, is the ladies' wing of the Global Country of World Peace in 192 countries. Raj Rajeshwaris are Administrators of the Global Mother Divine Organization.

© Copyright 2010 Global Mother Divine Organization

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