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Maharishi's address to the Global Press Conference on Unified Field-Based Administration, 26 June, 2007 - Part I
by Global Good News staff writer

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6 July 2007

Maharishi gives deep insights into the expressions Sarvam khalvidam Brahm, 'I am the totality,' Neha nanasti kinchan, 'There is no duality,' and Vasudhaiva Kutumbhakam, 'The world is my family.'

Maharishi: 'Jai Guru Dev. Having just decided what to do in every country to raise every country to a high level of invincibility and having set the programme for that, I was thinking last night, could there be one country from where invincibility could be triggered for all countries? And the conclusion I came to last night I heard today in the exhortation of Dr Hagelin.

'All that Dr Hagelin has expressed, he has expressed in terms of Vedic Science. One word he spoke, and now I'm prompted to tell you what Dr Hagelin said in that one word: Vedic Science. There are a few words for Vedic Science and Technology; they are called Mahavakyas, great sentences. Mahavakya, the great sentence. One of these is Sarvam Khalvidam Brahm, ''All this is Brahm, Totality''—the Unified Field.

'One phrase—Sarvam Khalvidam Brahm—[is] the sum total of all the logic and all the detailed expressions that Dr Hagelin has shown in his charts today—one Unified Field.

'Another thing he added was—I was listening carefully—what he said was, Neha nanasti kinchan. One [phrase] is Sarvam Khalvidam Brahm, ''All this is Totality''; and along with that, another phrase is Neha nanasti kinchan, ''There is no duality.'' ''All this is Unity'' is one phrase, Brahm, and ''There is no duality.''

'In both ways it is said: positively it is said, and negatively it is said. These are the two words that have been explained by Dr Hagelin today in all his mathematical expressions, all the charts: that there is one Unity, Brahm; along with that, there is no duality. It's necessary to negate duality. So duality, I was observing how Dr Hagelin expresses, and he did express it one word—Vivartavada—that is, ''It's only appearance, it's only appearance''.

'This is the ancient word for it. Totality, Brahm, is all that there is. And then there is no duality, and then whatever appears to be, is just an appearance. It is Vivartavada—that it appears to be, but it's not there, like the snake and the string. It appears to be snake, but the snake is not there; it appears to be duality, but duality is not there. Duality is not there. What is there is only unity, and unity without duality. Purely unity, and that is unity between the administration, administrator, and the administered.

'This is the science of administration which the Unified Field, that Brahm, is observing or is initiating, or is working with. So there is something and there is not something; there is something—there is Unity, Brahm. Sarvam khalvidam Brahm. ''All this is Brahm. All this is Unity, only Unity.'' And to emphasize that this Unity is everything, that which is everything also has nothing in it. It is so totally everything that it has nothing also in it.

'So these are the eternal words; ''eternal words'' means expressions of reality of all time. ''All time'' means what time? Ever since there was anything: ever since the universe, ever since the universe.

'So that which was ever the reality today, also is that reality spoken in mathematical terms. All that Dr Hagelin has beautifully laid out is just a translation of, an interpretation or a commentary on these ancient words, Sarvam khalvidam Brahma—one expression that has been translated in modern language. [And] Neha nanasti kinchan, there is nothing. Brahm is everything; everything to the extent that nothing is also there in everything. Everything is really everything, from big zero to infinity. Everything is there. These are the two words, which are being translated in modern language, in mathematical language, a reliable language.

'And Dr Hagelin went into scratching the reality of the brain functioning as well, connecting it with Maharaja Raam-ji, who said ''Consciousness is the basis of all physiology'' and ''[Everything is] consciousness, consciousness, consciousness.'' Just the awareness of that on the intellectual level and also on the level of Being; the experience of Being substantiates what the intellect concludes.

'There is a proof of everything that is there, as a principle, as an eternal principle of life. If it were not eternal it wouldn't go on from generation to generation, generation to generation; it wouldn't go on for millions of years. This is India. This is India, where Brahm is the ultimate, and non-dual. Brahm is a conglomeration of everything, totality. It's such totality that one is within the other.

'So everything is within one. Sarvam khalvidam Brahm. That is Totality, Brahm. For that the modern word is Unified Field, Unified field. But the Unified Field is completely devoid of the units of the Unified Field. There is no plus in it, there is no plus in it; everything is minus there.

'[This is] the wonder of expression of the ancient; that's why the whole thing [has been] coming on [through time]. What is there in the Indian life? Trikal Sandhya Vandan: three times [a day] associating with that Totality, morning, noon, and evening—rising sun, midday sun, setting sun. So rising is also the same experience. Midday [is the] same experience, setting is also [the same]. So in these three performances, in these three experiences—the setting sun experience, the rising sun experience, midday sun experience—[there is] totality.

'Totality is there in the rising, [and in] the middle point, [like] the lamp at the door. Night [is on] one side, dawn [is on] one side. Night one side, dawn one side. And the middle point, that middle point remains without the two in the midday sun. It's only midday sun. Sun and sun, and sun and sun. No inside, no outside. No left or right. No rising, no setting. It is sun, sun, sun, sun. There is no door to distinguish the light of inside and outside. In the morning, there is two sides, night and day—two sides.

'[For knowledge of the] lamp at the door, the whole system of Nyaya is there. The whole system of Nyaya is there, but it's the same lamp without in and out, without rising, without setting. The midday sun, and in the night also, like the morning, there is inside, there is outside—the lamp at the door.

'So there is a line—inside, outside, inside, outside. There are two relative values—one in the morning, inside, outside; one in the evening inside, outside—but in the midday, [there is] no relativity, absolute light.

'When Nature is like that—three times in 24 hours—then there is the advice, the knowledge from the Veda—Trikal Sandhya Vandan—you do three times, you associate yourself—[do] Sandhya Vandan [three times a day], so that you associate yourself with silence.

'And how beautifully silence has been demonstrated by these charts of Dr Hagelin. All the time he was emphasizing on silence. He was characterizing the Unified Field in terms of silence, silence, silence, silence.

'This silence is a mode of life since times immemorial, for all ages. This is India, which heard this Sarvam Khalvidam Brahm, ''All is Brahm.'' Neha nanasti kinchan, ''There is nothing else.'' These values; and how these values are brought to living? Through the Vedaram.

'Ceremonies are held for the children to start the Veda, and the everyday life of the children [is] for studying the Veda, for studying Total Knowledge, for studying and realizing that Aham Brahm, Aham Brahmasmi, ''I am Brahm'', ''I am Brahm'', ''I am Totality, and nothing else is there [except] me. There is no duality. I am all the time all.''

'Associating that ultimate Total Knowledge with the Self of every single individual, this has been the discovery of Maharaja Raam-ji. That's why his physiology was weighed in gold, just as a way of honouring him. Then he brought out the expression that will be realized. What was that expression? Vasudhaiva Kutumbhakam, ''The world is my family. The world is my family.''

'What is this expression? This is the expression that life in India upholds to be life: the life of its family. The whole world is family of India. What India? Where three times [a day] the intellectual realization of the reality, totality, infinity is made to become a living reality of every day life. And the effect Dr Hagelin has expressed in so many different calculations. These calculations are the real calculations, the universal influence that radiates from this experience of some people: they make the world a family, they make the world a family.

'In a family what happens? Some father, he earns, and the earning is enjoyed by all the members of the family. So it is life in India that lives that parental role for the whole world. Vasudhaiva Kutumbhakam, the world is my family. The world is my family.'

Global Good News will feature Part II of this article on 11 July, 2007.

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