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Maharishi offers governments formula for invincibility
by Peace Government Media Team

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17 February 2005

His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi this week offered to government leaders a simple formula to raise their nations to invincibility, create permanent world peace, and render all life free from problems, negativity, and suffering. Maharishi invited governments to

- contract with his University of World Peace in Holland to train groups of peace-creating experts in their countries. These groups will create coherent collective consciousness—the basis of national invincibility—to prevent negativity from arising anywhere in the country.

- send large numbers of people to the next Raja Training Conference to become successful Administrators in their country. The Rajas' policies of governmental administration will prevent problems, negativity, and damaging tendencies from arising anwhere in the world. Through education and health programmes, the Rajas will maintain perfect alliance with the Constitution of the Universe—which administers the universe with perfect order—so that whatever they desire for the benefit of the world will be fulfilled by Natural Law. The next Raja Training will begin February 23. (Please see for more information and to apply for the Conference.)

His Majesty Raja Raam, First Ruler of the Global Country of World Peace, this week also personally performed the coronation ceremony to crown newly trained Administrators of the first Raja Training Conference. The coronation was celebrated from 7 to 13 February at the highest point in Holland. 'With the blessings of Maharishi, his master Guru Dev, and the tradition of Vedic masters, we have the total knowledge of the Constitution of the Universe. And we pledge to maintain for all times the purity of this most precious knowledge, and use it to bring peace and prosperity to the whole world,' His Majesty Raja Raam proclaimed.

Groups of peace-creating experts will promote coherent collective consciousness

Maharishi said his formula to raise every nation to invincibility is based on the authenticity of the eternal Veda—the Constitution of the Universe—and on 50 years of success in bringing enlightenment to millions of people around the world through his Transcendental Meditation programme and Yogic Flying. Maharishi's invitation is also based on extensive scientific research, which shows that just a small number of people—from a few hundred to a few thousand—practising Transcendental Meditation and Yogic Flying together in groups in a country are sufficient to enliven the Constitution of the Universe and create coherent collective consciousness for the whole nation. The number of peace-creating experts required to create this positive effect for a country is based on the size of its population.

'Now, any government, whether it is a democracy, monarchy, or dictatorship, can establish a peace-creating group and enjoy problem-free administration and rise to invincibility through alliance with the Constitution of the Universe,' Maharishi said.

Maharishi also made it clear that he is no longer asking governments to adopt his programmes. 'If governments want this knowledge to fulfi their parental role for the nation and live gracefully on earth, they are welcome to contract with the University of World Peace. But whether they take it today or they leave it for their successor to take it tomorrow, every nation is destined to rise to invincibility,' Maharishi said.

Man-made constitutions create problems instead of preventing them

In response to a press question about the cause of government failure, Maharishi identified man-made constitutions—with their human weaknesses and failings—as the basis of the chaos and conflict that grip every nation. Maharishi also targeted government policies in defence, education, health care, agriculture, etc., that are based on partial knowledge of Natural Law. Such policies, Maharishi said, create dangerous problems with hazardous side effects—rather than preventing the problems before they arise.

Maharishi emphasized that it is not his habit to criticize. Nevertheless, Maharishi said, it is important for the world to understand clearly the failings of government. 'Then everyone will know what has to be improved—and that we have the total knowledge of Natural Law to improve it,' Maharishi said.

With thousands of Rajas, the world will enjoy Heaven on Earth forever

Maharishi concluded by inviting large numbers of people from every country to attend the next Raja Training Conference and become expert Administrators. 'The Rajas will not be trained to lecture—they will be trained to think from the source of thought, Total Natural Law, and produce the effect so that their every thought, speech, and action will be supported by Natural Law. Then the Rajas will always be nourishing to everyone,' Maharishi said. He added that the Raja Training is open to anyone who is financially self-sufficient with a desire to do something significant with his life. 'I wish to train thousands of Rajas so there is an Administrator in every state in every country. It will be like putting up light posts here and there so the entire street is lighted. If I am able to train thousands of Rajas, the world will enjoy Heaven on Earth forever,' Maharishi said.

Copyright 2005 Global Country of World Peace

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