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Dr John Hagelin's powerful message to the military leaders of the world - Part II
by Global Good News staff writer

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13 April 2007

In the Global Press Conference broadcast live around the world on 11 April over the Maharishi Channel and the Internet, Dr John Hagelin gave a powerful message to the world's military leaders about the creation of Invincibility for their nation through the application of Maharishi's Vedic Science as verified by the most up-to-date knowledge of the Unified Field from modern science.

The technology of the Unified Field is vastly more powerful than any previous level of defensive technology, and Invincibility in nature is only available at this super-unified scale, only at the level of Unified Field. Invincibility is not found at any of the more superficial levels of Natural Law, the nuclear, atomic, molecular, and macroscopic levels, Dr Hagelin said.

Any defence strategist understands this principle because it is already known that more fundamental, more powerful levels of Nature's functioning offer technologies that are increasingly powerful.

'For example, a country armed only with chemical weaponry like explosives cannot really protect itself against a nation equipped with nuclear weaponry. Nuclear weaponry is vastly more powerful,' Dr Hagelin said.

Dr Hagelin explained that this is the case due to the simple application of the basic quantum principle, the Uncertainty Principle, of increasing dynamism at more fundamental scales. This principle states that the characteristic energy or dynamism associated with the physical process is inversely proportional to the characteristic distance scale or time scale associated with that process.

'That's why nuclear power, associated with nuclear transitions, which take place at the nuclear scale, is a million times more powerful than chemical transformations based upon chemical technologies, which are technologies of the molecular scale,' Dr Hagelin said.

The atomic nucleus is a million times smaller and a million times more powerful than the chemical level.

For example, Dr Hagelin continued, the most impregnable, invincible structure known to man, the diamond lattice, a crystalline lattice of carbon atoms—this most tightly packed lattice of carbon atoms is considered to be an invincible structure on its own level, on the chemical level. Nothing else can even scratch the surface of a diamond so invincible is its chemical lattice.

However, if the lattice of carbon atoms contains a contamination of radioactive carbon, carbon 12, whose nuclei are unstable against nuclear beta decay, when one of these carbon nuclei undergoes a nuclear decay, millions of electron volts of energy are liberated, and the entire crystalline structure of the diamond is easily shattered.

'This is because the binding energy of the carbon atoms within the carbon lattice is an electron volt,' Dr Hagelin explained. 'The energy liberated by one of these nuclear transitions within the lattice is millions of electron volts, and hence what was previously an impregnable structure of the diamond lattice is easily shattered by access to a deeper level of Nature's functioning, through access to a nuclear decay.'

Similarly, we can take the most impregnable structure at the nuclear level and that is the iron nucleus, which is the most tightly packed and tightly bound nucleus that is absolutely impregnable on its own level. It can survive even a nuclear explosion; it is the most invincible structure at the nuclear level of Nature's functioning.

However, the iron nucleus comprised of nucleons, protons, and neutrons, each of those nucleons have the possibility of decay into a spray of electro-magnetic energy through the action of the grand unified x and y lepto-quark gauge bosons, that is functioning at the Grand Unified level.

Those grand unified forces have the capability of transforming a proton within the iron nucleus into a spray of electro-magnetic energy liberating literally billions of electron volts and easily shattering the integrity of the iron nucleus.

What was an impregnable structure at the nuclear level is easily shattered or overwhelmed by a phenomenon of the Grand Unified level, a level that is a thousand million million times more fundamental than the nuclear level.

This illustrates the principle that what was an invincible structure at one level of technology is easily overwhelmed by a more fundamental level of technology.

Please see also Part I and Maharishi's comments on this presentation by Dr Hagelin.

Global Good News will feature Part III of this article tomorrow 14 April.

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