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Maharishi offers governments a formula for perfect administration: Train groups of students in Yogic Flying to create coherent national consciousness
by Peace Government Media Team

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27 October 2005

'Prevent disharmony in society and divisive party politics in government'

His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi this week offered Heads of State a simple, proven formula to promote perfect administration: Train a group of young students in every school in Transcendental Meditation and Yogic Flying to create coherent national consciousness—the basis of governmental success.

'With coherent collective consciousness, the government will enjoy prevention-oriented, problem-free administration and fulfil its parental role in the nation,' Maharishi said. 'But without it, the government will remain sunk in problems—incapable of satisfying the people and unable to promote the orderly administration of society.'

Maharishi's offer came during his 19 October global news conference, which was broadcast live via satellite and Internet webcast from the Capital of the Global Country of World Peace in Meru, Holland. Maharishi will hold his next news conferences on 26 and 27 October.

Government is responsible when people make mistakes due to improper education

Maharishi dismissed as 'ineffective and pathetic' the administration in every country—and cited improper education as the cause. 'It is the failure of government when people make mistakes and create problems for themselves and for others—because they have not been properly educated. And yet when the people make mistakes, the government puts them in jail! This whole vicious cycle happens because government has not properly educated the people,' Maharishi said.

The solution, Maharishi said, is to introduce Consciousness-Based Education into the schools to properly shape life from birth through old age. 'Consciousness-Based Education awakens Total Natural Law within the self-referral consciousness of every individual, so that all thought and behaviour are naturally supported by Total Natural Law, which promotes the evolution of everyone and everything, from point to infinity, in the ever-expanding universe,' Maharishi said.

Total Natural Law can be easily awakened within individual and collective consciousness

Maharishi said Total Natural Law can be easily awakened within individual consciousness through:

• Transcendental Meditation, which allows the individual to dive within and experience the Unified Field, Total Natural Law, at the source of thought in Transcendental Consciousness

• Yogic Flying, which trains the individual to gain command over the Unified Field—the pure force of gravity—in his simple, silent, human awareness

Maharishi explained that when Yogic Flying is practised in groups, the performance awakens the Unified Field—the Constitution of the Universe—and creates coherence in the whole of collective consciousness. 'When collective consciousness is coherent, the individuals will naturally support each other—there will be no disharmony in society and there will be no divisive party politics in government. There will be smooth 'automation in administration,' Maharishi said.

Establishing groups of Yogic Flyers according to mother tongue is a short cut to creating coherent collective consciousness

Maharishi emphasized that the groups of students who practise Yogic Flying should be established according to their mother tongue as a 'short cut' to creating coherent collective consciousness. Maharishi described each mother tongue as a unit of Natural Law. (There are about 7,000 mother tongues in the world.) 'The infinite creative intelligence of Total Natural Law flows through the mother tongue,' Maharishi said. Maharishi explained that there is no strain on the tender brain of a child when he speaks at school the same mother tongue he speaks at home. 'So when children with the same mother tongue practise Yogic Flying together, that particular unit of Natural Law blossoms—and Total Natural Law blossoms—more quickly in individual and collective consciousness.'

The Constitution of the Universe will bring success to flawed man-made constitutions

Through these groups of Yogic Flyers in the schools, Maharishi said, governments will easily access the Constitution of the Universe to bring success to their deeply flawed man-made constitutions. 'Man-made constitutions, with their human weaknesses and human failings, create chaos in the administration of government,' Maharishi said. 'However, by establishing a group of Yogic Flyers in every school, every government can gain support from the Constitution of the Universe, which administers the infinite diversity of the universe with perfect order. Then the man-made constitution will be upheld by the Constitution of the Universe—the God-made Constitution, the Vedic Constitution—and then every nation will be administered with the same efficiency as the administration of the universe.'

'Now is the time to produce the effect'

Maharishi concluded by citing the success of his global programme to create permanent world peace, which includes establishing large numbers of peace-creating Vedic Pandits in India as well as groups of Yogic Flyers throughout the world. Implemented just over six months ago, Maharishi's programme has already generated a dramatic rise of coherence in world consciousness. World press reports clearly show a marked upsurge of positive trends in different parts of the world, including growing peace between long-time former enemy nations.

'We received the lighted lamps of Total Knowledge from our master Guru Dev and the eternal tradition of Vedic masters, and now we are spreading the light from lamp to lamp to lamp. It's a different world now—we can see more and more clearly, day after day, there are fewer struggles, less strife, and fewer signs of negativity,' Maharishi said. 'But our time for talk is over. Now is the time for us to produce the effect—now is the time to replace talking about peace with producing peace for the whole world family for all generations to come.'

Copyright 2005 Global Country of World Peace

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