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The technology of Maharishi's Unified Field-Based Agriculture from the perspective of quantum physics
by Global Good News staff writer

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18 July 2007

Conference on Maharishi's Unified Field-Based Organic Agriculture at the Global Financial Capital, New York, USA 12 July 2007

Dr John Hagelin, world-renowned quantum physicist and executive director of the International Center for Invincible Defense in New York City, describes the technology of Maharishi's Unified Field-Based Organic Agriculture from the Perspective of Quantum Physics

Dr Hagelin expressed the urgent need for better methods of agriculture that will bring millions of hectares of unused arable lands under cultivation and fulfil the growing need for pure food, while simultaneously raising a huge sector of the world's population out of poverty. Dr Hagelin systematically described, from the perspective of quantum physics, how Maharishi's Unified Field-Based Organic Agriculture raises current organic standards to an entirely new level of purity and nutritional potency, providing maximum health-supporting benefits.

He said that an understanding of the tremendous potential of Maharishi's Unified Field-Based Agriculture ��'and its power to enhance the nutritional value of a plant��' requires an understanding of the Unified Field, which is the most advanced scientific discovery of our age.

Over the past fifty years, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi has demonstrated that complete knowledge of the Unified Field is also available in the eternal science of life, preserved since time immemorial in the ancient Vedic Tradition of India. Bringing together ancient and modern understandings of the Unified Field, Maharishi's Vedic Science provides us with a complete science of sound—a complete science of transformation—which ultimately allows the transformation of anything into anything. This powerful science of transformation is utilized in Maharishi's Unified Field-Based Agriculture.

The Unified Field is the unified fountainhead of all the laws of nature governing the universe. The mathematical structure of the Unified Field is captured in the 'super-formula'—the Lagrangian of the superstring—which describes the Unified Field as the unity of all component values in the universe. Dr Hagelin explained that the Bose and Fermi fields responsible for all particles and forces of nature are united at the super-unified scale, and this super-symmetric union of opposites is captured in the Lagrangian of the superstring. From this compact super-formula can be derived all other formulae of physics, expressing the systematic emergence of increasingly diversified levels of nature's functioning.

At this point, Dr Hagelin introduced the 'Fox-base representation equation' which demonstrates how all the diverse particles and forces of nature arise from the Unified Field described by the Lagrangian of the superstring. This formula shows that the diverse elementary particles and forces of nature are just different reverberant frequencies of the Unified Field. The so-called elementary particles and forces—the building blocks of the universe—are not material particles at all, but are the massless vibrational modes of the superstring.

All elementary particles, nuclei, atoms, molecules, and macroscopic objects are based on underlying quantum-mechanical dynamics with particular frequencies. The whole physical creation is therefore nothing but sound, nothing but vibrations, the fundamental frequencies and harmonics of the Unified Field. Dr Hagelin described this knowledge as an extraordinary scientific breakthrough which is applied in Maharishi's Unified Field-Based Agriculture.

Dr Hagelin then referred to a chart which showed the mathematical structure of the vibrations of the Unified Field as algebraically identical to vibrational frequencies of microscopic closed elastic loops, the so-called Planck-sized superstrings. These closed elastic loops or superstrings have their own natural set of reverberant frequencies; they can move in space but can have internal vibrations as well.

A superstring has many reverberant or vibrational frequencies which can be formulated algebraically. Enumerating the various possible vibrational directions and frequencies of an elastic loop, gives rise to a spectrum of excitations which correspond precisely to the elementary particles and forces of nature.

As one superstring vibrates in a particular way, for example, in a clockwise vibration, the behavior of that superstring resembles a graviton; a counter-clockwise vibration leads to a system that resembles quarks or leptons. Depending on how a particular string is vibrating—transverse, longitudinal, rotational, radial—the vibrational modes of the string correspond to different elementary particles in nature.

From this extraordinary scientific discovery, we see that the elementary particles, the building blocks of creation, correspond to the most fundamental sounds or frequencies of the Unified Field.

Dr Hagelin went on to explain how successive levels of material creation are built up from these fundamental frequencies. The harmonics, or higher vibrational frequencies of the Unified Field, correspond to slightly more manifest particles at the nuclear level, leading in turn to successive levels of bound states, where elementary particles such as quarks come together to form protons, neutrons, and so forth. These bound states no longer correspond to harmonics but represent the simultaneity of several frequencies, analogous to 'chords' in music.

So, according to Unified Field Theory, the whole world of particles is just a world of sound, and the whole universe is built up as a combination of sounds, like a symphony. In summary, the universe is a universe of sound.

Dr Hagelin said that with this explanation, we can understand what a transformation means. He gave examples of transforming electrons to quarks, or transforming one type of particle into another, or one object into another. Since the initial state system is a combination of sounds, the transformed or final state is another combination of sounds. The science and technology of transforming anything into anything is the science of sound.

This knowledge of transformation has existed since time immemorial: it is not solely the province of modern science, but belongs first and foremost to the ancient Vedic tradition of India, revived systematically by the world's foremost Vedic scientist and sage, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

Maharishi has related the vibrational frequencies of the Unified Field to the sounds of Veda, and developed the practical technology to utilize sounds in order to transform anything into anything. It is this Vedic science of transformation through sound which is practically applied in Maharishi's Unified Field-Based Agriculture.

Dr Hagelin went on to describe the different stages of growth of a plant, from its beginning as a seed to the first sprouting, bifurcation to branches, leaves, petals, flowers, and fruits—each stage representing a new transformation. These transformations occur naturally but are very delicate states of evolution of the plant. Each new stage of development is a very critical stage in the life of the plant. At each transition, the plant becomes acutely sensitive to any environmental influence, positive or negative. For example, if there are toxins in the soil, that will introduce negative changes in the plant. Even environmental influences like sound become extremely powerful at these critical stages in the plant's growth.

Maharishi's Unified Field-Based Agriculture utilizes the science of sound, the application of Vedic sounds, at critical stages in the development of the plant in order to create the smoothest possible transition from one phase of the plant to the next, so that no mistakes, no omissions, no inclusions, no toxins can be introduced. Unified Field-Based Agriculture, by ensuring proper development at each stage of the plant, including its precise protein sequences, ensures maximum health-promoting benefits for the individual and the environment.

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