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Dr Bevan Morris elaborates on Maharishi's message from Akshaya Tritiya

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22 April 2007

On 20 April 2007, the auspicious day of Akshaya Tritiya—the Day of Lasting Achievements in the Vedic Calendar—Dr Bevan Morris, the Prime Minister of the Global Country of World Peace, summarized the address of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi to the world.

'Maharishi has given today a hint of that great secret of the administration of Raja Raam (ruler of the Global Country of World Peace),' he said. 'And that is administration on that level where, when one looks to the sky for rain, the rain falls.

'This is the expression of that level of administration where it is cosmic law that has been invoked to administer the life of society, not only in favour of society as a whole, but in terms of every individual.... Every individual can have spontaneous fulfilment of their desire materialized by cosmic law, by the law of the galactic universe. It is the heartfelt desire of Raja Raam to achieve such a level of purity in the life of the world, that this will be the case for every individual in every nation on earth,' Dr Morris said.

Echoing Maharishi's words, he said that this is 'Raam Brahm Paramarat Rupa—the administration of Brahm (Totality, total Natural Law) itself. And even, as Maharishi explained, taking that to another level, before the requirement is known by anyone, that requirement could be fulfilled by the parental influence of the cosmic law that administers the universe.

'So this is the secret that Maharishi said, ''I was almost too hasty to express.'' ' This is the secret of Raja Raam's silent administration 'which is dawning now, as the Kali Yuga ends and the Sat Yuga begins. We see this on the level, Maharishi explained, of Shabda Brahman, that the Brahman known through the field of Vedic Sound, which is Shruti (that which is revealed) in that eternal field of totality of all Natural Law ... that is being enlivened through the Vedic performances of the Vedic Pandits of India, and that is the level where we have, at once, the two realities of infinite silence and infinite dynamism, of Gyana Shakti and Kriya Shakti, both together, neutralizing each other, covering each other.

'These two opposite values are unified in one grand totality of infinite silence without a trace of activity; but then, in the nature of that infinite silence, the Para Prakriti, the unified value of dynamism and its eightfold divided nature—this grand reality is available completely to be the blissful administrator of life on earth.

'This is the administration of our Raja Raam, that everything in our world will be sustained on this level of its own cosmic dignity and nature. Everything will always be evolving to higher and higher levels of fulfilment.'

Dr Morris presented Maharishi's explanation of the first sounds of Rk Veda and their significance as the dynamics of Natural Law—that 'this is the level of administration where ''AK'' will really be known in the world again. It was hidden in the Kali Yuga, even in the printing of the Veda, but now ''AK'', ''A'' to ''Ka'', infinity to its point, the reverberation of infinite silence with infinite dynamism', is becoming the reality of the global administration of the world. 'So it is such a joy to know,' he said, 'that this level of completely competent rulership that can do anything without doing at all, is now going to be the reality.'

Dr Morris outlined the great news about Maharishi's Kurma Chakra Calendar—the system of evaluation predicting yearly, monthly, and daily events of the different kinds of influences that can be seen in the horoscope. Maharishi's desire is that there be Vedic Pandits and Vedic Jyotishis (astrologers) taking care of these influences for every country in the world from the Brahmasthan (centre point) of India. 'And they should cover all five elements—Prithivi, Jala, Agni, Vayu, Akasha (earth, water, fire, air, space)—in each area to see where any imbalance may be coming, any fury of nature, whether in water, through excessive rain and flood; or wind and hurricane. The idea is, to calm that fury of nature in advance, to prevent any disaster befalling any of the 192 countries of the world.'

A grand total of 16,000 Vedic pandits will perform this service for the world, Dr Morris said. And then, when this is established, small groups of 5-11 Vedic Pandits will begin to move about the world, that everyone may hear 'this sound of Brahm, the Shabda Brahm, the sound of the Veda, everywhere in every country. It will be very significant for the total good of every nation', for their destiny, perfect health, immortality, and invincibility, to be taken care of from India, from the Brahmasthan, through these groups for all 192 countries of the world.

'So what an incredible news that Maharishi has unfolded to us', said Dr Morris, 'in giving us this great secret of the administration of Maharaja Nader Raam, to whom Maharishi gave the greatest glory, and expressed that his calendar, this Kurma Chakra, will come out very soon and be printed for all countries of the world to enjoy.'

Addressing Maharaja Nader Raam, Dr Morris concluded: 'We have now understood from Maharishi truly, the magnitude and magnificence of your administration, your silent administration... flooding from you to the fortunate 6.4 billion people in 192 countries of the world.'

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