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Maharishi's unprecedented proclamation to the world press
by Peace Government Media Team

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24 March 2005

His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi this week urged the world press to watch for the first signs of an unprecedented global transformation from widespread chaos and destruction to permanent peace and harmony in the world. Maharishi said the transformation will begin to be seen within the next few months through the global effects of his peace-creating technologies of Total Natural Law.

'My proclamation to the world press is this: Very soon you will begin to see how the light of our beautiful knowledge is redeeming every country and the whole world,' Maharishi said. 'The rise of coherence in world consciousness will spontaneously topple down negativity in every area of life.'

Signs of the global transformation will include the fall of governments that promote destruction and the demise of democracies that undermine national integrity and divide a country against itself.

Maharishi's historic proclamation came during his 16 March global news conference.

Maharishi said that every government is so saturated with problems that its leaders cannot conceive of the possibility of rising to invincibility. 'But I am telling the governments: ''If the destruction of any nation is possible, so, too, is the possibility of raising every nation to invincibility through my knowledge,'' ' Maharishi said.

Maharishi said that governments are gripped by problems because the nation is being administered by man-made constitutions with their human weaknesses and human failings. 'That is why there is so much negativity in government, and that is why no military can save the nation, no health department can prevent disease, and no economic policy can prevent poverty,' Maharishi said.

Maharishi Vedic Universities offer governments the knowledge to raise every nation to invincibility

To prevent problems and create invincibility for every nation, Maharishi announced that his Vedic universities are now offering to government leaders and patriotic citizens of every nation a Training Programme in Total Natural Law—the Constitution of the Universe—which administers the universe with perfect order. Maharishi said the Training Programme will raise the leaders to enlightenment and the nation to invincibility.

Maharishi also announced that governments are invited to contract with his Vedic universities to train groups of local people to enliven the Constitution of the Universe and create coherence in collective consciousness—the basis of invincibility for the nation.

Maharishi emphasized that the wise governments that contract with his Vedic universities will enjoy prevention-oriented administration and remain in power—but those governments that fail to act promptly will soon lose the support of the people and fall from power. 'It's now or never. If the government has any expertise in the field of science or any sense of responsibility for its people, the government will contract with us to create coherent national consciousness. Then everyone in the country will be free from stress and strain, free from fear and conflict—and the government will maintain its ruling authority,' Maharishi said.

Demise of democracy will be a sign of rising coherence in world consciousness

Maharishi also alerted the press to watch for another sign of the rise of coherence in world consciousness: the demise of the democratic system of administration, particularly in India—the world's largest democracy. 'Damn democracy,' Maharishi said. 'It is a waste of energy, a waste of time, and a waste of hope. It is the greatest crime against the life of a country because party politics divide brother against brother and undermine the integrity of the nation.' Maharishi also condemned democracy for forcing a continual turnover in government: 'It is just a matter of common sense. If you change your parents every four years, what will happen to the children? If you change the government every four years, what will happen to the whole population?'

'We will welcome Sat Yuga—the age of positivity. And we will say goodbye to Kali Yuga—the age of negativity.'

Maharishi concluded by explaining that his peaceful approach silently creates coherent world consciousness from the unmanifest, unchanging self-referral field of Transcendental Consciousness—the eternal Constitution of the Universe. 'The bubbles of negativity will naturally disappear, as darkness disappears with the onset of light. Then we will welcome Sat Yuga—the age of positivity. And we will say goodbye to Kali Yuga—the age of negativity,' Maharishi said. 'And then the world press will be fortunate to report—day after day, week after week—the good news of a bright future dawning for all mankind.'

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