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Maharishi Mahesh Yogi celebrates the Vedic Day of Dhanvantari, the Day of Perfect Health and Wealth - Part III
by Global Good News staff writer

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7 November 2007

During the global celebration on 7 November 2007, Maharishi continued his discourse on Brahm Vidya, the knowledge of Totality, explaining in detail Atma, Smriti, Shruti, and Puran.

Please see also Part I and Part II of this article.

Maharishi: 'Atma means At-Ma. Ma back to A, At-Ma, Ma back to A. A has memory of Ma, Ma has memory of A, so At-Ma, At-Ma is made of memory. Atma [the Self] is made of memory. Forward going memory, backward going memory, forward going memory, and backward going memory. Atma is made of memory.

'Memory in the Vedic Language is Smriti. Atma is made of Smriti. Atma is made of Smriti, and because there is back and forth, there is backward and forward. Pure memory, backward and forward, pure memory. But the two memories, opposite to each other, this rubbing sound, out of that, some sound is produced. Sound is not heard. It remains unheard. But nevertheless, two opposite directional activity, two opposite directions in activity create a sound which is unmanifest, and this sound unmanifest is a sound of Veda.

'The Veda is the expression, Veda is the flow of the sound. . . . A in itself is pure memory—Smriti. So from Smriti emerges Shruti. Shruti means that which is heard. Smriti and Shruti, that which is heard. So Shruti and Smriti, that which is pure unheard, and it is heard. Heard means it is open to sensory perception, the senses. So that is on the expanding level.

'From where does it expand? It expands from unmanifest. Unmanifest and manifest together, the opposites are together, and the two opposites together is Brahm. So Brahm, Brahm is the ancient [Puran]. All about Brahm is Puran version of the Veda, Puran version of the language. Puran version is like the ocean, complete silence, because two opposites are there; manifest and unmanifest, they neutralize each other, and make it complete. Unmanifest, that means silence eternal, like a silent ocean, Purusha [infinite, eternal silence]. Silent ocean—Purusha, and this has a memory of itself, self-referral.

'Memory is not something separate other than its own status. [It is] self-referral, self-referral. So there is the literature, the language of Puran, which speaks of Brahm, and this memory is like a wave in the silent ocean, a Smriti. Smriti then wave—then wave creates sound, and sound is Shruti. So Shruti is based on Smriti, Smriti is based on Puran, Puran is Atma.

'In itself, Atma, Ma to A, it's all made of memory. All made of memory, and memory, like a wave, and wave is silent ocean, unbounded eternal silence, Purusha, Purushottama, the ruler of the universe.

'So this is the day of complete disclosure to pure knowledge. Complete disclosure to life, this is the value of health. Health in the Vedic Literature is called Svasth. Sva means Atma, and Stha means established in Atma. Healthy is he, who is established in Atma. Healthy is he, who is established in Atma. And established in Atma means established in the two opposite values of, opposite values—many and one, opposite values—it is the transcendental value of Brahm.

'This is the day of complete knowledge. And inherent, complete dynamism with complete knowledge. That is why the silent day. It's a silent day, and where do we find it? We find it in the person of Guru Dev*. Gurur Brahma, Gurur Vishnu, Gurur Devo MaheshvarahBrahma, Vishnu, Mahesh, the creator, maintainer, and the sustainer—silence, and, complete combination of them all—Brahm, Brahm, Brahm, Brahm.

'So not only Brahm, but the constituents—that of which Brahm is made—the constituents of Brahm. So this is the day, completely ready and fully awake in all possibilities. . . . This is the day when we have offered ourselves to Guru Dev, and we have actualized this day's value in our awareness.

'At every offering of it, at every offering of Guru Dev, we have the waves connecting us with that undivided wholeness, the materialized value of Prakriti and Purusha together. Total value, Brahma Vidya [knowledge of Totality]. This is the day of complete Brahma Vidya, and we have offered our awareness to that, so our awareness is awake, awake, awake, awake.

'It is a beautiful day for us, a beautiful day for us, when many, many, many Vedic Pandits are offering their Puja [Vedic ceremony of gratitude] to Guru Dev, and raising their awareness to the full competence of all possibility. This is the day of supreme Vedic festival. Fortunate we are.

'Dr Feldman**, request the Vedic Pandits from India; invite them to bless us with the traditional Vedic expressions, Vedic chantings, so that our celebration assumes a highly purified structure in terms of the eternally coming on Vedic recitations to get their blessing. We want to flow now in the traditional, eternal Vedic expressions of the day of Dhanvantari.'

* Guru Dev: Maharishi's Master, Shri Guru Dev, His Divinity Brahmananda Saraswati, Jagatguru Shankaracharya of Jyotir Math, Himalayas.

**Dr Benjamin Feldman, Minister of Finance of the Global Country of World Peace.

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