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Maharishi's address to the Conference on Unified Field-Based Health
by Global Good News staff writer

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15 May 2007

On 11 May Maharishi Mahesh Yogi addressed by teleconference from MERU, Holland, the press conference at the Financial Capital of New York on 70 Broad Street, the theme of which was Preventing Disease, Promoting Health, and Reducing Costs: A Unified Field-Based Approach to Health Care.

Maharishi spoke about the Vedic understanding of health, how Veda and the whole creation are contained within and flow out of 'A', the first sound of the Veda, which represents Atma, and how realization of the Totality, Brahm, is the state of perfect health, because the Vedic understanding is that health means to be established in the Self, Atma, infinity, the totality of life.

Keynote speaker Dr John Hagelin, world-renowned quantum physicist and Executive Director of the International Center for Invincible Defence, spoke on the infinite span of life from the understanding of modern Physics.

Maharishi commented that on one hand there is infinitely small, point value of life, and on the other hand it is expanded. He said that Dr Hagelin's focus is the infinite value of life, and that 'Life is life, whether it lasts for a moment, or lasts for ever.'

Dr Hagelin's field is the Unified Field, Maharishi said, so he sees life as the different spans of infinity, and that is the absolute total knowledge of life. When Dr Hagelin speaks of life, he has innumerable lengths of life—infinity of life, point value of life—and he gives a choice to anyone: 'Choose what you want.'

Infinite value of life or point value of life
Maharishi: 'You want to have infinite value of life, or you have point value of life. This is the time you can make a choice. You can be where you want to be.'

This is a big, beautiful, and joyful invitation from the champion of Unified Value [Dr Hagelin], Maharishi said. Now the unified value is being applied to life, and Dr Hagelin is expressing life in innumerable lengths. 'Moment of life to moment of life to moment of life. This is precisely the field of Total Knowledge of life,' said Maharishi.

'Life could be understood in terms of small values, the point value,' Maharishi said—'Two point values, three point values, four point values, innumerable point values of life. Life is precisely measured, talked about, and explained in terms of infinity. This is Vedic life.'

Maharishi then explained that this is Atma, the Self. At means from 'A', Atma. He said that there are two words in Atma that define life. 'A', and from 'A', 'Ma'. 'Ma' is a point value, but point value is 'Ma'. 'A' is the beginning and 'A' is the end, and point [is] in the middle. This is At-Ma.'

'From 'A', infinity, to 'Ma', the point of infinity, this is the span of life. This is life in the, we would say, 'decaying scale', 'A' to 'Ma'.

'Infinity to point 'Ma', and from point 'Ma' again to 'A'. So 'A' is the beginning, 'A' is the end, and in the middle [is] 'Ma'. Life expands from infinity to point, and it doesn't decay there. The point expands to infinity, 'A', and [there is a] point in the middle, 'A', infinity, and in the beginning—'At-Ma.'

Maharishi explained that 'Ma' is the point, and the point expands. So the word Atma presents the two values of life, infinity and point. And it expands; it presents two styles of life. Style means 'from infinity to point.' Decay, decay, decay point.

'His Majesty Raja Raam has expressed that consciousness at the basis of all physiological values is a life principle. All physical values go to the expanding value or contracting value. Each point of life is endowed with these two values.

Two tendencies of life, expansion and contraction
'It is, it can be located, seen, appreciated, and it can be realized—every point in creation can be realized in terms of two tendencies—expanding tendency and contracting tendency. Expanding tendency, contracting tendency. This is the truth of infinity and this is the truth of every point, which constructs infinity.

Maharishi said that the point of infinity has two values—this side, expanding side; this side, contracting side. 'And the beauty of it is, that the totality of this knowledge is contained at the junction of expansion, contraction. There is a point where totality of life can be located.

'[For] intellectual understanding about life, get to that value of life which is in two modes, outside expanding mode, and inside contracting mode. In the Vedic Literature, it is known by one word Smriti, memory.

'Mysteriously life is made of memory. Ultimately it is memory. And memory has both directions—expanding direction, contracting direction. Mysteriously, wondrously, it is in both terms, expansion and contraction. Therefore, [if] one wants to have knowledge of life, go through this formula, expansion and contraction.

Analysis and synthesis
'That is the process of analysis and synthesis. Synthesis and analysis is the intellectual way of knowing what anything is. Here we are talking of life. What is life? Knowing what expansion means, knowing what contraction means, and knowing expansion and contraction at the same time.

'Knowing contraction and expansion both at the same time means knowing the unmanifest. Both neutralize each other.

'So if you want to know life, know life in terms of what is unmanifest, and that unmanifest is endowed with both values—expansion and contraction. Unmanifest, it's unmanifest.

'That is why to know it, we have the programme of transcending all values of relativity. [Come] back to the transcendental field of consciousness, and there you have the knower, knowing and known, all the three processes in one reality and that is life, that is Atma, Atma.

Know thy Self
'That is why throughout the ages—and it will go also through all the coming ages—knowledge of life is in terms of Atma. That's why they say, if you want to know life, know thyself.

'Self. Self. Self-referral. Here is the secret of Total Knowledge; here is the secret of total Creative Intelligence. It is totality, it is infinity; at the same time it is point. Point and infinity, point and infinity. It is 'Ma', 'Ma', 'Ma'.

'There is a saying in Sanskrit language, that the point is Bindu, just a point. Point means like a drop. They say the ocean is within the drop. Infinity is within the point.

Silence and dynamism
'What is there? Silence endowed with dynamism. These are the two things. Silence endowed with dynamism, and dynamism endowed with silence.

'There is the knowledge of life: there is the reality of life, and we say, 'If you want to know the ocean, know the ocean in the point.' Bindu men sindhu samaya hai—in the drop, the ocean is contained.

'The ocean is very difficult to know. It's extending from here to there, to there to there. If you want to know the ocean, get to the point of the ocean, and there you are in the status of the ocean, because that point is the level of reality of wholeness.

Know and be the lively expression of Total Knowledge
'That is why the secret of education is in knowing thyself. Education is to know anything, everything. You can't do everything intellectually here, there, there, and there, but you can know and you can be lively expression of Total Knowledge. You can be Total Knowledge yourself, and the name of Total Knowledge is Brahm.

'Brahm. I am Brahm. I am Totality. I am Atma Brahm. Atma is Brahm, Totality. Point and infinity, point and infinity.

'All that is inherent, all knowledge is inherent in 'A', and all 'A' is inherent in 'Ma', so 'At-Ma', knowing Atma, is knowing everything.

You are Total Knowledge: Atmai Vedam sarvam
'What this brings to us is that Total Knowledge is within our grasp. Total Knowledge is within our ability to live. Not only know Total Knowledge, but when you know Total Knowledge, you are Total Knowledge. You are Total Knowledge, you are Atma, Atma. Atmai vedam sarvam is the expression of the Vedic Literature. Atma is everything. Atmai vedam sarvam. All this is Atma. Atma is totality. This is infinity in a point. This is a point in infinity. This is infinity all over. This is point all over; this is totality all over.

[This is] intellectual realization—the mind is fluctuating in this field as the waves fluctuate in the stat of the ocean. Life is a wave in the ocean of Being.

The natural baseline of one's own existence
'So [this is] the knowledge of life, the mechanics of knowing life, living life, and not only one's own life, but life. Life belonging to anyone is within the natural baseline of one's own existence.

'In basic existence, when we talk of immortality, we see that immortality is the only reality of life. Wherever [there is] life or no life, there is nothing that [is] not life—and life is as much eternity as much as it is a point.

Point and infinity pervaded by eternity, totality
'This Unity, this is gaining knowledge. If you want to gain the knowledge of the ocean, gain the knowledge of the point. If you want to gain the knowledge of the point, gain the knowledge of the ocean, because ocean and point, they appear to be different, but essentially they are pervaded by infinity, eternity, totality.

'Whether it's silence of a point or silence of the ocean, silence is silence. Whether it is dynamism of a point, or dynamism of the ocean wave, dynamism is dynamism.

Diversity embedded in every unity
'So [when] you want dynamism, know either the ocean or the point. [When] you want silence, in the ocean, then you know the unbounded ocean, or you know a point of it. Because one is the other, one is the other. That is the unity of all diversity. Diversity is embedded in every unity.

'Unity is embedded in every aspect of diversity. This is totality of life. And when we say life, 'Ayur Veda'—[it means] life of Veda, knowledge. Knowledge is absolute, infinite on any level of point value, or any number of points; in the point value or—[now we] go one more [step] ahead in the refinement—transcend the finest value. Transcending the finest value is the same unmanifest Absolute as transcending the biggest value.

Transcend infinity, you get the same absolute eternal. You transcend the point, you get the same absolute eternal. [On] both sides you have the transcendental, the same value, and that transcendental both ways—either towards infinity, transcend; or towards point you transcend. Both you transcend, so transcendental this side, transcendental this side.

Adir antyena saheta
There is a beautiful expression in the Vedic Grammar, Adir antyena saheta—'Whatever is in the beginning, if it is the same in the end, then in the middle [is] also the same thing.'

'So here, if you transcend the biggest, transcend infinity, you have transcendental self-referral. You transcend the finest point, and when you have transcendental on both sides, then whatever is the middle, it carries the same reality of the transcendent.

Only infinity is reality
'That is why only infinity is reality. Only infinity is perpetual, only infinity can be said to be life—life-span. Any other span of life is a part of infinity, and a part of infinity is a part of infinity. So it is infinity by nature; it is part of infinity. So whether it is At, from At-Ma, or from 'Ma', 'A', both ways it is life, both ways it is life. Same thing. So 'A' is the total expression.

Learning 'A'; learning the texts of knowledge: Veda
Here, when we want to teach, and learn the Total Knowledge of life, we have only to learn 'A'. And how do we learn 'A'? This is from the Vedic theme of learning. How do you learn 'A'? You learn 'A' by starting to learn the texts of knowledge.

'What is the text of knowledge? Veda. What is Veda? Veda has its start with 'A'; the first syllable of Veda is 'A' and the last syllable of the Veda is 'I'—'I' is the end.

'So from 'A' to 'I' is the field of the Veda. 'I' is the flow, and where is the flow? From 'A', it flows out from Agni mile purohitam. This is the Veda. In the end it goes to the end of the Rk Veda, and there it ends with 'I'.

The flow of the whole Veda
So between 'A' and 'I' is the flow of the whole Veda. Now this is out of the Veda, 'A', 'I', and all that. When we see this 'A' and outside 'A' up to 'I', the whole extent of the Vedic texts—all the words of the Veda; the Veda and the word and the gap and the word and the gap—the whole flow of the Veda from 'A' to 'I', this is the range of knowledge.

'Now we see this is outside 'A'. Now we see that this which is outside 'A', it is emerging from 'A', and if it is emerging from 'A' outside—if something is emerging out of 'A', it must be within 'A'. That's why it is emerging from 'A'.

Locating 'I' in 'A': the flow of silence
'So we locate 'I' in 'A', and where is 'I' in 'A'? When we say 'AAAA', it's a flow. 'I' is that which causes the flow. 'I' is named Devata. 'A' is named as Rishi. This is Vedic terminology.

''A' is silence, and silence is made dynamic. Silence flows. That means, silence has dynamism within it. 'A' has 'I' within it, and therefore, the 'A', when it expands into the Veda, the first source, the first syllable is 'A', and through many, many words, [is the] transformation. In the end is 'I'.

The whole Veda is in 'A'
So when in the end [of Veda, there is] 'I', this end 'I' also emerges from 'A'. So the whole Veda is within 'A'. From 'A' to 'I'. Veda is outside 'A'; [it] emerges from within 'A'. So 'A' has 'I' within it. 'A' has 'I' outside in its expanded value.

The total field of the unmanifest value of 'A'
'So here is the total field of the unmanifest value of 'A' reverberating within itself in the unmanifest field of Veda, and this reverberation of the unmanifest Veda inside 'A', reverberates into the flow outside 'A', and flows out in the end in 'I'.

The 'A' and 'I' relationship
'This is the 'A' and 'I' relationship. Within 'A' is a relationship: the whole field of the Veda whether we see Veda unmanifest within 'A', or Veda manifest flowing out of 'A'. That is why there is a phrase in the Vedic language about 'A'— Akaro vai sarva vak,'A' is total speech. 'A' is total speech.

'A' is total speech; everything emerges from 'A'
'All that speech comes out. It comes out of 'A' and therefore what is inside is total speech, total Veda. [From] inside, the total field of knowledge—which is present in the unmanifest state within 'A'—flows out of 'A' in the world, and from the reverberations of the speech, [come] reverberations of matter. The whole universe is expressed from the expressed field of the Veda, which is the non-expressed field of the unmanifest Veda within 'A'. So everything is 'A'.

'Whatever is outside emerges from 'A'; whatever [is] inside 'A' is whatever is outside 'A'. Outside 'A' is manifest; Veda and creation, physiology, all emerges from consciousness.

Maharaja Nader Raam: Human physiology is Veda; physiology is based in consciousness
'Our first ruler of the Age of Enlightenment, Maharaja Nader Raam, declares the whole physiology [to be] emerging from the Veda. He has physically found that [in] the entire reverberation from speech to matter to behaviour to the whole unbounded universe, there is unity in the diversified state of creation.

'So Maharaja Raam-ji has declared that physiology has its basis in the field of consciousness. These are just the words of expressing the outer expressed language and number systems, the whole physical world, the whole physical universe, and all subjects of knowledge outside—they are all centred in one syllable, 'A'. Inside 'A' and outside 'A', therefore knowledge of one syllable is Total Knowledge.

The Being of the universe and of all time
Being of one syllable 'A' is the Being of the universe, of all time, of all creation, all infinity. The whole knowledge, the whole reality, [is] infinitely expanded, but contracted within the value of 'A'. This is the value of Total Knowledge.

Shiksha, Vedic Education
'If we want to know this, that and everything, here is a way—Vedic Shiksha. Shiksha is defined in terms of education. What is education? Vedic Education. Education of the Veda. Education of the Veda is whole [total] knowledge about the manifest universe, and the unmanifest universe contained within 'A'.'

Dr Hagelin and Maharishi Central University
'This is what Dr Hagelin spells out. If you want to have Total Knowledge, Dr Hagelin is ready to give Total Knowledge in his university that he is building now, Maharishi Central University [MCU] in USA. And this university will have branches in every country because Dr Hagelin feels himself responsible. If he knows how to light a lamp, he wants no one to be in darkness.

'He is engineer of the powerhouse; he will create electricity in the powerhouse. Everyone doesn't have to know how the electricity has to be, but everyone will enjoy the effect of it. Lighted bulbs will be all over, all over. Like that, totally informed students [from MCU] are going to be the leaders of every nation. They are going to be the administrators of every nation.

'Dr Hagelin wants every administrator of every nation to be fully enlightened and for that he has a programme to give the knowledge of one value. He calls it, knowledge of totality—knowledge of Unified Field.

Akaro vai sarva vak
Unified Field is translated in Vedic Language as Akaro vai sarva vak. 'A' is the totality of all language, all expressions, all knowledge. Here is an offer from a scientifically, systematically understandable language, from step to step to step. From many to one, to many to ultimately one, and from one to unmanifest field of zero. Big zero. Emptiness. Wholeness. Totality. Unity.

'Know that by which everything would be known': Know Thyself
'What do we have in this? We have one phrase of Upanishadic value. 'Know that by knowing which everything would be known.' And where you know that? You know that where you are. You don't have to hunt it around the forest. You don't have to go out. You know that. You know thyself. You know thyself. Know thyself. The technique is 'Close your eyes and transcend.'

'When you want to do anything, you open your eyes, and be in the wonderful, wondrous world; you wonder, wonder, wonder. You wander, you wander, you wander outside. There is no end to the wandering; you keep on wandering. And you close your eyes, and you know yourself. Transcend. Self-referral. Self-referral.

Transcend and know your Self
'Transcendental is your Atma—from Vaikhari vani [speech] to Madhyama vani [thought] to Pashyanti vani [subtler levels of thought] to Para vani [the transcendent]. In the Para is that Totality which is this, that, and everything—which is infinity and point, everything. Transcend, transcend and know yourself.

Know yourself to be everything. Be self-referral
So you know yourself. You know yourself to know anything, to know everything. You be and you be; you be and you can be anything, because you are everything when you are your own being. Self-referral.

'So the whole field of knowledge on one side is endlessly wandering into the unknown, and rejoicing over one little thing, 'Oh, I found this, this is a diamond mine, and I find this; this is a silver mine, this is copper mine. This is this, this is this.

In your Self is seated everything you can think of
'Keep on wondering, keep on enjoying at every finding. But when you know yourself in your Self, in your Self is seated all that you can think of. All that one can think of, all that can be there, everything is there centred in you in the same way that the whole ocean is centred in the point.

It's easy to get to the point
'It's easy to get into a point, and that's the only way to know the ocean. Otherwise you keep on wandering from this shore to that shore, from this depth to that depth. Wandering around is not the way of gaining Total Knowledge of the ocean. Just sit quietly and get into the point. This is the technique, the technique of gaining Total Knowledge.

'Do you want the knowledge of life, of infinity? Just find out what you are. Know thyself. Know thyself. Ayur Veda. Ayu is in the Veda. Veda is in 'A'. Both kinds of Veda—unmanifest Veda inside 'A', and manifest Veda outside 'A'. Both together is knowledge of the Veda. Both together is the Ayu of Veda, Ayu of Veda— infinity and point are there.

A beautiful spread carpet of knowledge
'Such a beautifully spread carpet of knowledge. This is Vedic view of life. It's not a view in the [current] reality of teaching and learning and gaining knowledge; [it is] getting out of ignorance and rejoicing on the level of all possibilities, all possibilities. Study of Ayur Veda is Veda in terms of Ayu, lifespan—point value, infinite value; point value, infinity; point value, infinite value. All that is there, on the surface value. All values are surface value, and all value is one's own Self.

Dr Hagelin speaking is infinity speaking
Dr Hagelin's speaking is infinity speaking, totality speaking, wholeness speaking, Natural Law in its entirety speaking; Constitution of the Universe speaking from the transcendental level—that is the speech. The world is going to be an enlightened world. Life is going to be as long, as long, as one would want it to be.

Desire from the level that has expressed itself from the Transcendent
'It's a matter of desiring from that level which has expressed itself from the transcendental value to the point value to the infinitely expanded value of infinity. Know that by knowing which everything is known. Yes, there is a thing to know, by knowing which everything will be known. And that is your own Self.

Nothing greater than the Guru
'How simple it is, and this is the technique. For this technique the tradition of knowledge is sold out to the teacher, to the Guru. Exhortation about the Guru is Na Guroradhikam, there is nothing greater than the Guru. 'Gurur Brahma Gurur vishnur Gururdevo Maheshvara, all the causal value is in terms of Guru.

The limited vision of the senses
'Because of the technique, the whole thing is so simple. All the totality is infinity, but one doesn't see infinity. From the senses, one has a limited vision. From the eyes you see something limited; the ears give expression to something limited; when you touch you can only touch something limited, but that something limited, from inside is absolutely unlimited, unmanifest.

So these are all the secrets of knowledge, the sparks of knowledge.

Maharishi Central University giving Total Knowledge to the students
'Dr Hagelin is opening Maharishi Central University, which will give Total Knowledge to the students. And where is the Total Knowledge? Total Knowledge is in one syllable 'A'. 'A' has Total Veda inside it, 'A' has Total Knowledge, Total Veda emerging from inside it—'A, I, A, I, A, I.' It's a wonderful way of Vedic teaching that by the Grace of Guru Dev has come up on the surface of Education.

Education is going to be complete
'Education is going to be complete now. Education we call in the relative terms, 'Education for Enlightenment'. I laugh at the word 'Job-oriented education.' Job-oriented education is murder to life, killing life. You make a man either capable of commanding everything, by [his] wish, by desire, or you make him capable of saying 'Yes, Sir. Yes, Sir. Yes, Sir.' If the Sir says you run, you run. If the Sir says you sit, you sit. Yes, Sir. Your most obedient servant is a demand, an etiquette of an administration. You have to write 'Your most obedient servant.' Shame to this administration.

'Hail to that administration which leaves every administrator to be the commander of anything in the field of space and time. This is education that is now replacing all those stupid values of education that have existed and are still existing in the world today.

Fraudulent education is being eradicated
'All that stupidity, all that ignorance, all that fraudulence, all that bad education, is going to be completely eradicated very soon. Every day some doors are being opened in all countries simultaneously, because our knowledge is capable of and is already functioning everywhere simultaneously.'

All activity motivated by the transcendental omnipresent reality
'All activity in the universe is simultaneously going on motivated by whom? By the transcendental omnipresent reality. So omnipresent intelligence is functioning simultaneously all over, anyway.

'Know Thyself'—the clarion call of the age
Now the speakers of the age are raising the clarion call of the age. They are ringing the bell of invincibility, and shouting from their housetops 'Know Thyself'. Knowing thyself, you will be in possession of not only knowing anything and everything, but you will be able to do anything and everything.

Cosmic Intelligence
'Because anything and everything is simultaneously being done by Cosmic Intelligence, and you are Cosmic Intelligence on your own level of Transcendental Consciousness, why don't we be in the Transcendent? It just amounts to knowing how to put the switch to create a desired result. You put another switch to do another desired result. So being in the custody of the master switchboard of the universe, know how to switch it so that you don't switch a wrong switch.

Don't put on a wrong switch
'You don't put on a wrong switch. It's a very beautiful, delightful time for us to express this, all this field of knowledge, the total field of knowledge day by day.

The Constitutin of the Universe
'In all these conferences being engineered by Dr Hagelin, he is speaking out the Unified Field which is the really the same—we can say only one word which is suitable for it—the Constitution of the Universe.

Ram Raaj
'The administrator of the Universe. The law of Brahm. Raam Raj [the rule of Raam, ideal administration through Natural Law]. That is why we are able to call Maharaja Nader Raam, Raja Raam. The reign of Raam, the reign of Brahm. The reign of the unmanifest, eternal sameness for all time.

'No matter the different time values change—Kali Yuga, Sat Yuga, Dvapara, Treta, and the different values of suffering and joy, but at the base, all these differences have the same one base in bliss.

All differences have the same one base in eternity
One base in eternity, one base in constancy. Non-change, eternal, totality, Unified Field. Reality. Ultimate reality is not something that should change from time to time, from day to night, from Kali Yuga to Sat Yuga. Ultimate is ultimate. Ultimate is all-pervading.

Our own transcendental Being is all-pervading
'What we find is our own transcendental level of intelligence, our own transcendental level of Being is pervading everything. So we have in our own system, and within this system—in our own field of transcendental consciousness—we have there a universal switchboard. We can do anything.

We can do anything
'We can not only think anything, but we can do anything. Anything and anything, because that thing is omnipresent. What we have is a universal switchboard. From anywhere we can press a button and that button will press the creativity everywhere, everywhere, everywhere. Here is a picture of all possibilities, completely, easily, naturally, and quickly available to everyone. Hail the tradition of Masters. Jai Guru Dev.

'This is a clarion call from health, Ayur-Veda—all vested in Atma, the single Atma of everyone. All glory to Guru Dev [Maharishi's Master].

'These are the days for the bubbles of different sizes to come on, but all bubbles belong to the water. All phases of knowledge, all aspects of action, they all belong to the same omnipresent, eternal non-changing, eternally unifying state of Totality, Brahm. Transcendental Consciousness, Atma. Atma. Atma.

'Beautiful, Dr H├Ągelin. Beautiful, Prime Minister. Go ahead and enlighten the world.

'Jai Guru Dev.'

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