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14 Rajas crowned in a week-long ceremony
by GGN Chief Editor

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19 February 2005

Three countries meet at the top of a hill in Vaals, the highest point in Holland, the 'Land of Wholeness'. This scenic spot, overlooking Germany, Belgium, and Holland, was the site chosen for the coronation of 14 new Rajas of the Global Country of World Peace last week—a seven-day ceremony that took place in three white pavilions erected for the occasion, with red velvet and gold thrones for the Rajas in the main pavilion and a grand banquet hall in another pavilion.

Ten white limousines brought the Rajas to Vaals each day in a formal motorcade with official escort, drawing the attention of the local press, which carried daily stories about the event.

Peace Government representatives from all over the world flew in to attend in person. Live satellite TV and Internet broadcasts of the entire coronation ceremony allowed thousands more people around the globe to view the event from their own homes.

For seven days, from 7 - 13 February, a large group of Vedic Pandits in India, connected via videoconference, performed Rajabhishek, the traditional Vedic ceremony of coronation. Their recitations included the traditional coronation ceremonies of Prithu, an early Vedic King; Indra, the King of the Devas; and Ram, revered as the embodiment of the highest ideal of Vedic Administration. The Vedic Literature describes Ram Raj, the rule of Ram, as a time when all were happy and content and there was no suffering:

Ram Raj duhkh kahu na vyapa—No suffering in the kingdom of Ram. (Ram Charit Manas, Uttar Kand, 20.1)

Today, as the result of millions of people around the world practising Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation and its advanced programmes and creating a softening influence of harmony and coherence in world consciousness, there is once again the possibility of creating on earth such an ideal rule of Ram—administration according to Natural Law, Veda, the Constitution of the Universe.

Already in 1975 His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, founder of the Transcendental Meditation Programme, declared, 'Through the window of science, we see the dawn of the Age of Enlightenment.' Subsequently more than 600 scientific research studies conducted at over 200 universities and research institutions in 30 countries and the personal experiences of about 6 million people wordwide have demonstrated the benefits of the Transendental Meditation Programme for all areas of life.

Over the past decade, Professor Tony Nader, MD, PhD, has discovered a one-to-one relationship between the structure and function of human physiology and the Veda and Vedic Literature—the field of Cosmic Intelligence governing the entire universe.

For this discovery, signifying that every individual has cosmic potential, Professor Nader was weighed in gold, and in the year 2000 crowned as Raja Raam, the first sovereign ruler of the Global Country of World Peace.

His Majesty Raja Raam presided over last week's coronation ceremony for the 14 Rajas, who have been personally trained by Maharishi for their leadership position over the past year. The 14 Rajas themselves come from Holland, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, the United Kingdom, and the United States, and are the first of thousands of Rajas Maharishi intends to train. Recitations of the Vedic Sounds during the seven-day ceremony was the final stroke of a training designed to establish their consciousness on a level where silence and dynamism are balanced and they are able to engage total Natural Law—Cosmic Intelligence—to administer their domains through the softest impulses of their own thought.

On Sunday, 13 February, the final day of the magnificent ceremony, His Majesty Raja Raam crowned each Raja with a gold crown, and collectively the Rajas vowed to uphold the responsibility for administering society according to Natural Law entrusted to them. The beaming faces of the audience radiated their happiness in having the privilege of witnessing such an historic occasion and their support for the new Rajas.

Concluding the crowning ceremony, His Majesty Raja Raam said, 'The purpose of this coronation is the renewal of administration based on the enlightenment of the individual.'

Raja Raam noted that there is no conflict between silence and dynamism in the mind of the Raja. He went on to say, 'This conflict often comes in administration that is here today. And that is the basis of a lot of the problems in the systems today. The reality of administration from pure Being allows the Raja to behave with total individual interest, and yet, having raised his individuality to the cosmic level, his personal interest is the interest of everyone in his domain. This is administration from the field of infinite knowledge.'

Describing the life of the Rajas on the level of Natural Law as a parental role, he compared the Rajas to a parent 'who does not feel that his children are different from him. The Raja doesn't feel that the people he administers are different from him. This reality has been created in this generation by His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.'

Raja Raam expressed the assembly's great gratitude to the Vedic families of India, who have maintained the tradition of recitation of the Vedic Sounds to enliven total Natural Law—the Constitution of the Universe—giving the human brain 'that structure which in a simple way allows it to act as the Constitution of the Universe'.

Raja Raam concluded by expressing all gratitude to the Holy Tradition of Vedic Masters embodied in Maharishi in this generation for 'that divine work he has done so today after 50 years we can see the seeds of Sat Yuga (a golden age) blossoming'. Raja Raam said that despite any events we might see on the surface of life today, Heaven on Earth is now guaranteed for the world. 'Our joy expands to the feeling that our world is going to be enlightened, our world is going to be peaceful.'

Early this week, from the International Capital of the Global Country of World Peace in nearby Meru (Vlodrop), Holland, the Rajas gave their acceptance speeches and continued to meet with the assembled Peace Government leaders to plan their forthcoming administration and the construction of 3000 Peace Palaces around the world, which will house the local Peace Governments.

The next Raja Training conducted by Maharishi will begin 23 February 2005. All governments have been invited to send their leaders for this ideal training in prevention-oriented, problem-free administration through Natural Law in order to raise every individual to enlightenment and every nation to invincibility. To apply, go to

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